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Or Why Jacques Wants to Destroy Every Mosquito on Earth

About the project


Moustique is a short fiction film in preparation. Principal photography is scheduled for early 2015 in Paris, France. The film will allow you to discover malicious mosquitoes, captivating adventures, a surprising hero, and some endive gratin. We will follow Jacques, our protagonist, as he is devoured by a drive to eradicate all mosquitoes in the world... and  beyond! 

The authors of Moustique have writen a story that is uniquely personal but covers universal themes. The story depicts a contemporary world where reality and dreams overlap constantly, a world infused by the fantastic and crazy cinematic universe of Terry Gilliam, Woody Allen, or even David Cronenberg,where a boundless imagination accommodates perfectly the journey of our hero. 

"A crazy project" was the first words that the production team of MBC Prod pronounced after reading the script. The next was: "When do we start?". Since then, everyone in the team has worked tiredlessly to bring the peculiar world of Jacques to life. 

Team MBC Prod consists of professionals and moviemaker enthusiasts from France and from the US, all volunteers on this project. The MBC Prod association that produces Moustique is registered as a nonprofit and has already produced an extended collection of short films, all available on its website

Strong of its experience and previous successes such as the short film Anyway, which has been selected in six festivals in France and the United States, the team is eager to embark on its next project. The choice of a crowdfunding campaign quickly became the best option to enable the project to be professionally produced and to accommodate the requirements of a scenario that is rich in decors, costumes, and effects. More importantly, we strive to work on projects that bring people together. The experience to have a team of professionals coming from diverse backgrounds and working together to produce the best artistic project possible is unique and shares many values with a crowdfunding campaign.


Moustique tells the story of Jacques, a waiter in a Parisian café who serves coffees during the day and court the cashier of his local grocery store during his, well, grocery shopping. One would think that his life is a bed of roses, but since May 17, 1982at 8:30 am when the sun was high and the tide was low, Jacques has vowed to wipe all mosquitoes off the planet. Why? This short synopsys won't tell you, but Jacques has certainly developed the most Machiavellian strategy to achieve his quest and get a revenge over all the mosquito bites he had to endure. 

Above all, Moustique is a colorful and quirky comedy where we follow Jacques on a perilous paths strewn with improbable encounters. We will discover Rico, a Puerto Rican cook who has a passion for psychoanalysis, Professor Toutbon who is a strong defenders of mosquitoes and will attempt to safeguard them, and of course Mr. Mosquito, Jacques' nemesis. Rule #1 for Jacques states that one shall never take a Mosquito threat lightly. Determination, strength, and poise, are the watchwords of in such a merciless combat.


Have we not all some mosquito traumas? We all remember perfectly this high pitch bzzzzz that transforms a peaceful night into a fighting arena. And if one day we said no more! Jacques is deeply struggling to contain his phobia against mosquitoes, but do we really know why? And don't we all have things we hate that trigger in us the most insane reactions? Through Jacques and his personal fight, we are interested to observe how Man copes with adversities and can sometimes lose any control. 

Moustique aims at better understanding Jacques through a story where the audience can become both judge and witness

A Witness: Jacques invites the viewer into his life and opens his feelings. Seeing him as a neighbor, a little eccentric but friendly, a modern Monsieur Hulot on an intimate journey. 

A judge: from attending the trial between Jacques and Mr. Moustique, in the form of a quiz show. The competition framed in closed environment will help us to lose all temporal and spatial reference; the viewer will have to take a stand to decide the outcome. 

Technically, we are interested in leveraging different methods of narration to shape a complete and atypical sequences of scenes. We are setting the story to present different facets of Jacques in order to better follow his mental process. One of our goal of course, is to make people laugh through an offbeat theme and by gradually bringing the audience into the world of Jacques. We'd like to make the viewer losing all contact with reality, embarking everyone on a unique journey. Jacques offers his life as a show, and unveils the show of our lives. 

The atmosphere of the Parisian nights and city lighting will play an important role in Moustique. Every night, the capital offers a unique hunting territory for millions of mosquitoes that Jacques has vowed to destroy!

What are the funds for?


This is where nice-sounding words such as conviction, organization, persuasion usually appear... Let's put all these "ion" aside! We want to make a film that is unique and awesome! Quirky, but done well, as professionally as we can. And for that we need you! Tired of seeing rehashed stories, stuffed with characters and ideas that we already saw too many times? It's your lucky day! We want to make you cry with laughter, make you smile and think about how complex characters became the way they are and how they change. We want to take you on a dance trip in a universe made of wonders and surprises. We are welcoming you to join an adventure that we will build together thanks to your support! 


