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The Mini Transat with Unapei and Julien Mizrachi

Help us support mentally handicapped people by crossing the Atlantic Ocean with us

About the project

It's about the story of a crazy dream associated to a charity cause.

I will compete in the Mini Transat 2017 wearing the colours of Unapei, which means I will cross the Atlantic alone, sailing onboard a tiny boat to support Unapei in its fight to defend the rights of mentally handicapped people

The Mini Transat is a solo sailing race, on a 6.5 meter-boat, with no assistance or external contact, that crosses the Atlantic Ocean from La Rochelle (France) to Martinique (Caribbean). Departure will be on 1st October 2017.

It has been a long journey to qualify for the Mini Transat: two intense years of preparation, training, races and more than 3,000 nautical miles sailed. It is already a victory in itself to be one of the 84 boats on the starting line of this human and sportive challenge.

Created in 1960, Unapei gathers 550 associations of volunteers, parents and friends, who work so that every person with an intellectual disability has a solution to support and accompany them in an inclusive and solidarity society.

What are the funds for?

Part of the funds collected thanks to this campaign will be directly donated to Unapei to support the association and help it in its daily fight to defend the rights of mentally handicapped people.

The other part will be used to secure the required budget to carry out this adventure across the Atlantic, and more specifically:

  • food: mostly lyophilised or vacuum sealed meals that allow the food to be preserved during the entire race despite tough conditions for aliments
  • preparation of the boat: to ensure that I set sails in complete security with a boat ready to cross the Atlantic: electronics, energy, sails, etc
  • spare components and tools: to be able to fix anything  that can break at sea in complete autonomy since external assistance is forbidden during the race
  • pharmacy: to be able to treat myself and finish the race safely in case anything happens to me
  • safety equipment: from life jacket and its line to attach myself to the boat, to the beacon working by satellite in case of absolute emergency, the list is long to ensure we cross the Atlantic safely

About the project owner

I discovered these small boats, called Mini 6.50, in 2009 during a short sailing journey when I was still a beginner. I immediately loved these boats which are authentic rockets and take you to endless surfs. I have been dreaming of competing in the Mini Transast since then.

Last year, when my wife got pregnant for the second time, I decided to finally launch into this extreme adventure across the Atlantic with the desire to have a wonderful story to tell my children when they will grow up and of which I will be proud.

In addition, I've decided to associate a charity cause to this adventure by supporting mentally handicapped people. This cause is particularly important to me and affects me personally as a member of my family has Down Syndrome. I admire the work Unapei does and I feel very happy to be able to collaborate with them.

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