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Drette su'l tape - Mission Forsberg

Join the Podcast in its Sweden Conquest!

About the project

After a first successful broadcasting season, David Beaucage and his podcast, Drette su’l tape (French Canadian slang for Tape to Tape), are now ready to conquer Sweden! With the success of this campaign 6 exclusive episodes will be recorded and distributed to its contributors. Episodes will consist of conversations with Swedish hockey personalities that have made Sweden the mythical hockey nation it is today. David has one main goal: to interview the living legend that is Peter Forsberg. He will also record 6 extra “behind the scenes” episodes to recount his Swedish adventure in all its glory. 

What are the funds for?

Rest assured, each dollar raised through this campaign will be exclusively used to fund the bare necessities of David’s project, and nothing more. David and his producer Thomas, aka Producer Tom, will go forth to Sweden to record and produce the 12 episodes described above in the thriftiest of circumstances. Nights will be spent in the cheapest hostel, grazing on budget-friendly IKEA meatballs. All of this to get you the best show possible! 

About the project owner

David during an interview with Mike Condon, Ottawa Sens goaltender

What’s the story behind Drette su’l tape?

My name is David Beaucage. A year ago, I was looking for some smart hockey interviews and content online - and wasn’t able to find much. I launched Drette su’l tape, a podcast in which I interview amazing guests who tell us about their fascinating backgrounds in the hope of learning a bit more about hockey and life in general. Unlike a lot of media, I take the time to dive deep with my guests, giving them the space and time they need to express their own stories in as much glorious detail as possible. For instance, I recall the time Mike Condon, Ottawa Sens goaltender, told us about when he brought his dad on the road, which led to a funny interview with the media. 

The first season under the belt, tens of thousands of downloads later, we’re hoping to crack the big leagues with this new project, Mission Forsberg. 

About David Beaucage

Bearing the same birthday as Ziggy Palffy, David’s destiny was bound to be tied to hockey. He mans the mic as a stand-up comic, while writing and opening for Katherine Levac. David fills his days with his two passions: hockey and comedy. Now, thanks to your support, he’s seizing the opportunity to take his dream to the next level and meet his childhood hero, Peter Forsberg.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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