Moriarty - 10 years of touring

"Echoes From The Borderline" - The Live Album & The Photobook

  • Concert shots

    digging through the negatives ... 

  • "Milena"

    The tipping point has just been reached, 50% thanks to the 284 supporters of this project! 

    Here's "Milena" being tested into the virgin vinyl lacquer...


  • "Fireday" (extrait)

    Another little preview from the record - "Fireday", being cut into the vinyl lacquer at Studios Parelies, Paris. You can hear it through a few notes at the end of this excerpt, it's a special, unique version of the song performed with Pedro Kouyaté on percussion, and the great master of n'goni, a dear friend who will be missed sorely, Moriba Koïta. His memory lives on, through the music and stories he gave us.

    ps: We're nearing the 50% ...! thanks so much to all! keep us going by sharing the page ;)




  • "Isabella" cut into vinyl lacquer

  • Cutting the vinyl lacquer...

    Hello dear Moriarty friends, today we're just finishing the mastering and cutting of the triple vinyl... an 8-hour session at the vintage Studios Parelies in Paris, with master cutter François Terrazzoni, and his deep 40-year knowledge of microgroove vinyl records. Secrets of sound and matter... it's fascinating to watch the chisel carve the music into the thin black surface of the japanese lacquer disc, as the vintage Neumann VMS70 machine hums, converting sound into vibrations and physical traces. Through the lens of the microscope, each groove is only about 10 microns wide, and one cannot help but wonder: how can such a density and wealth of sonic detail possibly be contained in such a small, seemingly simple pattern: a little undulating cut, thin as a hair?

    ps: the crowdfunding is going good, we just passed 42%... please keep spreading the word and the page ;)