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Magrunner: Dark Pulse

A First Person Puzzler set in the eerie universe of HP Lovecraft

  • FunkyCoyote


    problem solved !!!

    I sent a mail at and they mailed me a steam key, about 20 minutes ago.

    probably spam issue.


    P.S : game installing... at last :)

  • ryzhko

    Hey funkycoyote,

    You can always reach me via my primary email address olga.ryzhko (at) frogwares (dot) com and we will see where your code has gone to.
    Thank you,

  • FunkyCoyote


    donc je confirme, le mail m'est revenu...
    à qui puis-je m'adresser maintenant ?


  • FunkyCoyote

    Bizarrement j'ai comme un très faible espoir :(
    le site n'existe plus... du coup j'suis pas sûr qu'il existe encore une olga derrière tout ça...

    on va tenter le mail.

  • Arnaud BurgotStaff

    Bonjour Funkycoyote,

    Effectivement envoyez un email à Olga, les clés ont été envoyées depuis longtemps, elle saura vous renseigner et vous orienter pour obtenir vos contreparties.

    Très cordialement,


  • FunkyCoyote


    Je viens un peu longtemps, très longtemps même, après la bataille, mais en fait j'avais juste complètement oublié que j'avais soutenu ce projet... ;)
    Et comme depuis tout ce temps je n'ai pas reçu de mail pour me le rappeler...
    Bref, du coup je vois que le projet est fini et dispo depuis un petit moment maintenant et en fait j'ai jamais reçu la moindre clé ou lien pour télécharger ma copie.

    Manifestement il faut mieux envoyer un mail à Olga. Mais au cas où, je voulais tenter ma chance ici également .


  • 3 AM GamesCreator

    Dear Backers,

    It is known for us that some of the messages with game demo and game early access went directly to spam folder for many of you. The email about game demo was sent on May 17, 2013. While the email with the game early access was sent on June 19, 2013. If you still do not have the Steam key for the game, please email olga (at)

    Once again, thanks for your support!

  • David Rukavina

    Has anyone received their key? If not - can you please post some information on why that hasn't happened a week and a half after Steam release - we are after all the reason the game got made!

  • akxs

    i would like to get my key. i've paid like everyone else that funded the game you now have on steam but yet i have no game. i can even get it for free illegally on any torrent site, but not from the very first and most legal way

  • entrena

    Pls, send me a Mp with the links or something cause i cant acces to the 3 AM games site, it leads me to a blank page, its all very weird ,sry for posting here but I dont know what to do

  • 3 AM GamesCreator

    Please email olga (at)

  • entrena

    I cant acces the Vip room, the password doesnt seem to work, I see the game is already in Steam and Id like my key please

  • 3 AM GamesCreator


    We are taking care of the early access for our backers right now!

  • Bernhard Metz

    I see the game can now be pre-orderd on several plattforms, when and how will there be access for the backers? Thank you in Advance

  • ClubSandKot1

    There's an interview about Gamesplanet Lab with exclusive information on Magrunner, a footage i've never seen before of 2 minute, check it out

  • pifore

    that's just the beginig mickyd :)

  • Mick Davey

    Just got it - thanks. Hope some new content follows quickly....

  • pifore

    As far as I know, you should receive the access later today... :(

  • pifore

    Hi Guys,

    It seems the opening of the VIP room is a bit late. As fa

  • nicolasvacher

    @mickyd1234 +1

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