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Moriarty - 10 years of touring

"Echoes From The Borderline" - The Live Album & The Photobook

  • Drawing Lots - Names of the 50 winners!

    This news is reserved for project supporters. You know what you need to do !

  • Drawing Lots - Finale !

    We've just drawn the lots and chosen the 50 winners for the tickets to Moriarty's private show in Paris on October 9th! We'll announce the winners by mail in the following days, check your mailbox! (please confirm before October 4th, that you've received the mail  & that you can come to the show... or else we'll have to give the ticket to someone else ;) 


  • Preparing the 865 names for the draw....

    Preparing the 865 names of the contributors who supported "Echoes From The Borderline" .... We'll be drawing lots soon, to let chance decide who will be the 50 ones who'll receive a free ticket for Moriarty's private show in Paris on October 9th 2017!


  • finishing the triple-vinyl artwork


  • "It's the beginning of the start !"

    This is your captain speaking...!
    Here we are! After two months, the crowdfunding for our Live Album has finally ended at 138 % ! ... way above the cruising altitude, thanks to all 866 contributors; we did't quite expect such a crazy finale. 
    we're really honoured and grateful to have you all on this adventure with us - it kinda takes us back to the early days of our label Air Rytmo, when it was the audience at the concerts who pre-ordered the records, thus allowing us to manufacture them the way we wanted... utopian as it may seem. And now it seems to have come full circle.
    As promised, we'll now start drawing lots among all the contributors, to sort out 50 names - who will win free tickets for our private concert in Paris on October 9th. And the results will be announced next week (and now for the unfair disclaimer: Air Rytmo can offer the concert tickets but alas not the transportation: should the winners be unable to come, the tickets will be redistributed, by drawing lots as well...)
    The 3 exclusive bonus tracks will be ready soon, they're currently being mixed and each & every Ulule participant will receive them, as soon as they're mastered, so you can all have a taste of the live sound of "Echoes From The Borderline", before the album is released. 
    The 3 black-&-white photographs have been sorted from the tour archive negatives, and will be printed on 13x19 cm photo paper, numbered & signed soon too, to accompany all the mail packages containing CDs, vinyls, and books. 
    And now for the final steps... the artwork of the album and the book are still being patiently crafted, day after day -and night after night- to achieve the quality we want & to meet your expectations. We will now keep you updated on the progress and the making of this long-haul adventure. It's a bit like trying to fit ten years of travels into a few square inches of paper and vinyl!
    We thank you again for travelling with Air Rytmo, to the borderline ;)

    Z. Moriarty