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About the project

"Tiny House", in French "cute little house", refers to small wooden dwellings that were born in the United States with the real estate crisis of 2008.

Much cheaper than a traditional dwelling, a Tiny brings all the comfort of the modern house, namely double glazing; A kitchen, a bathroom, living room, bedroom (s), wood stove or other heating; Terrace covered or opened on the garden.

Manufactured in wood frame, it is equipped with an effective insulation which, like all the houses well insulated, allows to live in year round.

Adapted to be mounted on a trailer, its small size and mobility allow it to land on a terrain that one will have chosen, without however being chained to it.

We keep a logbook of our business since its inception. We will use it in the description that follows.

After making "one and a half" in the middle of the forest (and then an open barn), we have now found a real workshop! 900km from where we were.
Des Vosges, we left in the Dordogne, taking with us our unfinished prototype: Maryse-Huguette, the "half" -Tiny.

We are looking for local suppliers, renewing the company's bylaws, updating the website, setting up our new premises to work better for our clients. Future Tiny, the culmination of our prototype before starting any other project. By adding to this the fact that the itinerant bookshop, realized in the barn, took us 8 months, given the absence of workshop arranged at our disposal. All of this represents a cost that was not originally foreseen.

Before leaving the Vosges, we gave life to the itinerant bookshop! Conceived and realized with Jean-Jacques, converted into itinerant bookseller, our first client:

Not less than 3000 pounds are accommodatable, with a final weight of less than 3.5 T.

The entire photo album, as well as all the technical information are here:

The Traveling Bookstore

What are the funds for?

If this first Tiny House, the traveling bookstore, pleases you, imagine the thousand possibilities that will be born thanks to your support! With your help, we can live by our profession.

Exactly, we need you to:

As it stands:

To make this happen:

Find all the information, plans and visuals of our prototype here: Maryse-Huguette

This step, which is none other than prototype research and development, is crucial if we are to offer the best of our services in Tiny Houses.

The complexity of the arches and the very advanced finish of the interiors (shower gratings, wall-mounted faucet, wood-burning stove ...) still promises the team some discovery stages in relation to the traveling bookshop. Please, help us to take the plunge!

If ever you support us until then - which would be totally extraordinary! - That would be the second level of our motion. We would like to be able to finance, with your help, part of the apprenticeship of a young woman, recently reconverted to the carpenter companions, and who applied for us at the beginning of September.

She is 22 years old, meaning that she will not be compensated by the state as if she were a young person under the age of 18. Which means that we, young business, have to choose between our salary (which we still do not pay) and his own. So, you will say, why not hire an apprentice under the age of 18 to start?

Well, the opportunity to give him a chance is important to us, and right now, since Romain also looked for an apprenticeship when he was over 18, and we know how delicate it is for who is trying his luck In these conditions to find a master of learning. Will you help us to say yes?

The drawings
Pauline proposes to you to make a sketch according to photo, of your favorite little babe, or of an architecture that you appreciate, because after studies of design of space, she would not be able to offer you portraits!


To see other sketches, his old notebooks are available here: Notebooks

An invitation for 2 people to our 1st open doors!
Come and discover Maryse-Huguette over!
Attend our very first conference, which will reflect as faithfully as possible our experiences, good and bad, but always constructive, during the construction of our first Tiny House. Self-builders as budding, this conference is for you!

Example (unofficial) of the flyer that will be distributed to you on site.

The shelves

Prepared by us, with Dordogne oak and rope made in Brittany, choose your shelf, the style you prefer. Here are some examples of what this can bring.

Finish Sanded Aubier:

Finished bark:

Right Finish:

In fact it is quite straight and sanded, in a more sober style, and it gives about that (oiled finish), but with string ties. All our shelves will be fed with linseed oil.

  • The In'Bô glasses

Very good example of a successful project thanks to Ulule, the In'Bô, our former neighbors in the Vosges, decided to help us in this campaign, allowing us to make a Ulule special offer on their wooden sunglasses!

By purchasing these glasses, you support the exceptional work of young French artisans who struggle each day to maintain the development of their company. It is crafted, made in local woods with old machines of lunetiers. Go discover it !

Thank you, the In'bô!

Location of the cottage Maryse-Huguette !!!

Presentation of the framework:

The view from the meadow opposite.

The future land of Maryse-Huguette, like the company, is located on the Route des Vins, between Bergerac and Saint-Émilion, in a village with all the nice shops: bakery, grocery store, hairdresser, restaurant ... Are close to Lake Gurson, free and maintained! And the beautiful market of Saint Foy La Grande. Many castles like Monbazillac or Michel de Montaigne await you!

And for the most nomadic, you are at equal distances from Brantome and Bordeaux; Beynac, La Roque Gageac and Sarlat, or the Dune du Pyla. It's up to you to choose your day out in Aquitaine!

Oh the beautiful Google images ... Well, we visited every place we show you, and we can tell you: it's even more beautiful! In order, there are kayaks in Beynac, Saint-Émilion, the dune of Pyla, and Bergerac.

The doggies are our friends!

Do not go to the boarding house, unhappy! If your dog is sociable and good, our garden is big and it will not need to enter the Tiny to be happy, especially as Ciri (sterilized) will keep him company! For the night (s), we suggest you to keep it next door, in our neighboring house (the two grounds communicate), or else outside, if it prefers. If you feel the right thing, call us, we will find an arrangement. The Dordogne is a place full of greenery, forests and bodies of water, ideal to take them with you!

            And the cats then?

It is more complicated in general to move a cat from its territory, and less complicated to have it kept than a dog. However, if we could, we would suggest you keep it just like the dogs, but our Ioshi, Grand Duchess of these places, will not recover. All our apologies for the kittens.

About the project owner

If you've arrived so far, you've already learned a lot about us and The House That Paths. If you want to know more, you can go on our website

You can also follow us on our Facebook page

Still in a participative spirit, our website contains pages "energies", "legislation", but also "origin and movement", not to mention our Logbook, aimed at enlightening all the novices who would like to embark on the adventure of Tiny Houses. So do not hesitate, check them out!