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Mahara // Araham (opening April 2020)

Expanding Amsterdam’s Urban Temple to movement classes & healing treatments

About the project

We made the 100% wow are hearts are pounding and we are so so grateful to all of you!

And we have two more days to go…

In these final two days we want to celebrate the becoming of Araham with an ONLINE CROWDFUND CLOSING FESTIVAL 7-9th of April. Concerts, workshops and classes will be streamed live from Mahara on FB and Instagram live – Check out the program here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Maharamsterdam/events/?ref=notif 

Besides celebrating we are secretly intending to receive our original goal amount 22.000 (as many of you know we lowered our goal amount due to these crazy times). And yet we need our original amount more than ever. We still need to finish the last steps; lay the beautiful floor, create the movable table, get the props for movement classes and workshops . And we need to pay the rent of Mahara and Araham even though we are closed for an unknown period of time and we would love to reward all our angels that have helped out behind the scene for all their hard work.

So, we humbly ask you to keep co-creating this project with us but specially to come join us in some celebration the coming two days!


Mahara is an urban sanctuary where we learn more about different ancient wisdom traditions, natural & alternative medicine and ceremonies. After many requests from our community now is the time to open the doors to the neighbouring space Araham. Araham will be a place where we embody the wisdom through movement, healing and massages. To be able to serve the community we need the community to make this happen!

I therefore would like to take you on a journey and explain a bit more about Mahara, Aharam and our future vision.

Mahara is an approach to an holistic lifestyle to resemble a natural way of living in a modern city. A creative living room, a holistic hair and massage salon, the house of raw cacao, a mystery school and much more.


In the Maori language Mahara means the living room of remembrance, reminding us of who we are, our life values and how important it is to be present in every moment. These reminders come through music, poetry, a good conversation, a touch, a smile, soulful food & drinks, a ceremony, a workshop, stillness or by simply being in the atmosphere of Mahara.


“It is a place that breathes something special. A place where you feel at home and inspired. Some call it a shop, some a temple"


There is so much to offer and the community is growing and hungry for more wisdom and practices to embody this. Up till now there was no space nor facilities ready to share these movement practices. Luckily the next door building freed up, which now enables us to respond to the community’s needs. The adventure of an amazing new project has been born “Araham’’ ~ which is Mahara backwards.














Meet ~ Araham

’The Art of Embodiment'’

We want to co-create a place to rest, unwind and just be. In these fast-paced and ever changing times we are overwhelmed by information and are easily disconnected from ourselves. It is therefore truly important for our wellbeing to take time to pause, connect with ourselves and process it all. Through embodiment and movement we can digest our experiences to balance  our body, mind and spirit. 

In this new space, we will create a Japanese dōjō look and feel; a place for immersive learning or meditation where we can practise our daily needs. The programme that we will be offering will be unique and inspired by ancient movement disciplines from many different cultures. From Chinese qigong and Indian Kalari temple dance to holistic movement practises to develop a healthy flow within the physical, mental and energetic bodies. Beside movement practices, we use the space to hold training days, workshops, one-day retreats and launch new initiatives that will come our way once we open the doors. 

Part of embodiment is healing, conscious touch and care. To facilitate this, we will build a beautiful massage room. The vision is to extend the room in the very near future into our own Spa-Hara, inspired by many different cultures around the world that have bathhouses and steam rooms. These spaces are dedicated to relaxing the body with the intention to face the world with beauty, calmness, purity and radiance. 

What are the funds for?

To be able to offer this sacred space and get Araham up and running, we need funds to build and install essential elements, such as floors, isolation, a heating system, lighting, a dressing room and a toilet. To become a beautiful oasis within the city jungle, a profound healing & massage room and a studio for embodiment practices will be created. 

As there is no heating in Mahara, we would like a new heating system to make it winter proof, warm and comfortable. To be able to host the upcoming events, we need to expand and upgrade the kitchen of Mahara as well. The expansion of Mahara and the building of Araham is asking us to become more organised, structured and centered. 

We are so excited to make all of this happen. And to be able to do that we need € 22.000 to get started :)

Hereby an overview where the funds will go to:


So here we are, sharing our heartfelt wish, reaching out to you and the community:


Do you feel the calling to contribute and open doors for a whole new 

community to rise? 


When we speak of community we speak of you. We are inclusive and welcome each one of you. It doesn't matter if you come to Mahara daily, weekly, monthly or once in a while. Whether you have heard of it many times, never have been here before or just feel the call to enter one day. Everyone is part of the tribe and we warmly welcome you to pass by, donate, share, inspire or shine with us.

Mahara - Aharam - where will we go

Our intention is to leave a nourishing and inspirational footprint for the next generation, our children, to continue to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. We all need clean drinking water, fresh air to breath, and a balanced and safe system to be able to grow up healthily. I believe we can set an example for holistic living through, food, movement, healing, nourishment, collaboration, inclusivity, co-creating and most of all joy! 

About the project owner

From a young age, I dedicated myself to discovering life’s deeper meaning and my purpose. I explored many different cultures, religions, lifestyles, movement practices, alternative medicines and healing arts. Reflecting on life and receiving many tools from different traditions supported me to connect to my true nature. The combination of my life experiences, my dedication and entrepreneurial roots, have allowed me to hold space for Mahara to unfold.  

Mahara is not my job, it is my life’s mission and I am grateful each day in which I am serving my highest potential. Running a more holistic business enables me to express my creativity, life-vision, and passion to connect people to their true nature. And to make a change by being through doing. My vision is to create a safe haven, a place to call home, where people can connect with themselves and others to experience inner peace in the concrete city jungle. 

My endless enthusiasm, flow, love, humbleness, transparency, creativity and devotion to make a change are the building blocks for this project to rise. What is equally important is my intention to make our community of change-makers grow and expand our horizons to serve a bigger community. On my own I can make it this far, but when we team up we can actually create heaven on earth.


Meet the team

I am not doing this alone, we have an amazing team that is supporting this project by heart and with vision. We all co-create and collaborate together on many levels. We are building our own structure and we work together with professionals from different approaches. With this crew I feel confident to embark on this new adventure. 

Meet david our business partner, Alixe our strategy holder, Kuda our massage therapist and movement teacher, Maxime our water wisperer and sacred tattoo artist, Lizette our patisserie queen, Erik our kakaw wizard, Esmeralda our caring host, Lorette our intern in concept creation, Rashida our do it aller, Rowan our multi media muze and many more. On our instagram page we explain more about the team and the vision we embrace. We warmly invite you to take a look into the Mahara world.


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