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MakerSlide Europe

Making the amazing open source linear bearing system, MakerSlide, available to European builders.

  • Update No.1

    First and foremost, thanks to all of you for supporting MakerSlide Europe and also thank you for your patience during the PayPal address hiccup. I cannot apologise enough.

    Now to the exciting part; I have just given the go ahead for the die to be manufactured. It should take between 7 and 10 days so hopefully be finished by this time next week. Below is a picture of the official drawing used to make the extrusion die, I should hopefully be able to get some proper pictures of the die soon.

    MakerSlide Die Drawing

    Other than the delay due to the spelling mistake I have had no problems and everything is on track, I will keep you all updated when anything new and exciting occurs.



  • Last few minutes

    Its getting tense! Only the last few minutes remain, if you havent pledged nows the time!

    A big thank you to everyone who has backed the project, I am extremely gratefull for all the support.

    The production should start within the next week, I will keep you all updated via this news mailing list.

    Once again, thanks.

  • Online Stores

    Once the Ulule campaign ends, and everyone has received their rewards, I plan to open a small online shop, retailing Makerslide and its accessories, and maybe some other components such as motor plates.

    My colleague has already started work on an online shop, which has just opened for business.  He is currently selling idler wheels, MXL belt, belt clamps, and the eShapeOko.  The eShapeOko has a few upgrades and modifications on top of Edward Ford's original ShapeOko: new motor plates that improve rigidity and stability with larger spindles, longer Y axis, and different belt configurations, to name a few.  A first run of eShapeOko kits is being produced and will be available in 3-4 weeks.

    You can pre-order it today at the competitive price of £199 for the mechanical kit.

    The store is here: store.amberspyglass.co.uk

    We are half way through and already have 142%

    Thanks for all the support

  • 2 Metre Lengths Now Available (UK only)

    Following popular demand 2m lengths of MakerSlide are now available. Unfortunately we can only offer them to UK residents.

    To claim a reward in 2m lengths please do the following;

    1. Select a reward that indicates the amount of MakerSlide you would like to receive. (For example if you select the £42 (4 metres of MakerSlide in 1m lengths.) reward then it would indicate that you wanted 2 lots of 2m MakerSlide.)
    2. Add an extra £7 to your pledge. This is to cover the extra postage costs
    3. Finally, send an email to [email protected]  with your username, name and the reward you would like, mentioning that you would like it in 2m lengths.

    If you would like to upgrade your current reward to 2m lengths please do the following; 

    1. Make another pledge of £7, opting to have no reward. This is to cover the extra postage costs.
    2. Then, send an email to [email protected]  with your username, name and the reward you had previously purchased, mentioning that you would like it in 2m lengths.

    If you would like to completely change your previous reward now that 2m lengths are available please do the following;

    1. Cancel your current reward by following this link, logging in to PayPal, selecting the Ulule pre-approved payment and then clicking cancel.
    2. Next just follow the first guide.

    If you live outside the UK but desperately want 2m lengths, I would advise you to look into delivery costs yourself then email me with your findings so that we can discuss further. ([email protected] )

    For 2 lots of 2m the package would be as follows;

    • 4.5kg 8cm x 8cm x 210cm 

    For 4 lots of 2m the package would be as follows;

    • 9kg 16cm x 8cm x 210cm 

    Thanks for all your support.