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second album: MAGHÍA

About the project

MAMIHLAPINATAPAI is a musical project of World Music that was born in 2016 by two childhood friends, who after years separated living in different countries, meet again in the city of The Hague (Netherlands) where they studied Jazz at the Royal Conservatory. The need to earn some extra money and their passion for street music, lead them to form a new project. Soon, it began to evolve and other partners joined, and little by little, what started as a vaguely ambitious idea, became a powerful reality: A band of 9 musicians which in 2017 would record their first album financed with the money acquired in the streets of the city that witnessed their birth. After 2 profitable years playing in the main Dutch festivals, and two tours in Italy and Spain, Mamihlapinatapai is ready to present her new album. However, this time they will need a little more help to make it happen.

What are the funds for?

The recording of our second album is, in fact, already done. It even has a name: MAGHíA. It has been a very long process of several years, in which we have developed new concerns and evolved a lot musically, at the same time that we had to stumble several times so that we could learn and give this album a better quality. We have always wanted to operate in a self-sufficient way, and we wanted to avoid having to reach this situation, but in the end, the circumstances have brought us here. For logistical reasons, and looking for the sound that each of the songs required, we have ended up recording in 6 different studios between The Netherlands and Spain, which has meant a great investment on our side (so far we have invested about € 9000), and this has obviously weakened considerably the self-financing and self-production capacities of the band.

So this is why we now come to you, our most faithful companions in this adventure, and all those of you who would like to join, because only with your help it will be possible to make the last steps of this process (the last steps but not the least important ... ):

This amounts to a total of 7000€ and this is exactly what we are going to try to gather here, neither more nor less.

About the project owner

Exactly three years have passed since we published our first LP Camino del Sol (2017). Three years of great changes, exploration, disappointments, reunions, hopes, achievements, failures and tons of work. In the end, that "Path of the Sun" has turned out to be a most rugged journey. This second album is, therefore, the result of that musical adventure that the band has gone through during the last years. In MAGHíA, every little step, every stumble, and every idea has been impregnated in every single note of these songs.
We have never pretended to be the voice of anyone. We represent ourselves speaking openly and always with the aim of reaching the soul and consciences of those who listen from the other side. MAGHíA shows a more sarcastic and raw view of our current reality with a vision that evolves the ideals of our previous work and moves towards new worlds without neglecting the smile and the desire to go a little crazy. We take our musical genre (World Music) more seriously as we open doors to new influences with which we intend to show the great cultural diversity of this world and the great artistic value that fusion has for us. Always with the utmost respect to its roots and defending, above all, the equitable richness of such diversity. As a result, this album will keep you in a universe between worlds that you will travel through as you go, experiencing that long road we have walked to be able to compose it.

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