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Money Time

The new film by H5 after Logorama : we need you, the countdown for Cannes has begun

About the project

In 2009, H5 showed Los Angeles wiped out in a logo apocalypse in their short animation film LOGORAMA (awarded by a Cesar and an Oscar). Today, the French studio is directing its new opus to shake things around and create a new continent.

Money Time is a trip, or let's say an acid trip, between the steppe and space

Money Time is an hyper-polar, hyper-deserted film, full of hyper-machines. This film is ambitious, disruptive and entirely made of 3D animation, so it definitely needs your hyper-participation !

Teaser Money Time 2 (by h5)par moneytimeh5

Synopsis :

In Russia, 2 polar bears are slowly strolling around the borders of the arctic circle. Tracked down by steel-made monsters deployed into a military-industrial ballet, these bears are the only relics of the living world.

Because in this no-man's land is unveiling a project of an hyper-power. It has no face and no other limit than space : the hyper-financialization of society. 

What are the funds for?

The goal? To be able to finish this hyper-cosmic adventure on time to present Money Time to the Cannes Film Festival selection jury. Thanks to you Money Time could be part of the selection of this unique event ! In order to reach this high level of expectations, we’re asking for your help to finance the support of graphic designers, sound-designers, 3D magicians and impossible deadline wizards (which means around 10 000€ for graphic finalization and 5 000€ for the soundtrack which will be composed by the brilliant MIRWAIS)


To have a Polar Bear run on the iced steppes,-

A 456-meter-long locomotive to put in motion,

A 5000-meter-high mountain to cover with snow,

Aurora Borealis to light,

Armored doors to open and close,

A 47-ton rocket launcher to activate,

Litres of kerosene to spill on an ice desert,

Hundreds of CCTV screens to watch,

Planets to rotate,

Millions of buttons to install on control panels,

… And litres of vodka if we succeed!

About the project owner

H5’s work has always nourished from one obsession: the analysis of the world’s representation and power through its signs and methods. 

H5 loves the epic, the immersive traversal in occupied country; creating a language of their own that aims at relating the contemporary society and unveiling its contradictions and depths.

In 2009, the film Logorama plunges Los Angeles in a pop apocalypse uniquely composed of brands’ logos and mascots. 

In 2012, the HELLO tm exhibition reassures and promises happiness in the image of their tagline: “Together for a world that resembles you!”

In 2014, with Money Time, H5 considers Russia and the edges of the Artic circle as the setting for their panoramic view on the grueling power of money and the systems. 


Ludovic Houplain, for H5