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MakerSlide Europe

Making the amazing open source linear bearing system, MakerSlide, available to European builders.

  • shakalaka

    Misunderstanding.. as always ;D .. kit arrived.. and it's so well done! overall thanks for your courtesy, absolutely great efforts to community !! keep rocking in a free-opensource world !!!

  • shakalaka

    any news ? i haven't recieved nothing yet, no mail reply, what's happening ?
    please give peace a chance...

  • jacea

    Got mine on saturday and looks awesome. Worth the wait. Really well packaged up and no dings anywhere. Time to build my Shapeoko and Ord Bot

  • oliverwhysall

    any news on delivery? no reply via emails

  • jacea

    Still not got mine :-( Very disappointed

  • jons

    I got the accessories with the extrusions...

  • Hugo Vincent

    When are the bags of accessories going to ship? I got my extrusion already but am still waiting on the accessories...

  • jons

    Got mine today, top quality :)

  • guillerd

    i received today, SPAIN
    its look very good

  • Mr James

    I received my today I live in london, looks great but I havn't really had a chance to have a play yet

  • jons

    Got a notification that a package was about to dispatch to me from the UK... Should be the makerslides..

  • Mr Joseph Duckhouse

    Still nothing here, UK also

  • jacea

    Ok really starting to wonder what is going on. I am located in the UK. No sign of delivery and still no answer to messages. Starting to feel like a con.....

    Has anyone actually received anything yet?

  • jons

    Haven't received any information concerning shipment, starting to get worried... Those that has received their maker slides, where are you located and did you receive any tracking info when it was shipped?

    I'm located in Sweden btw...

  • jacea

    How many people have received their order? I am still waiting and not getting any response concerning expected delivery times......

  • Andrew Lindsay

    I've finally got hold of my makerslide after missed delivery by courier and having to collect it from their depot.

    Looks good. Now just need all the other mechanical parts. Is there somewhere they are available in the UK or do I have to have them made up myself?



  • jons

    Any updates on how the packaging is going?

  • jacea

    Any news or updates?

  • Gareth Evans

    I wonder if they're trying to use a repaired version of the original defective die instead of having made a new one (in order to save themselves money). This might explain why even the second die is still not working reliably.

    It probably wouldn't cause any additional delay to change manufacturers at this stage. This current bunch of jokers have still not produced a working die, just two abortive trial efforts, so they are still at the very first stage.

    It may be just as quick (or even quicker) to give the job to a professional company who know what they are doing and who can promptly deliver as per their quotation.

  • Gareth Evans

    Just some comments on the latest update.

    I'm not sure I'd accept the position of the extrusion company on this matter. They are supposed to be experts, they had the drawings prior to quoting for the job and knew exactly what they were required to manufacture. Now they have the job they are saying they can't do it, and asking you accept modifications. This seems very unprofessional.

    I'd be asking them why they can't deliver what they promised they would when they quoted for the job. I'd also be asking them why they can't successfully extrude the beam when the US manufacturer appears to have no problem.

    Coupled with their clear lack of attention (e.g. not bothering to collect the die promptly, failing to keep you updated etc) I'd say it's about time to sack this company and go elsewhere.

    If they have any of the money I'd tell them they either deliver what they quoted for, within a very short timeframe, or they return the cash immediately.

    Give the job to someone more reliable and more professional.

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