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The free app to assess early-onset hallucinations.

About the project

This is our great excitement to announce that we hit our crowdfunding target!
We sincerely want to thank you from the heart.
Thanks to you, we will develop drawing module that will stay fully intuitive and allow the child to depict her/his experience.

These drawings will be associated with the child’s avatar and stored for future viewing or changes. Because the assessment cannot just be quantitative, this module will favor the free expression of subjective experience and be of great interest for every health professional.

You gave us the desire and the hope to believe in this project and we finally reached 100% of our goal before the campaign’s duration runs out.
Because we see even further, we have still tons more we want to build to make MHASC even more useful and awesome!
Take a look at what can be done and “unlocked” if we reach our STRETCH GOALS!

For a total of € 45000, we will produce the animation movie “The adventure of Lulu the rabbit”. Because hallucinations are not synonymous with disease, it’s fundamental to play down and destigmatize these experiences. This movie will allow to raise public awareness on a topic of major utility.

By doubling the bet, we will produce in advance the professional version of the MHASC app including the immediate and intuitive display of results. This interface constitutes a real asset, an innovation… a revolution in hallucinations explorations!

Circulate these good news and continue to follow us !

MHASC© is the first m-Health app to assess hallucinations in the touch-screen generation. Are these experiences benign ou will they need specific cares? MHASC will help you to make the difference.

Developed and validated by a specialized team under the supervision of Pr. Jardri, this tool will soon be available.

10% of children have hallucinations, experiences that may be very disabling. That's why there is an urgent need for a reliable and accurate assessment tool of early-onset hallucinations. A beta-version of the MHASC app. is currently in the final validation stage. Our next step is to develop and disseminate the MHASC app. on every tablet.

That's why we need YOUR help.

MHASC, a child knows how to use it

Simple, smooth and gaming, the interface promotes the child’s autonomy. A custom avatar moves into interactive sceneries with the help of Lulu, confidant of the adventure.

MHASC, an all-in-one assessment tool

Vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste… MHASC explores all the sensory modalities of hallucinations with dedicated environments, while complementary modules assess cognitive functions.

MHASC, an innovation for health professionals

The professionals can immediately access the assessment results and follow the evolution of hallucinations over time while measuring the effectiveness of her/his treatment.

MHASC will be freely available

The LITE and PRO versions of the MHASC app can be downloaded for free after brief registration. An advanced analysis module will be available with subscription (PRO+ version).

Hallucinations are frequent experiences in youth that may affect about one in ten children in the general population. However, their presence is not synonymous with schizophrenia. Such experiences can be observed in a large range of disorders (e.g. psychiatric, neurological, metabolic, genetic, etc.), but also be fully benign.

As for the non-detection of a persistent disorder, inadequate care of early-onset hallucinations may have deleterious consequences in terms of cognitive and social functioning.

The challenge is to better detect and explore early-onset hallucinations.

To date, there is no evaluation tool for early-onset hallucinations as we designed it.

MHASC can be viewed as a game and at the same time a highly standardized test (also defined as “serious games”) that will enable the children to freely communicate their own perspectives with regard to early-onset hallucinations, regardless of the sensory modalities involved or of the clinical context of occurrence.

Hallucinations are intimate and occasionally scary experiences; children rarely mention these experiences spontaneously to their therapists and parents. MHASC is intended to elicit the direct participation of children and adolescents in a user-friendly environment capable of increasing the reliability of descriptions of hallucinations while avoiding an overload with distracting stimulation.

MHASC is a all-in-one tablet app, developed for children and professionals.
MHASC integrates two complementary environments.

The professional dashboard contains all the necessary tools to plan sessions, or manage and analyze data in a professional way: Patient diary for longitudinal follow-up/ Appointment-making system/ Data analysis and visualization/ Secure archiving solutions, and much more…

From this interface, the professional can launch a « user » session, in which the child’s experience will be assessed. Through real-time analysis of the collected data, MHASC provides valuable information to clinicians and scientists.

The child interface opts for a different look. Several designs are linked, each one representing a world in relation to the sensory modality explored. Reference to these video-game codes intuitively immerses the child at the heart of the MHASC app.

The child’s autonomy is encouraged via the multimedia support. Lulu, the mascot of the app, guides the child throughout the evaluation. In addition, interactions with a personalized avatar enable optimal child’s immersion in the environment.

