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Magrunner: Dark Pulse

A First Person Puzzler set in the eerie universe of HP Lovecraft

  • Magrunner BETA Available!

    Dear Backer,

    Last year in August you supported the development of Magrunner, by 3AM Games, as promoted on Gamesplanet Lab.

    Our roadmap has been deeply modified, but here’s the good news:

    -Thanks to your support the original project has grown vastly, and the game will be published and promoted with great ambition, worldwide.

    - Magrunner will be available on PC and console (Xbox and Playstation) – treated like a AAA title!

    - We are now able to introduce a betab on next week and you will be able to provide your feedback as promised.

    Each of you will receive a dedicated email with the link to the beta and a key very quickly.

    Thanks again, and stay tuned for the coming pledges!

    The 3 AM Games team

    ps : did you check our trailer ? Here it is again, enjoy !

  • Attention All Backers

    Attention All Backers

    Thank you all so very much for backing Magrunner: Dark Pulse! We are happy to say that the game will go live for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in May 2013 (preliminary). To honor your pledge and to make sure that the date is valid game beta will be opened at the end of March.

    The beta will include all of the final elements of the game and contain 45 minutes to 1 full hour of gameplay. At the end of the demo, we will ask you to fill out a survey ranking the important categories of the game on a scale of 1 through 5.

    Those categories will include aspects of the game like: Fun, Storyline, Difficulty, Control/Navigation, Art & Graphics, Audio, Tutorials and Instructions. You rate them at 1 to 5. You know the routine. A 1 means that you think it sucks, a 5 means you think it’s great. We’ll also include places for you to write what you think about those categories and what you think should be done to improve them.

    Once we get the first round, we’ll tally up the ratings in each category. We won’t release Magrunner until it is rated at 4 or higher! Also if we get any category below 3.5 (for example: you don’t like the sounds or character voices), we’ll rework the category that’s hurting and release a new demo for you to rate again a few weeks later.

    Game beta will be accessible via Gamesplanet servers, you will find the downloading links at your VIP forums. 

    Another point that we would like to address is the glorious Hall of Fame designed exclusively for the backers of Gamaji and Yoshi Shout-out Special Editions.

    Gamaji Edition of the game, i.e. the one with $65 pledge or more, requires your Message on the wall at one of the game locations. You can can say or draw anything to other players, we will put it inside the game.

    Yoshi Shout-out Special Edition, i.e. the one with $130 pledge or more, requires your own names and avatar photos in a dedicated Hall of Fame and Yoshi will say your name.

    We kindly ask you to stay prudential when choosing what exactly you would like us to put inside of the game, making sure it does not hurt anyone feelings. Please send your wishes and desires to olga (at) 3am-games (dot) com

                    Thanks again and we hope to hear from you soon!  

  • Magrunner: When Competition Turns into a Nightmare

    Developed on Unreal Engine 3 by 3 AM Games (Frogwares), Magrunner is an action/reflection game for PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox LIVE based on the use of physics and magnetism. Magrunner sends us to the near future, where technology will confront the Cthulhu Mythos as imagined by the renowned author of fantasy novels H. P. Lovecraft.


    Today, we are pleased to reveal more about Magrunner through 6 screenshots and an exclusive piece of art. The game's story begins in 2050 and takes place in a big sports competition broadcast through the entire world, intended to promote a new technology based on magnetism.

    The 8 participants' objective is to finish first in a huge race made up of many challenge rooms, each one bigger and more complex than the last. Each of them has a special glove that interacts with the new magnetic technology and enables them to journey through more and more spectacular rooms by charging various objects and elements of the environment with magnetic forces that attract or repel other objects.

    However, the competition soon turns into a real nightmare. A power outage and what feels like an earthquake isolates the competitors from the rest of the world. Their only hope is to finish the course and attempt to contact the exterior world. But the challenge rooms that separate them from the finish grow more and more menacing and a long descent into hell awaits them. At the end of the tunnel lies a frightening secret that could threaten all of humanity. Today's screenshots show all this, from the modern and sleek-looking challenge rooms at the beginning to the darker and more troubling areas that follow.

    Please proceed to the VIP forums to watch the screenshots. 

    Thanks so much for your support <3


    It is now officially confirmed that Magrunner: Dark Pulse is heading towards PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE and PC! To celebrate this event we are releasing the new screenshots for you.

    4 exclusive images are taking us in 2050, at the heart of the Magtech competition, a grand tournament for which you and 6 other brilliant competitors have been selected. Please proceed to the VIP forums to watch the screenshots. 

    Thanks so much for your support <3

  • New Screenshots for Magrunner Supporters!

    It is not even 3 AM here in Kiev but we would love to share the new screenshots taken directly from the game! This is the personal gratitude from the entire 3 AM Games team for helping support our dream:  

    To finish the game we’d like to make use of your opinions, knowledge and ideas. Please login to the VIP Room and say HI to us!

    Let us know what you think of these images, and do share your love on Facebook and tweet about Magrunner to your friends and beloved.

    Please spread the news via emails, word of mouth and more!

    Thanks so much for your support <3