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Mexico from one ocean to the other ... Transameric

Travelling to meet to Other, to wake up consciousness, to witness a changing world, to make children and adults dream

About the project

@ A humanitarian and social documentary, 6000 km (4000 miles) of walk !

Through the realization of the documentary and the book "Mexico from one ocean to another ... Transamerican wanderings"I take you on a humanitarian and solidarity trip on foot and motorbike. 20 000 km of adventures that are followed and integrated in the courses of students of Albert Bayet high school in Tours, to talk about the impacts of climate change and environmental problems with those who live, study and fight against them, NGOs and scientists, camera on the shoulder and notebook in hand. And the longest walk across of Mexico ever made !

@ An educational trip followed by two high school classes! :)

My peregrinations are followed by two classes of 17-18 years old students of professional school with a focus on sustainable development, and are integrated in their courses of "Prevention, health, environment" as well as "Letters and history-geography". We will be exchanging by video calls every two weeks, during my walk across Mexico, to talk about climate change and environmental problems, through my meetings with various NGOs and research teams.

@ What content for the documentary?

The documentary aims to make a tour of climatic and environmental challenges, through the meeting of 5 NGOs and research teams, in the different regions of Mexico that I will cross on foot. Here are some of the topics that will be covered during this adventure:


  • Sea rise, coral reefs in danger, mangrove in peril ... the Yucatan Peninsula through climate change
  • Holbox Island at the edge of an environmental crisis due to poor waste management
  • The industry and the weight of tourism development threaten the rivers and groundwater of Yucatan ... region of origin of the Mayas and pyramids area
  • Meeting with the Zapotec community of Oaxaca who fights for its recognition and against a food crisis
  • Mexico City at the edge of the environmental crisis ... air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, and an alarming groundwater slump that causes the city to sink
  • Drying and soil erosion through climate change ... what future for the Durango region
  • Internal population migration ... the direct effects of climate change
  • Drought and soil pollution ... where goes farming in Mexico
  • Sierra Madre Occidental ... forests in danger
  • When environmental activists fear for their lives
  • Desert of Sonora ... when human expansion endangers the fragile equilibrium of an ecosystem

United States :

  • New Orleans ... 12 years after Katrina
  • San Francisco ... the city that tends towards zero waste


A crazy adventure of 20,000 km on foot and motorbike across America, its people and its beauty, its climatic, environmental and social challenges.

6,000 km (about 4000 miles) of walk across Mexico from its Atlantic coast to Pacific, from Cancún to Tijuana. Physical performance with the longest crossing of Mexico ever made, but also a challenge of managing my resources ... water, food ... confrontation with a hostile environment at some point. Spiders, scorpions, snakes ... jungles, deserts, mountains ... but  on the other side, pyramids and the meeting of indigenous communities.

14,000 km of motorcycle in the United States of Kerouac, 70 years after "On the road", from New York to Los Angeles, through San Francisco, New Orleans, Denver and Chicago. 2 months on the handlebars of my old Suzuki GS 400 of 1979, between encounters and mechanical break, in the diversity of a country that knows how to talk about him.

20,000 km to talk about the impacts of climate change and environmental problems in a geography of all extremes with those (NGOs and scientists) who live, study and fight against them; to recall the history, the one we know and the one we forget ... that of the French Empire of Mexico, brief, mercantile, dramatic ...; to meet an America of walls and social differences, all too often forgotten that it shelters a part of the beauty of the world; 7 to 8 months of adventure to make you dream of these infinite spaces or the look poses only on the promise of tomorrow.

Walk through this millennial history to see what is in front of them, of us … global warming, droughts and floods, storms and cyclone stronger than ever, a difficult agriculture, lost between getting back to the essential and the way of your societies.

6 months through a country, discovering its cultures and its peoples, between its history and its legends. Lost pyramids and Spanish architecture. And history of which we don’t know … did you know that for a brief period of time Mexico was actually French? 6000 km to meet people from cities and country side, and learn, learn from them, about them, about us. Of their joy and despair. Of those singular life’s that makes us all alike. 


I share the first images of Part 1 of the adventure, crossing the United States on a motorcycle from Quebec to California ... before leaving for the crossing of Mexico on foot. Here, on my way to New Orleans ...

And already many encounters, adventures and mishaps. Hours of motorcycle at the freezing point under rain and snow and the first mechanical problems that lead me to this fantastic couple's house for two whole days with repair of the bike at the same time ... and exchanging on American, Quebec, and Franco-European policies.

And this second night of camping, in the depths of South Carolina, planting my tent less than 5 meters from an alligator after seeing my first cotton fields ... bushes that move and steps that are heard ... and a snap of jaws to chill your blood ... and then nothing ! A few more pictures of this beautiful starry sky and in bed! Hoping that the beast nearby do not have a little hunger in the early morning ...

Reparing the clutch cable with some bicycle brake cable ...

Steven, my savior of the day! ... He helped me repair the bike, and I was back on the road in no time! ...

Jenny, cooking a fabulous lemon cake! ... Don't say again you can't do patisseries! ... ;)

The bike is now going so well that I have a hard time stopping it! ...

Through North Carolina ...

Cotton field under the flag ...

Sunny morning ...

Contemplating the stars ... just before the Alligator starts having some fun with my nerves! ... he's right there, on the right of the picture, just 5 meters away! ... :)

What are the funds for?

To enable the production of a documentary, the writing of a book, which through an extraordinary adventure will present the climatic, environmental and social challenges of an America to which all eyes are turned.

This funding will enable me to deal with all the problems of theft of video and photographic equipment, but also to meet a larger number of scientists and NGOs. And if it exceeds the goal of $ 4500, you will allow me even devote myself to the return of the trip directly to the realization of the documentary.

4500$ CA (3000 euros) is the minimum to allow me to do the better job possible… but the more you contribute and share this adventure, the more you will make me have an impact on everyone.

For that I offer to you several prices, going from a simple your name on the website for small contributions, to your name on the motorcycle or on the hiking trailer, DVD of the documentary, copy of the book, and for big contributions, a diner, a conference, or even several days of hiking in the quebecan wilderness.

About the project owner

So thanks a lot to have read me until then, and another big thanks you for those of you that will contribute to this fantastic crazy adventure ... and stay connected, as the travel has already begun! :)

Take care.