To dystopic conditions, utopian responses!

Call to arms: soundproofing and upgrades of the Màgia Roja HQ

About the project

Magia Roja is a pioneer utopian project born out of the Barcelona's dystopia. We are a cultural association who produces and promotes art in an integral system: we're a label, we book shows in Barcelona and all around Europe, organize conferences, workshops and sessions twice a week, we're a cultural think tank and creative space.

One of the key aspects is our space in Barcelona where a community is being born and where we do most of our local activity. In our HQ we programm exclusively industrial music, noise, free improv, psychedelia in the wider sense, ambient, experimental rock, sound art, tribal and drone shows, for a totol of around 80 a year.

Our criteria is eclectic (any form) but non-cynical (not in any shape), not that we lack sense of humour quite the contrary, but we don't appreciate shallowness or superficiality. We're always looking for the brave, original and enlightned artists all around the world. We want to change our surroundings and by changing them helping to change the world a bit for better. 

The sessions after the shows are gatherings of talking, dancing and frolicking, where the DJ sessions are as brave as the concerts, where anything is possible and everything you could imagine has been danced, creating a completly different type of "club culture", where music isn't just an alibi. That's why something like this has to survive: we're the next step so that other people can feel inspired the same way we were inspired by brave people like those of UFO Club, Factory Records, Stubnitz, Islington Mill and many others before us.

We make a call to all the people more or less close to the project, artists, producers, art lovers, philantrophists - of Barcelona and abroad - who support as flag bearers the other face of Barcelona: the resistent, independent, the one that throbbs with creativity, critical thougths and that feeds itself of the real, authentic and veritable things, obtained by judgement and opinion.

If you want to help this reality to grow and to join our community please spread the world around and, in the measure you can, help us out with this campaign.

"To dystopian conditions, utopian respones!"

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PS: If you have any questions or you think you can help us in any other way please contact us at:



An idea for the Màgia Roja T-shirt and bag. More ideas soon!


Hero / Heroin reward:

Silk-screen "Tempus" by Leon Ka


God / Godness reward:

Les Paul Gibson Studio black 1992


What are the funds for?

As the community has grown we've realised that to keep doing what we do we need the conditions to do it. 

For the respect of the neighbors we need to soundproof the space in order to give the best musical experience with the appropiate volume and at the same time not bother anyone. This implicates the creation of a closed entry with two acoustic doors to avoid the sound escape and building of an insulating roof in the warehouse and the arrangement of low frequencies traps, for a total bill of 10000 euros. In addition to this we need to improve the air conditioning and air extraction and set up the space in order to take in as much members possible with the appropiate conditions, including the construction of an extra WC.
Our objective is to complete these reconditionings before the end of June.

We quote below the plan and budget of the soundproofing of the company we are in contact with.

"In order to be able to proceed to the acoustic improvement regarding the acoustic insulation to facade and to the previous neighbor in the enclosure, a series of actions are proposed:
1. Acoustic measurements 
2. Punctual acoustic improvement of the ground floor and the first floor 
3. Study of global acoustic improvement of the whole space and proposal of solutions 
4. Implementation of global acoustic improvement

Below is the budget with the hours allocated to each phase. 
1 Acoustic measurements and report 1000 € 
2 spot upgrades ground floor and first floor 
A) Compressor drawer air conditioning 2000 €
B) 3 sanitary downpipes € 1400 
C) Acoustic ceiling interior patio 3000 € 
3 Implementation of the global project. Estimated 60 hours project € 2600 
4 To budget once acoustic project has been carried out according to agreed constructive solutions.

About the project owner

Màgia Roja was born as an association in 2009 in the neighbourhood of Gràcia, Barcelona. Since 2014 we have rented a space as the Head Quarters of the association and where we've organized more than 180 concerts in the last 2 and a half years, offering the audience a weekly programmation of the most interesting and contemporary projects as wells as organizing workshops, conferences and expositions and DJ sessions.
To be member you have to pay the quota of 10 euros for year, being interested in the activities and having respect for the other members.

Màgia Roja are:


Viktor L. Crux: founder of the asymmetrical sleep school, if you find a sock it's his, but you can not ask for formality to art. Former member of Qa'a, Ordre Etern and Huan, he has not yet managed to fire himself from Futuro de Hierro and Commissarios de la Luz Djs, he has toured a lot and blah blah blah...

Ramón "Auriga" Marcet: makes and undoes Gordian knots. Very, VERY occasionally makes music. The gourmet of the group. He has produced production and soundtracks for videocreation and  he is ex-Qa'a. Long-suffering father, experimental bartender.

Primitiva "Pris" Querol: A folkie in the process of conversion to darker terrain. Chemist by profession, alchemist by vocation, mother of the "mother of love". She has made production for different projects of animation and experimental video.

Silvia "Konstance" Costan: ex-hippie, ex-new age, just stop dancing to eat. Creator of Silvia-step. Genetically smiling. She makes booking and distribution. She has done (before her 20ies) volunteering, boxing, cycling, soccer, aikido, batucada, ski, personal defense, archery, piano, chess, iaido, Japanese, has lived a year in Turkey, swimming, climbing and orienteering.


The family extends itself to all the people who are collaborating with us such us Denis, Fernanda, Francesco, Pablo, Leon Ka, Dj Doza and  Dj Gonzo of Dublab, the team of Hangar, all the muscians and Dj's who played here and all those who stayed with us in the last 2 years and a half, among them Lucy AKA Ivana Ray Sing, Noelia Perez, Toni Querol, Martina, ...

PS: If you have any questions or you think you can help us in any other way please contact us at:


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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