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MePowder is a film about WePowder, its inspiring founder Maurice Mommen and our shared passion for freeriding.

  • Filmproject Update in times of Corona

    Dear funders,

    the last couple of months it’s been pretty quiet around the film project. It were of course exceptional and weird times. The Corona epidemic made havoc around the world and that didn’t come in handy for he project; we had some film trips planned in March, April and May which we were forced to cancel. On top of that, it was quite a mediocre winter in terms of powder days, so we didn’t manage to capture enough footage in the snow.

    Maurice and I were in the Paznautal, in Kappl during the Dutch Freeride championship. The seriousness of the whole situation started to really sink in and when we found out that we were in some sort of hotspot, we decided to leave a day early, just before the whole valley got shut off. After that we went into voluntary quarantaine and have been keeping in touch through phone calls and Facetime.

    To give some hope, I made a #stayhome movie (you might have seen it on Insta early April) with some footage shot this winter.

    Now that rules are being softened and borders are slowly opening again, we can finally go filming again. This summer I’m planning interviews in Holland and to follow Maurice in his home town, in and out of the water.


    Next winter we’ll hopefully be back in the mountains and we’ll just continue where we stranded this season. The initial release of the movie will shift by a year.


    From now on I’ll try to post regular updates but for those of you who have questions, feel free to contact me.


    Stay safe!



    ps: Most rewards have been shipped and received, we’re only waiting for the Powfinder shirts but don’t worry, these will come your way shortly.

  • De rewards worden verzameld

    Dear Funders,

    we're in the midst of gathering all rewards. Once we goit them all centralised, I'll start sending these out. (if applicable for you).

    Also, we've started filming, albeit not in the snow. If we do go tpo the Alps, I'll be updtaing you all about this and you'll be able to see some images on our social media.

    Wishing you all a very nice day!.

    KInd regards,

    Erik Bulckens

  • Thousand Thank You's


    Dear all,

    once again a very big thank you for making this happen. This wouldn't be possible without you.

    As you all know (see previous newsletter) we didn't reach our initial goal but we can definitly start with the budget we got at this point.

    We'll start filming (hoping for a good mid and end of season) and will have a lot of footage to show possible investors who might join in on the project.

    We'll keep you updated through these newsletters but also through updates on the Facebook page (we'll communicate that later).

    Once again, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    Kind regards,

    Erik Bulckens

  • Small change but in a good way

    Dear Funders, friends, family, powderlovers.

    I have some good news.

    Because of technical problems , not all went as foreseen and the project missed a lot of possible funders.

    That's why I decided, in consulation with Ulule, to revise the goal.

    I'm doing this out of respect for all of you wonderful people who believe in this project.

    This way we don't loose the money already gathered and we can start making this movie happen.

    Once again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and trust.

    By the way, I'll be sending out the rewards as soon as I have gathered them.

    Very kind regard,


  • Laatste kans om het project een boost te geven

    De laatste dag is aangebroken.

    We ziten aan 71%

    Maar het komt goed ;-)

    Om de campagne een boost te geven bied ik nu mijn allereerste snowboard ooit aan. Met deze plank heb ik leren vallen en opstaan en werd het zaadje van het snowboarden geplant. Dat zaadje is ondertussen een heuse boom geworden en niet meer weg te denken uit m'n leven. Deze collector's item wordt nu geveild. Openingsbod start op 200€

    Opbrengst gaat naar de crowdfunding.