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meteorite_impact Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria

Ludovic Ferrière, chief curator of the rock collections and co-curator of the meteorite collection at the Natural History Museum Vienna (Austria), is born in France in 1982. He is a geologist by training (studied geology at different French and Canadian Universities before obtaining his PhD from the University of Vienna). In the last three years he contributed significantly to the preparation of the new presentation of the meteorite collection and to the reorganization of the NHM collection according to modern standards. He is also a researcher and has confirmed two of the currently ~185 recognized meteorite impact craters on Earth (i.e., Keurusselkä in Finland and Luizi in the Democratic Republic of Congo). He is author and co-author of more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers published in international journals, over 70 abstracts presented at international conferences, and of a book on meteorites [see also:].