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second album: MAGHÍA

  • Dear citizens of the world, our crowdfunding is finally over, and there are a few things we wanted to clarify about it:

    We are aware that the current situation entails a crisis for all sectors of our society; perhaps we are not yet really aware of how much, but all branches and social classes will be affected. However, if already under 'normal circumstances' culture is usually the first one to be punished and forgotten, now it will be much more so, despite clearly being one of the most powerful tools with which to cope with this crisis. When life returns to what we call 'normality', musicians will still have to wait months until we can start playing concerts before an audience that is willing to pay; months until companies and governments start investing again in Culture because Culture is something so superfluous and dispensable... The projects that after months and years of work were born in the midst of this storm will see their results diminished and in many cases they will be quickly forgotten, leaving behind a large number of artists both broken and broke ...

    This is a hard reality. But it is a reality, and like all realities, it can be changed. 
    So, given the current situation, our band is going through, and although we do not like taking this kind of decisions, we are forced to postpone the sending of a large part of the rewards of our crowdfunding, for several reasons:

    • Many international shipments such as Spain or Italy will be canceled due to the health crisis that these countries are experiencing. We want to avoid losing products in the post.
    • Some factories where the products are manufactured, such as vinyls, are currently closed.
    • Given a large number of canceled concerts of our presentation tour (so far everything in NL is canceled until June), the band faces a long period without any kind of income and therefore we cannot cover all the planned expenses.
    • Crowdfunding is an incredible platform and a very useful financing system for independent and self-managed projects. However, and like any legal financing, we must pay taxes and certain commissions ... which means that in reality the band receives only around 75 or 70% of the target. With this, we want to clarify that we must face this situation with less money than what it may seem at first.

    We do not intend to excuse ourselves, we are trying to pose a real situation and we are imploring for the understanding of all those people who have made a great effort to support our cause, and whom we will always be in debt with. We want to tell you that everyone will receive their rewards, although most likely this will happen later than expected. We humbly apologize and hope that the situation develops in the best possible way. We also hope that we learn all the lessons that are arising regarding our society and that when this is over we rise up being much stronger and aware of how extraordinary human beings can be when they work together for the common good; for only united has Humanity achieved the greatest milestones.

  • Maghía Digital Release

    Dear Citizens of the World, we have a message we want to share with you.
    Today is a day we will never forget, but for quite different reasons that we expected. Our long awaited Album Release Concert had to be postponed, along with all the other release dates. You all know the reasons for this, and you will probably understand this feeling of impotence and sadness that surrounds us. After all of these months of hard work and dedication we were really looking forward to showing you everything this new album implies, not only in the recorded music, but also the live side of it. We are sad and we are sorry. But as deep as our grief is, so is our joy and gratitude for all the support and warmth you have been giving us these past days, something we didn't expect and which gave us tons motivation and energy to prepare this new live show. We are sorry not to be able to pay back all of that energy and love you gave us, but we will deliver all of it back to you doubled, tripled, when we get back on the stages; because we believe that's the best way we can do that. We can't wait for that moment.
    Despite all of this, MAGHÍA has been released in all streaming platforms, so it is still celebration day and you can enjoy it at home!!
    Please stay healthy, think in impact your actions have in the comunity, don't be selfish.
    Health, happiness and freedom, people

  • Early Download Day!

    Dear Supporters! 
    Today is March 3rd, exactly ten days before the day when MAGHÍA will be released. And this means is also the day when all of you who selected rewards that included the Early Download of the album will get to listen to it!! 
    We already sent all the emails, so go to your inbox and start listening! And for everyone else who from today on suports our project with a reward that includes the early download, they will automatically get the download codes! How about that!
    Anyway, have a nice day and welcome to MAGHÍA

    And thanks once again!

  • A new Single only for you: direct reward for supporters!

    A million thanks to every one of you! We can't believe all the support we are witnessing here! We haven't even reached our 3rd day of the campaign and we are very close to 50%
    Since we can't find words to describe how we feel, we have decided to express ourselves the way we know the best, through music. So, here's the deal, by the end of this weekend, and if we have passed 50%, we will send one of the songs from the album to each and every one of you who have participated so far in the crowdfunding. How about that? You'll be the first ones to get a glimpse of the new sound of Mamihlapinatapai! 
    So if you still didn't participate, rush and do so before the end of the weekend in order to join the list of the fortunate ones!!