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A mountain photography book, with another look

About the project

MOUNTAIN SOULS / Another look

This is a book about perspective and about mountains. This is a story that displays 120 color pictures of summits in France, Switzerland and Austria, with text in both French and English.

A prototype has been built and the goal is to launch a first edition for Christmas.

When you watch differently
You can see something else

One time in Les Arcs, in Tarentaise, Savoy Region in the French Alps, at the top of a summit, far away from the clouds, I could see the face of a mountain for the first time. It looked human and I named this character "Le dormeur du val" in homage to Rimbaud'legendary poem. This poem spoke of a soldier resting for eternity in a plain, looking at the sky, lying in greenery.

There the mountain became alive.

From then on, I began to look at the mountains, tilting my head to see better,
to change my perspective and to better admire them.
A change of gaze led to a change of mind.

I moved mountains.
I humanized them.

I then left to the mountains, in search of these new characters of stone and snow, shadow and light.

Capturing these stones giants to reveal the faces and souls of the mountains.

Today, I am presenting the fruit of my Alpine exploration: photographs of landscapes and summits. Raw, without retouching. Plain and simply natural.

This book is a story with 120 stone giants portraits shot in France, Switzerland and Austria.

t is also an adventure with a first edition and more to come I hope, and a collective approach with titles proposed by readers for the next edition

The look alone can make a difference
Looking differently you can see something else
​and by seeing something else, you can act differently.

When you change your look at things, things begin to change.

This book is dedicated to all the dreamers of today and tomorrow
to those who work for the greater good, here and far away
to those who give hope and smile to others
to those who suspend time and create eternity

What are the funds for?

The purpose of crowdfunding is to present my work for the first time, and I hope to find a sensitive audience.

These pre-orders will allow to gather funding for a first edition at an affordable price.

 This funding will also hopefully encourage the production and publication of an upcoming edition that will display the sleeping giants of Japan and possibly Alaska, Nepal and Peru.

About the project owner

Painter, photographer and self-taught for 20 years, I am now beginning to share the fruit of my labor.

Happy to engage in creative discussions and share about this topic or another


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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