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Red Hands

It is a medium length film in stop-motion for adolescents

About the project

We are accomplishing Red Hands, which is an innovative animation film of 30' in stop-motion with animated images destined for adolescents. We address them on how difficult adolescence can be, but also how we can overcome the difficulties while taking chances with our own creativity. In this manner we decide how we shall be as adults and actualize our dreams.


Today’s adolescents are more disoriented, frightened and fragile compared to the prior generation. With this film we are trying to give them answers, a meaning and courage. This has always been the role of stories. We want to tell young people that even if they feel alone and fragile, or when their bodies scare them and the world is full of danger, they can make it. They can find happiness and become better adults than the ones who raised them.

With Red Hands we also want to challenge the western cinematographic market, which turns to adolescents exclusively with fiction for entertainment. On the contrary we believe that animation can and should take young people seriously, addressing their problems and their intelligence with good taste, politeness and pedagogical awareness. The responses obtained so far from adolescents on the project of Red Hands, are excellent.


We have received very prestigious support like the European one from Media Development EACEA but Red Hands is a very expensive film. We are missing 20% of the budget. We are working to find new big partners to cover the total budget but we need also your help to wrap up the film within February 2018.

Once we have accomplished Red Hands, it will then help Telefono Azzurro, which is a campaign that sensitizes about violence against minors. We will bring it among schools and dedicate a website for it.

Red Hands for us is like our last bet on which we have invested many years and all our resources. If it will succeed, it will allow us continuity in carrying out animation films and making them in Italy. Otherwise we will use our creativity to…change job!


Ernesto, 12 years old, is a smart boy, but also very protected and alone. One day he discovers wonderful red murals which were made by a mysterious girl named Luna, who is just a little older than him. She has a special power of emitting a vivid red color from her hands, with which she expressed her talent. But behind this gift she has a painful reality: Luna’s father, Furio, is a violent man. When the two adolescents form a bond of friendship, Luna suddenly disappears. Ernesto will have to gather all his courage to save the life of this peculiar girl of whom he has fallen in love with….


The symbols and the visual synthesis of the film is in the unique power that Luna has, or rather the capacity to produce a mysterious red liquid from her hands. The marvellous graffiti that she produces is the imaginative “place” where the two youngsters meet. But this power is also the pretext around which the fights with her father unleash. With hands we can be violent or caress, they can accomplish dreams or nightmares for youngsters. They are requested to choose between imaginations as a tool to become adults and fantasy as a refuge in where to remain as children. The sequence in 2D therefore explores the unconscious of Ernesto and his spiritual affinity with Luna, they explore a sense of reality and the possibility to modify it.

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What are the funds for?


The funds are particularly needed for the post-production of the film

  • Color correction and master in high definition
  • English dubbing and subtitles for the most common international languages
  • Design and printing of DVD and Blue-Ray
  • Promotional material (posters, brochures...) for distribution at festivals


Even the slightest help will be precious and we will thank you officially in the credits of the film.

If you will want to watch the film in HD a digital download will be the most comfortable solution for us. While for who wishes to have the classical DVD, they will also find enclosed in the box a special booklet and a full backstage video. With an added contribution you could also receive one or three bookmarks.

If you like visual art, we offer four autographed “frames” and the poster of the film, also autographed by the film director.

With the Red Hands kit, you’ll be able to leave your red hands handprint: your handprint will be inserted in the film.

For those who would like to go more in details for professional purposes or studies, we offer brief training courses on the various aspects in accomplishing this film: from writing, directing, design production, building the puppets and animation. We would love to share our experience.

For those who would like to promote their personal business, they will be granted to insert their logo in the scenography of the film.


The question posed by the film is: «what are you going to do with your hands?»: hands can either perpetrate violence or perform acts of love. Some remarkable Italian artists have accepted to support the film by creating artworks “the way Luna would do”, with their own hands, improvising a drawing using only their fingers and the colour red.

The result is a genuine piece of art: some artists have chosen to draw their favourite character, some other have re-interpreted the protagonists of «Red hands». Moreover, they have impressed their “red handprints” on a piece of paper, just like Luna does in the film.

The “Artist’s Hands” have been created thanks to a playful and creative freedom, following the style of the characters in the film. Using only their fingers to paint has been challenging for many artists but, as you can see on the following page, mani-rosse/artists- red-hands/ the results instantly show the unique “mark” of each artist.

By choosing the “Artist’s Hands”  you will receive two signed tables (56x76), and the  video of the making. All artworks are single pieces and will be assigned according to booking order.

Thanks to all for this wonderful experience together...

About the project owner

I am Francesco Filippi, an author of animation and pedagogic training. I have an asset of hundreds of awards and selections at festivals all over the world with my previous short-films ( Red Hands is an ambitious creative project that sprouts to address some problems of today’s young people. I have invested all my savings and many years of my life on this film in order for it to reach the much agonized professional turning point in an unfertile territory. On the path I have met Sattva Films of Michele Fasano, who expanded the courageous horizons, internationally and responsibly. Our professional and personal future depends a lot on this film.

This is one of my recent editing works

While this is my portfolio with more details


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to directly contact the manager of the project.