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Mathematics in ebooks

Improving MathML in Gecko & WebKit and Creating a collection of EPUB samples

  • Screenshots

    Dear all,

    As indicated in the latest Status Update for supporters, I have made progress on improvements to operator stretching via the Open Type MATH support in WebKit. First as a comparison, here is a screenshot of WebKitGTK+ from the 31 January 2014 with the STIX fonts:

    STIX January 31 2014

    Now, here a screenshot of the same page using the WebKit trunk + some work-in-progress patches...


    ... and the same page using Neo Euler font...

    Neo Euler WIP

    ...and finally using the Latin Modern Math font:

    Latin Modern Math WIP

  • Status Update

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • Status Update

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • XML Prague

    Autumn Cuellar presented a MathML Progress Report at XML Prague this morning. She announced that Design Science and XML Prague donated to the crowdfunding project. I was invited to do a hangout during the presentation and spoke briefly about the status of Math on the Web. As I said during the hangout, companies willing to support the project can still contact me at fredDOTwangATfreeDOTfr to find an arrangement. I also mentioned the WebKit Consulting Company Igalia that you can contact to get more developers involved in WebKit MathML and speed up developments.

    Thank you,

  • Important Information

    Dear all,

    The fund raising campaign is now closed, thank you to everybody who contributed! I have submitted an email to the address attached to your Ulule account. It contains paid invoice for accounting as well as information to get secured access to some files (if you got a reward). Please check your mailbox (and spambox) and contact me if you do not receive anything soon. For people who paid by paypal, note that your paypal account will be debited in the upcoming days so be sure to have enough money to cover your contribution. The project is now officially launched!

    Have a nice week-end,

    Frédéric Wang