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Maison Maya

Get the Eco-friendly Pillow from Quebec!

About the project

We reached the $ 5000 goal !

Thank you so much for your contribution but the campaign is still hot and going ! 

We set up new challenges: 


GOAL 150 % ($7500)

 Any present and future pillow contributor  will receive a 100% cotton limited edition pllow case.

2 choices: plain color or printed

With this $ 2500 extra, we plan to develop a range of pillowcases.


GOAL 200 % ($10 000$)

 Any present and future pillow contributor will get an invitation to a pajama party organized by Maison Maya

in a restaurant/bar in Montreal on World Sleep Day, Friday, March 16, 2018.

With this $ 2,500 extra, we plan to develop a collection of pajamas and eye mask.


We count on you to keep on sharing our project!

Thank you for believing in us.


A pillow meets a fundamental need: to sleep. We spend 1/3 of our lives with our heads on a pillow. Everyone owns at least one, and it can be very beneficial if it provides real support, which is, of course, its original purpose.

And yet, we really give very little thought to the quality of our pillow. Contrary to what we believe, however, our choice of pillow has far more impact than that of our mattress when it comes to having a truly re-energizing and restorative sleep.

It’s a statistical fact that…

37% of Canadians have difficulty sleeping.

And so, at Maison Maya, we wanted to solve this problem, but not in any which way. The solution had to be both functional as well as environmentally friendly. Our history just happens to have the answer, the combination of a millenary Asian tradition and an authentically Québécois product, a type of “natural technology”: the buckwheat hull pillow.

It was all the more natural for us to turn to buckwheat because it is a hallmark of Québec’s agricultural tradition.

Buckwheat is an annual flowering plant from the polygonaceae family that is grown for its seed for both animal and human consumption (buckwheat flour is used to make buckwheat pancakes, for example). It is from the same family as rhubarb and sorrel; it is not a cereal grain. The plant is native to Asia and was eventually brought over to Canada by the first French colonists (especially those from Normandy and Brittany). 

Buckwheat plants in bloom

Buckwheat seeds

The buckwheat’s hull is a part of the brown three-piece shell that protects the seed (which has the shape of a three-sided pyramid).

Buckwheat hulls

A pillow helps the body regenerate while we sleep. We can better “recharge our batteries”, as the saying goes, and get quality rest if the pillow is also ergonomic (promotes good neck, head and spine alignment) and hygienic (healthy and clean). We will therefore be better prepared to face our increasingly “active” lives. The quality of your sleep is essential. 

There are many benefits to using a buckwheat hull pillow:

It’s Ergonomic

A buckwheat hull pillow is the best at moulding itself to your form. When you lay your head and neck on it, the hulls shift and perfectly conform to the shape of your body, allowing both for firm and optimal head support and the ideal spine position, all the while boosting blood circulation. Plus, you can adjust the volume of hulls by removing or adding some yourself.

It’s Hygienic 

The chemical-free hulls are cleaned, and all dust is removed.

The spaces between the hulls allow for air circulation and therefore reduce sweating: your pillow will never be damp and hot. Furthermore, the hulls contain lignin and cellulose, which naturally reduce humidity levels and mould.

Buckwheat hulls also produce tannins to naturally keep parasites at bay (mites, bacteria). 

Composition and Fabrication 

Maison Maya pillows contain natural buckwheat hulls and are made of 100% cotton fabric (the outside casing is made of 100% cotton twill and the inner pocket is made of 100% cotton voile) and is made in Montréal. Our seamstresses are very meticulous workers and make sure that our pillows meet the highest standards.


Can be used with commercial standard-sized pillow cases.

The buckwheat hulls require no care. It is, however, possible to take them out of their envelope once a year and spread them over a sheet that has been laid out outside and leave them a few hours to re-energize by directly soaking up the sun’s rays.

The inner pocket can be completely removed in a few seconds, and you can wash the outer casing. You can also wash the inner pocket, having removed the buckwheat hulls beforehand (of course). The hulls do not need to be cleaned.

Maison Maya’s partners are local producers (from Québec) who use clean and sustainable farming practices that do not use chemicals and are therefore environmentally responsible. Plus, the high quality buckwheat hulls are dust free.

Maison Maya is a proud supporter of local businesses and promoter of Québécois products worldwide.

What are the funds for?

We need to produce a minimum of 100 units to be able to support our costs (  buckwheat hulls, gabrics, production, packaging, marketing materials…)

Our rewards

#1-  Maison Maya Magazine - Volume 1 - PDF version 

Sleep, Health & Wellness

*Delivery November 2017  

#2-  Maison Maya x UluleTote Bag + Maison Maya Magazine Volume 1

*Shipping fee included in Quebec
**Expected delivery for November/December 2017

#3 - One Alexis Pillow
Filled with Quebec buckwheat hulls, 15"x23"

+ Maison Maya Magazine - Volume 1 ( pdf version)

*Shipping fee included in Quebec
**Expected delivery for November/December 2017

#4- Duo package: 2 Alexis pillows 

Filled with Quebec buckwheat hulls, 15"x23"

+ Maison Maya Magazine - Volume 1 ( pdf version)

*Shipping fee included in Quebec
**Expected delivery for November/December 2017

#5- Family & Friends Package : 4 Alexis pillows

Filled with Quebec buckwheat hulls, 15"x23"

+ Maison Maya Magazine - Volume 1 ( pdf version)

*Shipping fee included in Quebec
**Expected delivery for November/December 2017

About the project owner

Chan Rayrolles

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Linkedin | Instagram | Email

Christophe Rayrolles

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Linkedin | Email 

Sara Siebert 

Community Manager

Linkedin | Instagram | Email 

Incubator Program 

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