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Your kid discovers the world with Mister Tody

Play your dream

About the project

Mister Tody - the name alone is enough to make you smile, even before you've seen the toys themselves.

Mister Tody is the brand-new brainchild of Evelyne Depuydt and Astrid De Clerck, a duo from Kortrijk. The two young entrepreneurs are aiming to introduce beautifully designed and durable toys into the market that are not only fun to play with, but are a treat for the eye.

Mister Tody's basic product range currently consists of an aeroplane, a boat and a car (each available in separate models for boys and girls). More products will soon follow.


What are the funds for?

Now that we have developed our first models and completed our first small-scale production run, we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for the Mister Tody toys. Our goal is to invest and grow further in three ways:

1. Investing in marketing

In order to introduce more people and children to Mister Tody, it is essential for us to invest in marketing. We aim to participate in trade fairs within and outside the country to generate further enthusiasm for Mister Tody.
Cost: €2000,-

2. Ordering larger production runs

To get things started, we ordered an initial test run. Now that our stock has almost been depleted, we urgently need to start a new production run. To reduce our production costs, we have to order larger quantities, and that requires a major investment. We are convinced that this investment will quickly deliver returns, particularly in combination with the above marketing campaign :)!
Cost: €2500,-

3. Developing new models and designs

Although we continue to be highly enthusiastic about our existing range, we are also already looking forward to new models and designs. Our goal is to continually expand our product range, so that children always have something new to look forward to.
Cost: €3000,-

About the project owner


We're Astrid & Evelyne (or Evelyne & Astrid as in the photo).

Two young entrepreneurs ready to conquer the world (going for it!)

What do we do?

We develop, design and produce beautifully designed cardboard toys for cool kids. What makes our toys really different and fun to play with is that children have to crawl inside them in order to really experience them. What better way is there for children to enter a world of fantasy and bring their dreams to life?

Where did this idea come from?

That makes for an interesting story. Evelyne had been working for a few years at a family-run company that was involved in cardboard products.

For a marketing campaign, they developed a cardboard aeroplane to reach out to their customers in a fun way. The response was so positive and enthusiastic, that something simply had to happen!

The idea was born

Evelyne was so convinced that cardboard toys were a great product that she couldn't stop talking about it. It's true! Eventually, Astrid had heard enough and said that the time had come for more action and less talk. That's when they decided to go for it together, and it wasn't long afterwards before Mister Tody was born.

It is the start of a thrilling adventure. And we're excited and happy that we can share this with all of you.

All the best,

Astrid & Evelyne

Find us online:, instagram and facebook. And don't forget to like us :-)!

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FAQs or questions that you always wanted to ask


All Mister Tody products are made of cardboard. It is a 100% environmentally friendly and light material that is also super strong. All products have been thoroughly tested and have survived hundreds of little children.


We always aim to provide product information that is as complete and correct as possible. Our prices include VAT, but do not include shipping costs.


A photograph displayed on your screen can look somewhat different to the product itself. This also depends on your monitor and your monitor settings. Even on the best monitor, an image will look slightly different than a hardcopy photograph or the product itself, for example. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


You can view all the items in detail on our website. We do not yet have a showroom, but please contact us via [email protected] so that we can refer you to a dealer near you.