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One Thousand and one moons

Leporello Art book

About the project

what is a Leporello ?

It is the name of the accordion book, a book that unfolds or folds according to the desire of reading, it can be flippewd through like a classic book or left completely open (on a very large shelf because it measures 440 cm x 25 cm unfolded, 17 cm x 25 cm closed)
For the little story Leporello is the name of Dom Juan's valet, and when he says the name of his master's conquests, the list is so long that it falls at his feet forming an accordion.

Why this project was born?

First of all of my attachment to reading and to the object itself, I love  books: I even did it my job for 7 years in a bookstore  of the grove virois. Today and for more than 4 years I devote myself only to painting and it with great happiness but this idea has been trotting in my head for a long time. I was looking for a text to illustrate and then finally I told myself that I was going to do without the words and let the reader put his own on my boards

It's in a notebook like the one on the table that I started to draw and paint "A Thousand and One Moons".

For those who do not know my paintings, here are some closely related to this new project


So, what does that tell?

It's a story without words that speaks to children and adults alike, it's a dreamlike world populated by trees, mountebanks and foxes all under the benevolent gaze of the moon, a thousand and one moons .. .

here is a double page:

The original book is finished since March, today the project is to edit it I need you to help me finalize this project I had several proposals to buy the original work but I'm not yet ready to part with it, the edit would democratize the work and share it with the greatest number.

another extract (I do not reveal too much because I would like to keep the effect of surprise and the magic that results)


For those who choose the art book with leather cover

Examples of leather cover with an original work. The cover of the Leporello will be enriched with a small suede cord that will close the book.An object that will skate and be even more beautiful to age.

the original and its leather cover made in the grove with one of my an original work

What are the funds for?

What will the funding be used for?

The funding will be used for publishing and printing the book, 5000 € is the minimum amount necessary to order printing and publish this book with an affordable price. I

f the budget is exceeded and thank you! I can pay myself.

I will be the publisher of the book and I will call on a French and local printer. The book is particular and a bit complex to achieve to be faithful to the original. For the shaping, I will have to realize it myself in order to remain the price of the book  reasonable. I will also raise each copy by hand, the touches of gold and copper will be more beautiful. For those who wish, I can dedicate the book and even make an original drawing in their copy, thus making a unique book and a true object of art.

The funds raised on Ulule will allow me to finance all this, all the actions will count are sure. There will be rewards for everyone. I thank you in any case for your support and I will keep you informed of the progress of the project. I hope a release of the book for the month of August!


About the project owner

About the project leader

Marion Alexandre, painter in Vassy in the grove virois for 9 years. Here is 4 years that I can live from this work It's a great adventure but it's also a challenge! Fortunately I am well surrounded and motivated!


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