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Oldschool Metal Maniac Magazine issue #6

One of the best underground magazines in the world !!

About the project


Oldschool Metal Maniac Magazine is one of the world's best underground metal magazines, brought to you by total fanatics. We've been around since 2010 and we are known world wide thanks to the quality of our magazine and our total devotion.  We need your help to bring our magazine to a whole new level by releasig our 6th issue.

The limited edition will have two A3 full color Sarcofago posters with a rare pictures that were published never before and a strictly limited vinyl EP 7' - coming in 3 different colors.
Apart from the limited die hard edition we will also have the regular one... and 500 first copies will be delivered to you with the second part of the Thrashing Damnation Through Compilation part 2 !! On the CD you will find 11 Polish underground thrash bands.

Both of the versions will feature a full color special inlay devoted only to SARCOFAGO. Exclusive interview with Wagner Antichrist - a finishing touch to our "Tribute to Sex, Drink and Metal" Sarcofago history.

Now something that you all waited for !! Some more info about the SARCOFAGO 7 inches vinyl EP !!!

This will be released as gatefold, exclusive Die Hard, collector's edition. It will feature a thick booklet with some unreleased rare photos. The cover art will be prepared by Chris Moyen. It will be released in 3 different colors. We will only release 500 copies of this EP and it will only be available with our magazine. Go and check out his artwork here 

On the record you will find two tracks: Intro, Satanas and Nightmare. Satanas will be released in a ultra-rare version, sung in Portugeese !! All the tracks are coming from Sarcofago's first demo and they were recorded in a bunker back in 1985. They were never officially published before. They were also recorded in a very special line up:

  •       Antichrist - Vomits;
  •       D.D. Crazy - Drums;
  •       Butcher - Lead Guitars;
  •       Incubus - Bass;
  •       Rob Thunder - Guitars  (this guy left the band after some two or three gigs after this demo tape)

132 pages of total oldschool:
Sarcofago, Overkill, Mystifier,Triptykon,  Deathstrike/Master, Nocturnus, Darkthrone, At War, Aura Noir, Grave Desecrator, Chakal, Necronomicon, Attomica, Speedwolf, Cryptic Slaughter, , Bunker 66, Sister Sin, Unborn, Open Fire, Morgoth, Immolation, Incantation, Asphix, Psychopath, Vampyr,  Blood Feast, 4 Szmery, Gospel Of The Horn, Hellbringer 

Check out what other products we have prepared for you:

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What are the funds for?

To create a magazine of this quality we need more money than we can earn at our day jobs (yes, we have normal jobs just like you !!). At this point we are dealing with the same problems and costs any othere magazine or music label would do regarding the production process.

  • Printing
  • Vinyl pressing... oh and since we are already speaking of the Sarcofago EP we want to let you know that this will be released as a beautifull collector's gatefold with a thick booklet featuring some unrealesed photos and more cool stuff we will let you know about in few days. The cover art will be prepared by Chris Moyen. Go and check out his artwork here.
  • Packaging
  • Traveling from gig to gig and besieging the promotors/artists to get you all the best interviews you can imagine.

About the project owner

We are totally devoted to metal. Banging our heads evert day to the sound of the purest 80's music. Get to know us at the adresses below.

Our website.

Our facebook.

Check out our youtube channel and see what the bands have to say about us. We also have some cool previews of our previous issues in the same place.


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