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Zen&Toff. The future of pain relief

Up to -70% of pain relief in just 3 days thanks to a high-tech fiber

About the project

Zen&Toff is a scarf with high-tech active fibers that are efficient instantly and last forever, it interacts with the electrical signals of your body to naturally relieve pain and release your youth.
(*) RESULTS: Up to -70% in only 3 days and up to -90% in 7 days of the pain experienced by 100% of the volunteers in the self-assessment test on 30 volunteers in 01/2019.


When you're wearing Methode7 Scarf, it interacts with your entire body's electrical system. Each fiber contains rare minerals which, on contact with the skin, naturally create a vital energy radiation that helps the whole body function more effectively, and helps to reduce the signals that cause pain - It will make you recover faster after exercise - Improve your mobility and flexibility, recover a natural range of motion - and release your youth


We are a 93% of people to be concerned by knee, hip, hand, punctual, acute, regular or chronic pain, arthritis, rheumatism. However, there is a simple way to relieve or eliminate these pains, the secret is on your neck
These throbbing back pain and disabling knee pain interact directly with your mind.  Your body and therefore your physiology are directly affected, everything could find an answer in your neck which is the neuralgic centre of the whole body.
And when your neck ensures the good circulation of electrical signals, your whole body functions normally.
When this neuralgic connection clearly fulfills its functions, every part of your entire body, from the head to toes, is on a solid foundation. But as you know in our modern world, real life is both hectic and sedentary and can therefore damage this foundation.
But what if there was a simple solution that could help ensure the proper circulation of electrical signals to help you get through the day without pain? 
Capsules, gels and potions can help to do this. They are taken or applied once or several times a day and can relieve your knee, hip, hand and back pain. But you have to take them for weeks and weeks, and it can cost up to £500 per year. And you always have to buy more and more!
We have decided to create a product that can be bought once and for all, with immediate and constant effectiveness, at a low price to quickly relieve the pain of as many people as possible and to help them regain their youth.

WHAT IS IN Methode7 Scarf

Let's look at the science on which the Zen&Toff fiber is based. Minerals known for their natural activity on pain are by a technological process enclosed by inclusion in the fiber that makes up the Zen&Toff textile to help relieve pain. 

1/ Mineral particles
They are the ones which interact with the entire electrical system of the body and, when in contact with the skin, naturally create a vital energy radiation that helps the entire body function more effectively, and thus helps to reduce the signals that cause pain. 

2/ Polyester fibre
This fibre is a special polyester which during its manufacture serves as a base for mixing with mineral particles.

3/ Elastane fibre
It is mixed with the textile fibre to provide elasticity for comfort, and softness for a silky feel.

Stop with the technical gadgets!
Stop the chemistry of "snake oil"!
Stop paramedical placebo products!  


Whether for yourself or someone you know; the world of individual or collective sport; the world of associations or leisure activities such as hikers; the professional world, physical professions or intensive work; at the office in prolonged and daily sitting with its share of back pain and others; during DIY work, travel, holidays....

The stabbing pains interact directly with our minds! Our physics and therefore our physiology are directly affected. It is our entire youth capital that is slipping through our fingers.



SATISFIED OR REFUNDED. Our guarantee.  Upon receipt you have 30 days to return it to us without justification.

WHAT? A lightweight scarf, with a silky touch, discreet and elegant with active fibres... resistant, wear-resistant.

FOR WHOM? Dedicated to all joint aches related to hard work, age, or sport: muscle and joint pain in the knee, hip, hands, punctual, acute, regular or chronic, through arthrosis, rheumatism.....

WHY? Helps to soothe pain and thus promote well-being, promotes faster recovery after exercise to stay active, helps to provide real muscle relaxation for a better quality of life, promotes sleep and reduces night waking up for a restful sleep.

QUALITY. No chemical impregnation, no contraindications, no addiction, no risk of doping for athletes.

ECONOMIC? Yes, the fibre is wear-resistant and remains active throughout the life of the textile. Can be washed by hand or machine at 30°C.

REUSABLE? Zen&Toff is worn around the neck but also on any other part of the body, according to your needs or, depending on your mood, day or night, permanently, or only for a few hours a day. It is scientific, worn around the knee, for example, to erase the inconveniences of a sprain in a few hours. 

AVAILABLE COLOUR: in BLACK only for the moment, a colour that matches everything.

Being well, Well-being. We propose a thermographic visualization of the effect of the scarf transmitted throughout the body.
For a scientific approach, the interest of thermography is to visualize the well-being that volunteers observe and feel when wearing the scarf.
Thermography is indeed widely used in scientific research and recognized in most countries; even if it is not always used in a pure and harsh medical setting, mainly for a lack of ergonomics and an absence of thermographic atlases of the human body


Gamer's tendinitis... chatter aches... Zen&Toff gives them a boost.

SMART SCARF that relieves pain

To free yourself from the dependence on technical gadgets and the chemicals in paramedical products and all their tedious precautions before use, our company relies on mineral and crystal science to create the best source of energy renewal and balance for the entire body.



ZEN&TOFF is inspired by INFRATHERAPY and the science of minerals and crystals of natural origin, to create the best source of energy renewal and balance for the entire body. INFRATHERAPY uses infrared radiation, the many properties of which have been revealed by several health specialists. It's not MAGIC, it's SCIENCE, and sometimes SCIENCE is MAGIC!


Soothes muscle and joint pain, immediate, lasts forever and reusables at will

The ZEN&TOFF is a product that helps you relax and feel good about yourself.

Popular among doctors and practitioners, it is a complement to usual treatments and cannot replace therapeutic or medical treatment. The use of The SCARF cannot exempt the user from consulting a doctor, and, in case of pathology, to follow scrupulously his or her medical treatment and recommendations.

Well-being of the entire body


Free your youth! The future is already today. 
Our supporters are the men and women in real life


Creation and Design: 100%.

Tests and Validations: 100%.

Design & Graphics & Video: 100%.

Manufacturing & Logistics: July - August 2019

Shipping: October 2019

FINANCING DETAILS including our profit margin?

60% Manufacture in the EU

8% ULULE commissions

12% Logistics-Shipping in France

20% VAT

Thank you for your support!

What are the funds for?

This financing will allow us to launch the industrial production of Zen&Toff and invest in international markets. We want to help as many people as possible who suffer from muscle and joint pain on a daily basis and at the same time really give them back their purchasing power. 

About the project owner

We have been designing innovative solutions for health and well-being since 1996. A small team that knows how to do it and how to get it done.
Jean Marie SAMEC, the Founder and the Man of Concepts
Catherine Perdrix, HR resources and management
Yannick Reynaud for export and International Enquiries
Anne Samec for business enquiries assistance

And we would like to warmly thank the companies and individuals who share our values and have participated in the realization of this project.
Thierry Amrhein from DECLICVIDEO for video and computer graphics.
Philippe Gauthier for artistic direction
Johann Battaglini for translations
Ladislas and Paul Denis for their product sense
Valérie Mottet for the proofreading of texts 
Ugolin and Jena for their contribution to good mood
Our friends in Les Vignères and Cannes for their friendship