MHASC refers to common videogame codes and relies on a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing the child to customize her/his own avatar, and to interact with Lulu the rabbit, mascot of the app. Lulu is present during the whole passation, and may help the child when necessary or be a form of confident.

MHASC is a new category of validated mHealth app, dedicated to the complete assessment of early-onset hallucinations (the beta version has been developed for Android devices). Vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste… MHASC explores hallucinatory profiles in various sensory modalities. The combination of such technological advancements may lead to significant benefits in the rigorous assessment of common features of hallucinatory experiences. MHASC is an essential project.

Providing a better understanding of hallucinations is a big step for research in the field. Provide professionals a powerful and reliable tool is the best guarantee for better care of hallucinations in youth.

What are the funds for?

The money collected will be used to:

  • developp a cross-platform version of the MHASC app (i.e. for iOs, WindowsMobile & Android),
  • Technical direction - Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Art direction and character design,
  • Communication about the project during scientific events (e.g. CFP, 2015; Encéphale, 2016, etc.),
  • Rewards for our generous donors,
  • and of course Ulule retribution.

Your name will appear in the credits of the app. under the banner "generous contributors" !

You will receive stickers and Goodies bearing the effigy of Lulu, and a MHASC wallpaper for your computer's desktop. You can embellish your lab, your waiting room, office etc. Your patients will love your new decoration.

+ the first pack

You can join the Beta program of the MHASC app. You'll have the opportunity to download and use a preview version before anyone else... Before the rest of the world!

+ previous packs

You will receive one ticket to attend a special conference led by Pr. Renaud Jardri on "Hallucinations are not always synonymous with disease." This private conference-buffet will be exclusively reserved for ulule contributors and will favor discussions between experts through knowledge (professionals) and experts by experience (users).

Offer limited to 300 units (travel to the conference unsupported)

+ previous packs

You will receive an autographed copy of the book "Psychothérapie des hallucinations" by Jardri, Favrod & LarØi  (Elsevier-Masson, forthcoming). Furthermore, you will have the exceptional privilege of a personalized avatar to your effigy usable only in your personal version of the MHASC app. Your patients can follow the adventure with you by their side!

+ previous packs

Offer limited.

Ever dreamed of setting foot in a leading research lab? You will benefit from a visit of the SCALab research platforms (CURE, CHU Lille and  Imaginarium, in the heart of the plain image, Tourcoing).

+ previous packs

Limited offer (travel unsupported)

Research is your passion? You are inexhaustible on psychiatric issues? For this incredible contribution, you will attend a private dinner with the MHASC team in a famous Lille restaurant. You will have the opportunity to discuss neuroscience, psychiatry, philosophy of science, but also future projects with us.

+ previous packs

Limited offer (travel unsupported)

About the project owner

We are a team of dreamers, of nonconformists. We believe in future and progress. Our project is not a dream, it is possible today. Our research-group on hallucinations believes in our visions - and that is normal !


Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Lille (France)

Fascinated by the study of consciousness, anxious to destigmatize hallucinatory experiences and improve their care, Renaud is professor of child and adolescent psychiatry. His research mainly focuses on developmental, brain imaging and computational approaches of hallucinations. He authored numerous papers and books on thsi topic (e.g. The Neuroscience of Hallucinations, Springer 2013). Renaud is ranked first French scientist on "hallucinations" by the Web of Science database (Thomson-Reuters) and is the principal investigator of the MHASC project.


Neuropsychologist, PhD in Psychology, Lille (France)

Morgane is specialized in neuropsychology, a discipline that adresses hallucinatory experiences in an innovative way, considering the cognitive implications both at the assessment and the therapeutic management levels. Morgane is the project manager of the MHASC validation study.


Designer - Teacher in computer graphics

Ben is convinced that images occur more in our minds than before our eyes. Driven by the desire to design magic. Ben is the designer of the MHASC app.


Computer engineer

Curious in the world of new technologies, passionate by developping apps for different mobile platforms, Ahmed is the technical project manager of the MHASC app.

Our research platform, part of the SCALab, is based on the Lille University Medical Centre (CHU Lille, France). We have three distinct affiliations: Lille University, CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) and CHU de Lille. Our team specifically works on normal and pathological beliefs (psyCHIC team).

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