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Mission Asia Tenggara

Societal and environmental exploration with Indigenous peoples

About the project


Our commitment:

  • Contribute to the development of a more respectful Society for Humans and Nature, more sustainable
  • Contribute to Ethnographic Research and Development
  • Contribute to the Valuation and preservation of Aboriginal culture

Our source of inspiration: Indigenous peoples, Guardians of Nature, Memories of Humanity.

Our mission: to reach out to First Nations people to share their experiences and learn from them

Our team: 2 Women, Karine and Virginie, dynamic and committed explorers

The purpose of the project: to transmit this exploration and the results to as many people as possible and in different forms (Conferences, a documentary film, a book, Coaching and training)

For you: We suggest you to follow us during our adventure (as long as we have a network...) on social networks!


# PROJECT SUMMARY:Meeting First Nations peoples to get inspired and build a sustainable future

Faced with current environmental, societal and economic issues, we are convinced that indigenous peoples, millenary root societies, are the carriers of solutions to help us build a sustainable future.

In search of "inspiring" teachings and models for Innovating, Living and Entrepreneurship in a more respectful approach to Humans and Nature, we decided to meet with indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia in 2020 (11 months) to explore their experiences, collect their testimonies and transmit them in different forms. This is our "MissionAsiaTenggara"!


#OUR SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: Indigenous Peoples, Guardians of Nature, Memories of Humanity

Unlike our Western practices, Indigenous peoples, who live in interdependence with the natural environment, have been able, better than others, to preserve this Vision of a holistic World that forms an interdependent Whole, where Man is connected to the rest of the Living World. Guardians of Nature, Memories of Humanity, they have developed effective knowledge and practices over thousands of years that have proven their worth over time.


# THE DIRECTION OF THIS PROJECT:Responding to an environnmental and social and Emergency context !

#Get Inspired by First Nations peoples

  • Guardians of millenary knowledge
  • High resilience
  • Can share knowledge to help us reconnect with the environment

#Adopt an eco-responsible humanist approach

  • Restoring meaning
  • Adapting and Innovating
  • Explore new ways of living and doing business

#Preserving biodiversity

  • Living tissue of the planet
  • Source of essential and irreplaceable goods and services
  • Knowledge and Innovation Library


#PROJECT OBJECTIVES:Explore to find concrete and sustainable solutions

Objective #1 - Share and Explore the Experiences of First Nations People

Objective #2 - To collect their perceptions, lessons learned and "good practices"

Objective #3 - Valuing Indigenous Cultures, Memories of Humanity

Objective  #4 - Transmit our exploration and its results to live and undertake Otherwise


# OUR APPROACH:  an immersive experience

Our posture: Respect for peoples, their cultures and their integrity, ethical and responsible attitude

Our approach: Immersion and sharing of everyday life, beyond differences


# THE ROUTE: 11 months between land and sea in Southeast Asia

Departure: 06 January 2020, Return: 15 December 2020 - Duration of the trip-exploration: 11 months

Natural and cultural diversity: we have chosen to go to a variety of natural environments to explore cultural differences and similarities.

 4 countries: Burma - Philippines - Indonesia (Eastern part, including Indonesian Papua) - Fiji Islands

3 natural environments: sea, mountains, forest / jungle

6 First Nations peoples: Sea nomads in Burma, mountain peoples in the Philippines, jungle people in Indonesia (Borneo/Kalimatan) and sea nomads (Sulawesi), jungle and mountain people (Papua)

We are already in contact with some local contacts, but our usual approach is above all to favour meetings on the spot to reach the communities by following our intuition.

The itinerary may change according to the situations, climatic conditions and opportunities along the way.


# TRANSMISSION OF OUR EXPLORATION: On a large scale and in different forms 

We are committed to making our Mission Asia Tenggara exploration USEFUL to as many people as possible for the POSITIVE transformation of our society, towards more HUMANITY and RESPECT for the environment and indigenous cultures. For this reason, we will share the results of our exploration in different ways.

  • Production of a documentary film
  • Conferences
  • Writing a new book
  • Coaching and Training

# ACT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS: schools partnerships

We have proposed to schools ( Brittany, Montpellier) to become partners by allowing primary school children to follow our exploration in a participatory way. This being the opportunity for an education for Sustainable Development by offering them the opportunity to:

  • Broaden their vision of the world and their understanding of it
  • Open up to other cultures, particularly those of Aboriginal peoples
  • Discover various natural environments and biodiversity


What are the funds for?


Small drops make big rivers... !

Such a project involves a major investment: we started the preparation 1 year ago, we will go into field exploration in 2020, we will carry out post-production when we return in 2021, and we will transmit our approach from 2021 and in the long term

In project all budgets exist... When we have, like ourselves, the ambition to carry out a scientific study, to write a book and to create a documentary that can be distributed in theatres, both visually beautiful, inspiring, documented, in at least 4 different countries, we need a minimum of resources, both human and material!

We estimated the total cost of the project at €282,000 over 3 years. (Preparation 2019 - Exploration in 2020- Post-production 2021), distributed according to the following items:

  • Technical equipment: audiovisual, computer and outdoor/exploration 
  • Aboriginal Language Guides and Translators
  • Travel in at least 4 countries: transport, accommodation, meals, visas, special access permits to the territories
  • The audiovisual research and filming team (2 people): ourselves
  •  The post-production team, with whom we will finalize the work: editor, sound and image technicians, voiceover, graphic designer, etc.
  • Social security contributions
  • Artistic rights: authors, music, translations...
  • Insurance, legal fees, health costs

We are investing time and money in this project, but our financial capacity is not sufficient to cover all the costs of the project. For this reason, we are also looking for Sponsors and we already have Partners. To complete the financing and bring together a community that is sensitive to our approach, we are launching this participatory fundraising campaign.

OVERALL COST OF THE BUDGET : 282 000 € (3 years)




Our minimum target to achieve for SUCCESS TOGETHER and GRACE TO YOU our campaign is 20 000€. 

We have established SUPERIOR OBJECTIVES in steps, with the objective to CLIMB THEM TOGETHER as high as possible, in order to allow us to carry out this exploration Mission Asia Tenggara and its transmission, in the BEST CONDITIONS.

About the project owner


Virginie LOTTIN

Globe-trotter and Navigator

Age: 47 

Project manager in a telecommunications company

My Passions: People of the world, Nature, Sailing

My Role:

  • Project management 
  • Video and editing
  • Communication

In search of meaning in the face of the imbalances in our societies, wishing to contribute to invent a society more in harmony with the environment, more sustainable, I decided to bring my experience and  support Karine in this Exploration by contributing to communication, sound and video technology, and documentary making.



Explorer - Reporter

Speaker, Coach

Age: 49

My Passions: First Nations people, wide open spaces, hiking

My Role :

  • Research by the First Peoples
  • Audiovisual production  
  • Transmission

I was born in Canada in 1970. I grew up in the great natural spaces and close to the Amerindians. Inspired since the beginning by the Adventurer-explorers, passionate about the relationship between Man and Nature, I became interested in Aboriginal peoples very early on.

I have been travelling the world alone for over 25 years to meet First Nations people and share their daily lives.

Each of my "off the beaten track" trips, immersed in the North and South Amerindians, the Bushmen of Botswana, the Khalkas of Mongolia, the Saami of Lapland, the Aborigines of Australia... have proved to be a formidable school of Freedom to Be and Act.Today, I share my experiences in different ways.


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