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Mima - Toilet paper with a mission 🌳

Made with bamboo, 50% of profits donated to plant trees, plastic-free

  • ✨ WOW! 450 PREORDERS IN 72 HOURS! ✨

    We just hit 450 preorders and 709 trees will soon be planted in Zambia. 🌱

    That's amazing teamwork, guys! 1 million thank you's for your generosity, your good energy and your support.

    Our first production run is definitely going to happen! 👏

    It’s humbling to read all your kind messages and we are super pumped to go even further! 

    So much word of mouth, so many people sharing about us on social media and following this exciting project. We can't express how grateful we are and this campaign is taking another dimension thanks to you. 🔭


     We also got a lot of sweet feedback on our packaging and a lot of you shared some very creative ideas. 😍

    It was a real pleasure to work with the talented Charlotte Picciotto (@charlottepicciotto_illu) for our illustrated universe. It was all about showing the beauty of nature and lush rainforests. 🌳Go give her amazing work a little follow! 

    We are already thinking of creating new looks, new prints, new limited editions for our toilet paper. Do you have more cool ideas to share with us? This is your toilet paper! 

    And we are repeating ourselves but, please, keep on spreading the good word at the coffee break, after your next yoga session or to break the nice during your next date. You are our best ambassadors! 🌻

    There are still many "early birds" perks available. We're doubling your number of trees planted so, don’t miss out! A lot more surprises are coming! 

    Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. 💌

    Nature's calling.

    Carmen, Hampton and Maxence,

    Follow our tracks on our social media channels!  👣 

    Instagram: @joinmima / Facebook: @joinmimatp



    "I love your toilet paper, I really want to know more about it!" 🍑

    We've been hearing this a lot in the past 48 hours. It looks like you guys are serious toilet paper experts. 😉Here's everything you need to know about our different carton sizes and product specs!


    100% FSC® bamboo fibres 🎋 - Premium 4-ply - Exxxtra long with 250 sheets each - 9.5x12cm sheet - White colour with dot embossing - No inks, dyes or fragrances - Elemental chlorine-free whitening process - Formaldehyde-free + BPA-free (found in most recycled toilet paper) - 100% recycled and recyclable / 0% plastic delivery carton - Individually wrapped to keep the rolls hygienic and moisture-free - Vegan - Biodegradable and septic-safe 


    Ulule Box - 4 premium toilet paper rolls 🧻

    Early Birds : 15€ - 2 trees planted 🌳🌳 / Regular: 17€ - 1 tree planted 🌳


    Miombo Box - 24 premium toilet paper rolls 🧻

    Lasts 7 weeks for 1-2 pax / 5 weeks for 3-4 pax.

    Early Birds : 33€ - 2 trees planted 🌳🌳/ Regular : 36€ - 1 tree planted 🌳



    Waterberry Box - 48 premium toilet paper rolls 🧻

    Lasts 13 weeks for 1-2 pax / 10 weeks for 3-4 pax 

    Early Birds : 51€ - 4 trees planted 🌳🌳🌳🌳 / Regular: 54€ - 2 trees planted 🌳🌳

    Luanshya Pack : 161€ =  3x Waterberry Box and 6 trees planted 

    Zambia Pack : 483€ = 9x Waterberry Box and 18 trees planted


    Already 402 preorders and 639 trees soon to be planted thanks to your generosity. 🌳

    Next goal: 450 preorders! 

    There are still many "early birds" perks available. Don’t miss out! Please spread the good word around you, you are our best ambassadors. 😉

    Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. 💌

    Nature's calling! 🌱

    Carmen, Hampton and Maxence,

    Follow our tracks on our social media channels!  👣 

    Instagram: @joinmima

    Facebook: @joinmimatp


    Wow! What did just happen? Already 300 preorders in less than a day! 😍

    That’s a lot of toilet paper rolls and 457 seeds soon to be planted in Zambia. 🌳 Our initial goal of 300 preorders is already behind us! 

    It’s amazing to see so many of you taking a bit of their precious time and giving us a big push in the first hours of the project. 

    Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts to all our first contributors! 🍑

    We are super excited to reach this milestone in such a short period of time and we're busting to get to the next level. This is very promising! 


    🔭NEW GOAL: 450 PREORDERS !!! ✨


    There are still many "early birds" perks available so don’t miss out! And don't forget to spread the good word around you, you are our best ambassadors now. 😉

    Every little preorder helps us grow as fast as bamboo.


    Nature's calling! 🌱

    Carmen, Hampton and Maxence,


    Follow our tracks on our social media channels!  👣 

    Instagram: @joinmima

    Facebook: @joinmimatp