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ME:US motivational planner - New goal of €2000!

The planner that will help you become the best version of youself.

About the project

Do you suffer from procrastination, lack of motivation or do you simply want to become the best version of yourself?  Then, ME: US has the perfect solution for you.  Our motivation planner will help you organize your life and pursue your goals while being inspired by others' life stories. 

All profit will be gifted to charity!

The ME:US planner: Size: A5 – roughly 21cm x 14,2cm

The planner is made in Belgium and contains paper with the FSC-label which means it comes from well certified forests or from post-consumer waste.


To inspire and motivate people we have incorporated succes stories of entrepreneurs who have migration backgrounds in our planner.


Our planner is equiped with an agenda so you can keep track of your appointments, to-do lists & goals.


A weekly overview in order to track the progress of your goals more detailled.


Notation pages that you can use to write numerious kind of stuff, for exemple: workout programs, grocery lists or even use as a diary.


Periodic reflection pages, these will help you reflect on the past periods and make sure you are maing progress in order to become the best version of yourself.


Free space that you can use to create mind maps, doodles, sketches and more!


What makes the planner special is that it’s themed around migration, with our planner we want to reach people and help them understand the benefits of immigration and perhaps change the prejudice people have on people with different backgrounds. To achieve this we have interviewed entrepreneurs with immigration backgrounds and are planning on incorporating their success stories in our planner. Hopefully this will also motivate people with foreign backgrounds that may be going through rough times or feel like they’ve hit a wall in life to not give up and make something happen.

For more information about the planner you can visit our website: https://www.theworldtous.eu/planner

What are the funds for?

Our target is to raise €1200 minimum, this will be used to finance the total cost of our planner: production costs, marketing costs, graphical designer, Ulele's commision and taxes.

Our whole profit will be gifted 50/50 to 2 charities that are putting in effort for immigrants and homeless people during the corona crisis.

Samusocials: https://samusocial.be/nl/

SP: https://sanspapiers.be/wie-zijn-we/?lang=nl&fbclid=IwAR2vVpvgf12tnW3YU4sNPWAWImd3hsFNUm8ks9Rupb19NpJnfaohbzvnXuo

About the project owner

We are ME:US, a Bachelor project created by three SME students at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent. Our ethos includes Motivation Emphaty, Unity and Self-improvement. We decided to seize the opportunity to work on migration and specifically entrepreneurs with a migration background. We deliver a sustainable motivation planner to the market, in which we will integrate testimonials and success stories of entrepreneurs that we interviewed ourselves. In result, we will also documented the whole project. We believe that our positive message can be a new motivation for anyone who wants to see a change in the migration ideology. We would like to use your help to make our project as effective and efficient as possible. We have decided to reorient ourselves and donate 50% of our profits to the Samusocial Brussels. With the remaining 50% we will be donating to an organization called People without Documents that will help asylum seekers without shelter.

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