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MakerSlide Europe

Making the amazing open source linear bearing system, MakerSlide, available to European builders.

  • Update No.11

    I have being very busy over Christmas and New Year. The situation is now back to normal! (After having to move and dismantle equipment and storage places to make way for the festivities!) Nearly all the rewards have left the building, and the majority of backers are starting to receive them. 

    For people that missed out on the Ulule campaign or just want more MakerSlide, you will be glad to hear that I have just uploaded all the new components to our online store makerslideeurope.com These include v-wheels, eccentrics, spiral flute taps, carriage plates and of course the amazing MakerSlide.

    I hope everyone has had a brilliant Christmas and new year. I wish you all the best for 2013, and good luck with the MakerSlide builds, (please send us photos of your creations!)

  • Update No.10

  • Update No.9

    ***MakerSlide has arrived***

    All the extrusion was delivered this afternoon. The anodised finish is brilliant and the quality of the cut is great too, with nearly no burs at all. However there are a few chippings (from when the extrusion was cut) in the extrusion. When I was transferring them from the pallet to the place where they will be packaged, I got rid of the majority of these chips by tapping the extrusion bundles (they were originally packaged in bundles of 9 pieces) on a piece of card on the floor. I have had a go at tapping the modified hole and it worked a treat, no problems at all. This modified hole is great as it gives MakerSlide Europe a unique difference over its American brother and it will also never have the “miss-aligned holes” problem, as the mandrel can’t move. Unfortunately there has being a small hiccup with the packaging material, it should arrive tomorrow or on Friday though. Until then, I will be getting as much ready for packaging as possible. This includes bagging the rest of the accessories and printing postage labels.

    I will keep you up to date on the packaging process.

    Many Thanks

  • Update No.8

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • Update No.7

    Anodising finished yesterday and the extrusion was moved ready for re-cut to commence tomorrow and on Friday. Delivery to me is set for early to mid-next week.

    As I have experienced, things never go how you plan them, so unfortunately I can't make promises, but hopefully you will receive European MakerSlide by Christmas!

    I will post an update as soon as I have more information.

    Many Thanks