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Matres | Blood Lines

A woman celebrates an ancient ritual and accepts the weight of her destiny

About the project

Matres is a short film born from the imagination of performer Davide Vallascas and video artist Luca Di Bartolo. The story follows Potnia and Tauro, characters of the ancient mythology, in their predestined encounter, in the shadow of Atropos, all three characters wrapped in a powerful and strongly evocative nature. Its cshoots are scheduled for August 2019 in the shadow of a huge cork forest near an ancient funerary area. "Matres is a dark epic short film narrated with body language, an evocative cocktail of emotions from the strong and bitter taste". It is also an ode to Nature: secular trees and valleys that lead us back to the origins of humankind, when this took its lifeblood from the Mother Earth.
Matres were idols of a remote time, in which the woman dominated the still young and tribal human communities. They personified the generators of life, the dispensers of wisdom, of cures to the ills of body and mind, of magic and prophecy up to the extreme and final role of emissaries of the verdict of death by divine prophecy, regulated by secret rituals. The education, the teaching to the new generations, their physical and moral growth was a maternal work and all these prerogatives were transmitted from mother to daughter following a matrilineal ancestry. These powerful and fearful women were therefore the Matres of the people and of history before writing, priestesses of the chthonic divinities and living simulacra of the Mother Goddess, the mother of all mothers.


Davide Vallascas | Script and interpreter, Tauro

NoI work above all with instant creation, rooted in the landscape and influenced by all the stimuli I receive. I use a hybrid language, contaminated and personal, with different densities from time to time of dance, theatricality and circus that together generate my performance. I try to give space to the evocative power of a story, when possible. Of a character who tells it or tells it through continuous interactions.

Luca Di Bartolo | direction

From the early 2000s he began to deal mainly with dance photography and it was there that he found the most profound reality of his being: living it "being part of it". He has woven photographic and video collaborations with high-level dancers and choreographers. His activity is developed in multidisciplinary projects (music, dance, architecture). He combined his passions to lead them towards a project that brings together those involved. At the center of every artistic thought there must be the humanity of each of us.

Monica Ledda | interprete, Potnia

I am very attracted to nature, to the elements of the earth because I transmit good energy. Fire is the element I felt the most, and starting was a great achievement. Everything I do, I can do it because it is the music that draws me and attracts me, moves me on its notes. Dance, whether on the ground, on the water or in the air, is my inner voice, my means to express myself and bring out the emotions I have inside.


Francesca Assiero Brà | interpreter, Atropos

La danza e tutto ciò che rappresenta l’arte in tutte le sue forme, è la creazione umana con la quale non finisco mai di giocare e conoscermi. Danzare trasforma le braccia in ali e il cuore trasforma le sue verità in movimenti. Dentro di me percorro un viaggio, attraversando la mente e il cuore per dare vita al carattere del personaggio da interpretare  con il corpo, con la voce o con la musica. La creazione del personaggio inevitabilmente mi aiuta a conoscere ed intuire parti profonde di me stessa e poterle esprimere sotto forma di movimento.

Anna Mattarocci | Stylist

The Anna Mattarocci brand was born more than 20 years ago in the heart of Cagliari, where the fashion designer still carries on his business today. Ambition, intuition and a great passion have led the designer to tread the catwalks of high fashion. Savoir-faire creative and quality are the basis of its products. Thanks to the combination of innovation and attention to modernity, his creations are defined as futuristic, so as to give each piece that touch of uniqueness and originality. In his works he continually searches for perfection, strongly promoting handmade and Made in Italy sartorial culture.

The official presentation of Matres is scheduled for 'International Matres 2020', an international festival of female ceramics that is divided into several European countries on various cities. We are also working to bring a stop right in Sardinia and specifically in Assemini, the center of ceramics in the Cagliari area of ​​national importance.














What are the funds for?

BASIC ECONOMIC PLAN (Amount hardly covering minimum expenses)

  • Filming equipment: € 600
  • Registration for Film Festivals: € 700

About the project owner

Photography has accompanied my whole life as an increasingly personal and intimate expression. A form of art allowing me to communicate to others my own emotions and those of others. A reality where to close oneself as a form of defense. I earned my degree in architecture in Florence in 2002 and before that I graduated in Math and Science. For many years I dealt with industrial archeology and did deep research for a book I later published dedicated to brick kilns. Starting back in the year 2000 I began to dedicate my interest to dance photography and, as years went by, it was in that world that I found my personal reality, to the point of attending tanztheater classes myself and collaborating with top professional dancers of the highest level. Among the artists and dance companies I’ve had the honour and pleasure of shooting: Giuseppe Picone, Letizia Giuliani, Svetlana Zekharova, Antonio Gades Dance Company, MaggioDanza, Bellet of Kiev, Aterbaletto and many others. Since 2014, I have been dealing increasingly with video-making, both in the field of dance and beyond.

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