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Martyn Mulhere

martyn Etampes

'Poised for Flight....a musical journey!' tells of the last three years of struggle,pain,laughter,love,compromise,fidelity,kindness,ruination,hardship and all possible human emotions...As we grow within ourselves life gets easier and life gets harder...juggling becomes easier yet still very complicated...the most dificult thing to do in this life is simplicity...I offer you simplicity with all the dificuties that comes with that...Music hungers for the hearing and without you there would be no hearing or maybe even no I need you to help me spread my message of love,peace,kindness and most of all patience...."If you listen to a river,you will catch a trout"

"In the darkness of despair we lit a light of hope,it shall never be extinguished"

Owl sad

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