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beautiful, organic ans delicious

About the project

🌱We grow microgreens to restaurants and would like to expand be able to also supply individuals. What are microgreens?

In fact it is the stage after the germinated seed, at the moment when the first two small leaves (called cotyledons) appear. At this stage the plant feeds exclusively on what is in the seed and therefore has all the nutrients but very concentrated. That's what makes them super food. They are a wonderful income of vitamins and minerals.

Each variety has its own taste, from sweet to spicy and have a lovely crunchy texture. MICROGREENS go well with everything, salads, sandwiches, pizza and even your soups.

A treat for everybody.🌿

What are the funds for?

We need more equipment to be able to bring this product to non professionals.

We use horticultural lamps and trays suitable for this activity, however we have only a limited number and this is not enough to meet the growing demand of the people around us.

Here is how a shelve of our culture looks like


About the project owner

We are a Franco-Australian couple of 29 and 23 years old living in the eastern Pyrenees. After living 2 years in Oceania we came back with a project still little known in France, the vegetables microgreens.

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