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MANYMAL - 2018 Calendar

to the benefit of the ANYMAL association

About the project

The purpose of this project is to propose a 2018 calendar with very hairy men and whose earnings will be offered at the Anymal association created by Rémi Gaillard for animals’ protection and defense.

DIN A3 - 297x420mm / 11.7 x 16.5 inches - 14 pages (Including a special page with the names of each contributor!)
170 g / m² matte coated art paper with black spiral binding.
I've chosen the A3 format for his big size which totally allows to appreciate images, and the calendars will be printed on a high-end paper with a matte aspect.


Why have I chosen the Anymal association? Who is Rémi Gaillard? What is the link with bearded men? WHAT?
Rémi Gaillard is world famous for his dangerously funny videos. Unafraid of controversy, he has challenged the norms and expectations of online video with his creativity ! Who would have know that the number 1 troublemaker and spoilsport would engage himself with such conviction in animal rights defense ? His motto is, after all :

Finally, this project to realize a bearded men calendar, evoked as a dumb idea in a van on a Californian road, is becoming reality. But why creating a project, if it's not for the good cause?

Where did this idea of dedicating this project to an association come from? I don't know! But this guy makes me laugh so much that he deserves that I bring to him my support... By my way.

Often, the look of an animal is authentic, it doesn't lie. It's the analogy I wish to express through this series of portraits of authentic and... hairy men.

In November 2016, he decided to lock himself in a cage 24/24 in the Montpelier SPA.
The aim : To collect money for the association and make animals adopted, while raising awareness of the animal cause.

His main project with Anymal : Create freedom areas for the abandonned animals wellfare.

And the adventure is going on : Thanks to Bravoloto, Rémi Gaillard Anyal asssociation offers 1000€ per month at a animal protection association. You can follow the association news on his Facebook page by clicking here.

"Banque Alimentaire Hérault" and Anymal help the charity associations. A shipment of animal food of the ASELA association.

"Bravo Or'Felins" : a charity association which regulate proliferation of stray cats by sterilizing them and placing sociable cats in foster families before adoption.

"LPO Hérault" a charity association which work everyday for the nature protection on the whole Hérault area.

What are the funds for?

The funding will allow to launch calendars printing, envelope and stamp buying, as well as the printing of the photographs proposed in certain counterparties

It will also be used for the travel expenses caused by the photo shooting for the calendar elaboration outside Chambéry area, and then the Ulule commission.

I wish to donate the whole profits the the ANYMAL association created by Rémi Gaillard pour the defense and protection of animals.

Distribution of funding for 200 calendars (5000€)


  • The 2018 MANYMAL Calendar, DIN A3 ( + 9 € international shipping with tracking number) 

  • The 2018 MANYMAL Calendar, DIN A3 + PRINT ( + 9 € international shipping with tracking number) 

About the project owner

Stéphanie Pitino aka ClairObscur

Professional graphic designer and artist specialized in Fantasy illustrations and autodidact photograph, fairy and mythological characters are in my dream since forever. Imaginary worlds where magic, poetry, mystery and dark universes are mixed up are for me a source of inspiration.

The desire to share my dreams and emotions through those worlds still guides me today. I do photography as an amateur for years, with a preference for portraits and staging. Sensible to the animal world, I like to represent it in many of my creations.

Since a few years, I create hand assembled jewels, cllections created with real semi-precious stones. I am keenly interested in natural healing and lithoterapy is a part of that.

www.ClairObscur.fr // Shop : www.bijoux-clairobscur.com