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A photographic book by Tim Franco, about the city of Chongqing, China

About the project

The book is now available for sale on this page

Thanks to all for your support.


The city of Chongqing, one of the biggest in central china, went through one of the fastest development process in the country. Tim Franco, a french photographer based in Shangaï, followed this crazy development from 2009. Now, he wants to publish a book, resulting from 5 years of photographic work about the city.

As a result of migrating population, chongqing suddenly became of the largest cities in the world with up to 30 million inhabitants. When he first visited the city in 2009, Tim Franco said he was totally lost : "Old houses were being destroyed and over passed by new giant bridges and oversized housing complex. It took me a while to start to understand what was going on".

In 2009, as the new leader was going on war with organized crime, Tim was sent on assignments by different international papers. About a year later, as he was witnessing some of the oldest district of the city being destroyed, he decided to document the change of the city from my own point of view : "My goal was to document how the people adapt to such a radical change".

For the past 5 years, Tim traveled extensively to chongqing exploring its different districts, witnessing the changes and trying to understand how the massive rural population was adapting to its new urban lifestlyle.

Working with an analog medium format camera, he chose to take a step back from classical portrait and documentary approach, showing the people in their disportionated environment.

As year passed Tim realized that he was also documenting the growing life of a chinese city : "Chongqing is maybe an extreme with its unique landscapes and tumultuous history but its also quite representative of what china is going through as a country. This process is not over, either for chongqing as a city , or for my ongoing documentary work. But I feel like what I gathered is enough to allow a large audience to discover what maybe the most widely unknown megacity in the world."

Now we are publishing the book of Tim, assembling all the best pictures of this project. This book will be his first one. The layout is nearly finished. Some last pictures, that Tim took in the beginning of 2015 are being edited right now. But first step for us is to presale enough copies, to reduce all financial risks, and to make sure we could print it with the best quality. Here are some previews of the book (work in progress) :

In total, around 60 or 70 pictures will be selected.

Here are the details of the book :
Format : 25x29 cm / 112 pages / hard cover
Deluxe demi mat paper.

When pre-buying this book, you're supporting an original and fully independant creation. Thank you !

Offer 1
The book : 29 euros (instead of around 35 euros when released in bookshops)

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Any questions about the project ? Please email us at [email protected] for any information.

What are the funds for?

This is not a request for a donation. It is a pre-sale campaign.

In fact the book is on sale to the public before printing. The money collected enables us to reduce the amount of money needed to edit the book without using a bank loan (most of the budget goes into printing the book amounting to around 10.000 euros).

In this way, the public participates in creating the book by backing a completely independent edition. In exchange, the pre-buyers are entitled to a very preferential price and also special offers for buying (the real book price will be around 39 euros).

About the project owner

Tim Franco is a french photographer, based in Shangaï. His work has been published in many international newspaper , and some pictures of the Chongqing project have already been seen on the NY Times Blog, in 6 mois french revue, or in Le Monde. You can follow his work on his website or his facebook page.

See how Tim works in the city in this mini documentary movie :

Richard Macauley is a British journalist based in China. He will write all the texts in the book, and write some stories of important characters of the city. He has been based in Chongqing and Hong Kong since 2007 and his work has appeared in the New York Times, TIME magazine, South China Morning Post, Quartz, and more. You can follow him @RichMacauley.

Pendant ce temps, is a small and recent french publishing company, founded by photographer Romain Philippon. His first book The world asleep has been published in 2013, and received the public award in the international photo meeting of Strasbourg RDVI.

Only dedicated to photography,Pendant ce temps aims to help young and talented photographers to publish first books. We are working without any sponsors, only with the support of our buyers. By using Ulule platform, we are only trying to reduce financial risks, and propose to photo lovers to get involved in some orginal artistic creations.

We really believe that books are essential in our society, and that photographers must have the time and freedom to work on their subjects. And whatever the time it has to take, or the financial difficulties we'll have to go through, we will always publish books, because photography has to be print, for eternity.

You can follow us on facebook here.