The film's budget is € 7,000, which is equivalent to $9,000. The team brings € 3000 and the objective of this campaign is to bridge the gap between the funds we invest and the total budget needed to produce the film. The budget includes: 

  • Equipment rental image and sound: € 1,500 (about $2,000)
  • Sets, costumes and accessories: € 2,000 (about $2,500)
  • Economy, Transport and Logistics: € 1,000 (about $1,250)
  • Visual Effects: € 1,000 (about $1,250)
  • Production (editing, calibration, mixing): € 1,500 (about $2,000)

And if you can not contribute financially to the project, you can be immensly helpful by spreading the word and sharing this page! 


  • € 5,500: High-end Post-Production! Following the shooting of the film, we will rent access to a professional studio to have at our disposal the best tools for editing, mixing, and color grading. 
  • € 7,500: Award-winning Music! We hire professional musicians and professional recording devices to make the best soundtrack possible. 
  • € 10,000: Dream Decors! No more fake background made with cardboards, we rent a professional decor set, especially for the TV show sequence!

About the project owner


The role of Jacques will be performed by Ludovic Thievon
Ludovic is a professional actor, an outstanding improviser (Theatral SuspectsCasino), and a talented comedian. He has participated in many films produced by MBC Prod (including Anyway, Shut up, 48 Hours of Hell) and has gained notoriety on important film projects (Hide and Seek), behind the camera, on stage, or behind the microphone (he is a seasoned host at Bel RTL Comedy). 

The role of Julie will be performed by Laura Bonanni

Laura has background in fashion and on stage, but it's on camera that she found her strongest emotional connection. She has a talent and a grace to flow into new characters. Moustique will be the first participation in a film produced by MBC Prod but she already has experience in a variety of movie projects. 

Laura Bonanni


Gael, author and director of Moustique
Gael likes to write imaginative and unpredictable stories. Lulled by the chant of Monty Python, he likes to nibble pataphysics from his earliest days. After training as an engineer, he started a professional career in the cinema industry and worked in broadcasting for the past 2 years. In 2012, he co-directed the short film Anyway with Robin. The film was selected in 6 festivals and broadcasted on local Parisian TV. He has an unmatched dedication to continue making unique movies with the most colorful plots. 

Robin, author and director of Moustique
Robin is an avid film enthusiast with an acute sense to combine music and images. A brilliant engineer, he went to work in the United States where he continues to make short movies and to participate in artistic projects, particularly in the 48 Hour Film Project over the past 7 years (including participations in Paris, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC). In 2014, he directed and edited Detachment, a surreal short film selected at the New Art Film Festival

MBC Production is a nonprofit association co-founded by Gael, Robin, and their close associates. Located both in France and in the USA, it provides a solid structure for the team to produce high quality artistic projects every year. An overview of our projects is given below. To learn more, visit, or go to our Facebook page


Anyway shows a day in the life of Henry, a young man whose life is punctuated by his two passions: classical music and playing the lottery. His sudden encounter with a flower pot will change the course of his existence. 

  • Audience Award at the Evenart Film Festival in November 2012 
  • Selected at the Student Festival Fenêtre sur Court, Paris 
  • Selected for the final at the National Festival of Short Student Film, Paris 
  • Selected at the NEW ART FILM FESTIVAL in Champaign USA 
  • Selected at the Chalon Short Movie Festival, Chalon-sur-Saone 
  • Selected at the Dent de la Poule film festival, Sore 
  • Selected in the Shortest Day, in December 2012, Rennes 

Show reel of projects produced in 2012: 

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy was our participation to the Pens to Lens festival in Champaign Illinois in 2014. The script for this short film was written by Adrian Blume (7 years old). The story reveals how the young Adrian tries to capture the Tooth Fairy after losing his tooth... 

48 Hours in Hell was made ​​entirely in a single weekend in Paris. A mockumentary that introduces Greg, an atypical director who sets out to make a film in 48 hours with his team... A mise-en-abime with a strong comedic tone in which Greg explains throughout the weekend what are the challenges and the keys to make a successful film. This short film was selected to be part of the top 10 out of more than a 100 teams at the 48 Hour Film Project in Paris.

Gobi Expedition shows the amazing images taken by Emmanuel Berthier, a professional photographer, while trekking over 1600 km the Gobi Desert in 2011. 


Your support is more important than ever for the Moustique project to be a success! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and do not forget to share the link In 2015, mosquitoes will be afraid of us!


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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