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MEWILO and the secret of the jar of gold


About the project

30 years after the first MEWILO, "MEWILO, The secret of the jar of gold" is a new adventure based on the first point & click adventure video game from the French studio COKTEL VISION.

Its author, Muriel TRAMIS, pioneering designer of video games, received, in 1987, the Silver Medal of the City of Paris for this original creation mixing history with digital.

This fantastic survey takes place in the year 1900, in the tumultuous past of an island in the Caribbean, Martinique.

First release scheduled for late 2018, in French and English, for Windows.

It is in 1900. The player embodies a specialist in parapsychology science brand new, who arrives on the island of Martinique to solve a strange case. He must update the secret buried in the heart of a Creole house, haunted by a spirit of sorrow.

,From this radiant capital, we remember only the tragedy of the volcano, which buried the city and its inhabitants, forgetting an entire part of a hectic life of which there remain only some legends "Creole and cruel".

But the upheavals of history do not prevent humor or lightness. The game explores the resources of the Creole soul found in the dialogues of Patrick CHAMOISEAU, writer of Creolité (Prix Goncourt 1992), who participated in the creation of the original in 1987.

It seemed important to respect the historic setting by reproducing the main buildings of Saint-Pierre as they were before the eruption of 1902.

That's why all the game sets are made from archival documents and they take even more majesty and authenticity  under the stylus of our talented illustrator Kendy JOSEPH who expresses himself with a Caribbean sensibility.

What are the funds for?

Despite the evolution of the tools production costs of a video game remain high.

But we really want to satisfy you as to the quality of the scenario, the image and sound.

We have taken steps to obtain various funding and participated in several competitions, but that will not be enough.

The production of this remake includes, the writing of the new scenario, the graphic realization of the decorations and characters redone, the game-design, sound-design, animations, translations. programming and testing driven by project management.

Not to mention the costs related to counterparties (manufacturing and shipping), our communication on social networks and in the media of the web (referencing, etc.), as well as the various commissions and bank charges.

We hope that this project shines internationally so we prepare a development on the maximum of media and in the main languages. But this ambition at a cost.

This is the minimum amount we need to obtain.
This level will allow us to finish the production of a Windows version, in French and in English!

And if we exceed this amount? Well, we will not stop there, we will tackle other versions.

If we reach this level, we will launch the adaptations for Linux and Mac and we will integrate the Spanish and German versions. Because the first MEWILO was much appreciated in Germany and the history of the Caribbean is of interest to Central and South America.

From this sum, we will launch versions for tablets and smartphones iOS / Android using full functionality of mobile.

If we exceed this sum, we will attack the full 3D version in Virtual Reality which will allow you to evolve in immersion in the city as if you were there.

About the project owner

Originally from Martinique, Muriel TRAMIS is a pioneer in the design of video games and educational software.

After a training in engineering school (ISEP, Higher Institute of Electronics of Paris), she began her career at Aerospatiale where she develops programs for automatic control of drones.

Turning to more artistic activities, between 1987 and 1998 she created a dozen point & click adventure games in the French studio COKTEL VISION. She is also collaborating on the design of the ADI / ADIBOU range, which has attracted millions of schoolchildren and college students around the world. She then specializes in the reproduction of cities in 3D for urban planning projects.

It is a return to the field of play she undertakes by launching this new MEWILO based on the first video game evoking the history of the West Indies.

Muriel TRAMIS on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muriel_Tramis

For several years, I've received many emails thanking me and requests for interviews from all over the world (even from Russia and Japan, it's quite surprising!) about my first video games.
Little by little, the idea of producing new MEWILO, FREEDOM, FASCINATION, GEISHA, GOBLIIINS, etc... my games of the decade 87-97 edited by the studio COKTEL VISION settled in me.

I'm talking about a time when personal computers were "ordinosaurs", Amstrad CPC, Atari ST or Amiga and where the data was stored on floppy disks.

But today's programming and infographic tools allow greater scope for scenarios that have no technological limits.

Achieving today a captivating and aesthetic game requires a budget that is difficult to obtain at the scale of a small independent studio.

The crowdfunding is a quick and easy way to complete our budget while getting closer to you, future adventurers.

The core of our new team includes 4 passionate and complementary talents, all professionals in video games, illustration, sound and animated film.

Muriel TRAMIS, author and project director loves to tell stories and put together riddles by thinking first about the pleasure of the player.

It brings in this version all the gameplay - scenario and interactive mechanisms - that makes the charm of the type "point & click", for the pleasure of your small gray cells.

Erwan JESTIN, our developer, has fallen into the computer since a young age and is very attached to the first personal computers, the Amiga in particular. In other words, he knows the innards of his machines as if he had built them himself. At his workstation, a single screen is not enough, he does not have two or three but four!

Its programming is full of tricks, in the purest tradition of "point & click".

Patrick RIVIERE is a complete artist. Through his creations, he chose to move two of our senses, our eyes and our ears. He is a musician and graphic designer. Gifted with character animation, he is also responsible for composing music and sound effects.

It is with subtlety that he recreates the atmosphere of the year 1900 with accents of biguine-jazz, ragtime and creole waltz.

Kendy JOSEPH, our illustrator has an exceptional stroke of pencil. Each of his performances is a true work of art in which he describes history or daily life. He is as comfortable with a stream of shimmering colors as with twilight. He knows how to express joy as well as pain. He draws inspiration from Caribbean legends, often with a touch of eroticism.

His vision a little fantasized gives us to see a "Senpyè an tan lontan" (St. Peter of yesteryear) in a new way.

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