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Moea Swimwear, exclusive designs and eco-line

Our swimwear brand from Brasil is now produzing in Europe and we are looking for help to develop our patters, fabric and econyl line.

About the project


Once upon a time an ambitious French girl with a big dream decided to create her own swimwear brand. She imagined a world where women can show off their personal style with a sexy supportive fit while following the sun.

As a result she started designing what she knew would fit her feeling. She saw immediate success with her first models in Brasil and start to begin the MOEA concept; A both sexy and confortable swimwear brand inspired by ocean lovers and latinsoul.

 MOEA means dream in Tahiti, but it also means freedom, energy and natural beauty for all adventurous women.

 In one year she created and sold 2 collections in Brazil and Costa Rica, one of them specialized in surf pieces. 


Arounded by friends and artists, she produced 50 exclusive pieces in 2017, and launch a promotional video for this collection "Follow the sun" destinated to European market.

As the best ideas need help, she joined hearts with Emma Klein who fell in love immediately with the vision. Together they agreed that the opportunity of the brand is limitless but needed a few modifications to compete with the best quality brands around the world. 

So they decided to move the production in Lisboa, portugal, to have a better access to Europe market and set up the company in France, where they are both from. 

COLLECTION 2017-2018


In 2018, we are looking for a production with econyl lycras to put the brand on the sustainable market, a cause that we are already involved in. The designer Eva, also wants every bikinis be exclusive; exclusive designs but also exclusive stamps, that she is designing by herself. This dream needs few special methods, first the design need to be digitalize and then sublimed to print it on the lycra. 


One of our dream is also to have our own atelier, with at least 3 machines to create the pilotes pieces. 

What are the funds for?



Thanks to your helps in our project, we will produce the 2018 summer collection, using econyl Lycras, eco bags and exclusive prints. We will also invest in sewing machines so we can set up our own atelier of creation where our designer will be able to develop her creativity and make beautiful handmade exclusive swiwsuits.


The money will be also use to make a really nice promotional clip with professional and to transform our website into a e-commerce platform. > 



Our worth challenge is to deal with production delays and stocks. We can't answer the demand if we don't have money to produce more and create enough sotck. That's why we are trying to have enough cash flow in order to be always reactive and create enough stock for our customers demands. 


As an eco and exclusive brand, we have to keep a high quality product on the swimwear market, but we also want to keep an affordable price. This balance is sometimes dificult to find. That's why we decided to have normal prices market, between 85 and 100 dollars per bikinis, and launch every year an exclusive brand with more details on the pieces, for a higher price (between 150 and 180 dollars).


To thank you for believing in our company, we prepared some gifts specially for you:)

- For 5€ and more: one  big thanks in our facebook page.

- For 15€ and more: one big thanks on our facebook page and one stickers Moea

- For 40€ and more: one big thanks on our facebook page, one Moea stickers and one brazilian bracelet.

- For 80€ and more: one big thanks on our facebook page, one Moea stickers, and one Moea bikini of the collection Pura Vida.

- For 150€ and more: one big thanks on our facebook page, one Moea stickers, one fitness and yoga legging with crop top or one body surf Moea.

Upon our project being successfully funded we will send you an email to find out which swimwear and size you would like to choose. Please note that you will receive your reward only if we reach our funding goal. 

We appreciate all considerations and will make it our mantra to work effortless for anyone who will walk with us through this incredible journey!


Our website / Instagram : @moeaswimwear Facebook : Moea swim

About the project owner

Eva has always been passionate by ocean sports (surf, kite surf, scuba diving) and design. She loves travels, arts and her favorite place is under water, where she find inspiration, peace and happiness. With a tourism and events master degree, she decided to let everything and use her economy to set up her own swimwear brand. She draw and create by herself Moea's swimsuits and hope to see really soon her own stamps on them. 

Emma’s passion has always been « travelling » and as soon as she graduated high school, she naturally went to study in the USA, UK and in Belgium. She mixed her 5 years master degree at La Sorbonne in Project management with several internships abroad (New York, Malaga) and an extra year studying at HEC (famous European business school). Emma loves sport and the ocean and hope to slightly change the world with her more collaborative view of enterprise though Moea Swimwear.