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Sublime and comfortable


Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

We have achieved our campaign goal of 100 pairs in under 36 hours!

Thanks to you and all your support, our dream of bringing the Maison Baum project to life has finally come true. Due to the success of this campaign, the production of the insoles for Aphrodite high-heels (7cm heel) is made possible. We will also be able to improve the relationship with our manufacturer, as they had to increase the production of prototypes, despite not receiving bulk orders from our side.

Due to the success of reaching our initial goal, we are now pushing our goal to hit the 300 mark and are asking for your continued support in order to sell 300 pairs of our high-heels. This will help us grow the brand and our credibility on the market. With this new goal in mind, we are driven to prove that even 300 women can't wait for a product that is sublime and comfortable. Together, we are embarking on a journey to finally break through the ‘with beauty, comes pain’ mentality.

As a sign of our gratitude, we have listened to your feedback and are now offering the heels in size 42.

We thank you again for your positive response and support so far! If everyone could spread the word to only 3 of their closest friends, we would achieve our new campaign goal in no time.

We are counting on you!!

The Maison Baum team
Christof, Sophie, Anhi, Laurent & Carole