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Maestra Mobility

The urban electric scooter, that folds to trolley in one second

About the project

Three-wheel electric scooter, folded in trolley in one second.

I'm sure most of you have already had to travel a distance, too small to drive, but a bit long to walk. The electric scooter is a good alternative both ecological and fast.

Its problem: you cannot transport loads... Reconcile the forces of the scooter and the bicycle, without getting their weaknesses: it is the bet of the Maestra! Let’s start with a table:

In short, you will never have a scooter vandalized because you keep it with you inside. On the other hand, you can carry nothing more than your backpack. By bike, it's the opposite ... You understand, the Maestra allows the BOTH!

The ambition: remove new obstacles to urban soft mobility.

The frame is made in France! Wood and aluminum, the perfect duo in terms of quality, weight, price, and aesthetics.

In addition to the trolley mode, the big highlight is ... safety. With the two feet side by side rather than one behind the other, and the two front wheels mounted on suspended pendulum, the Maestra reassures. A good way to convert some skeptics to adopt the scooter!

A few key figures:

  • a maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • a 25 km range
  • a motor power of 350 Watts
  • 36 V power supply
  • charging time from 3 to 4 hours

There will be front and rear mudguards. The one on the back will even be a complete housing, which will protect the feet of the wheel (and vice versa!).

The maximum weight of the user will be at least 100 kg, but it is thought to be 120 or 130.

I use wheels from TrampaBoards, a great brand of mountainboards made in England.

John lives on the outskirts. Every morning, he takes the train to get to work in the city. Putting his things on his back, in the long run it is heavy, so he hangs his bag to his Maestra. He goes to the station by scooter and on the train, he transforms it into a trolley so as not to hinder the others. It really takes one (1!) Second to transform, no need to be motivated to do it!

Once arrived, he goes to work by scooter, and guards it in trolley mode next to his desk. That way, no risk of being robbed.

When he comes back home, he likes to go to the small supermarket to go groceries before returning. The trolley mode allows it to be used as a cart, with a suitable bag! And once full, he returns to scooter mode, to go home with his groceries always in the basket.

What are the funds for?

Here's what your donations will be used for:

Here are the people I will work with if this Ulule campaign is a success:

Sacha is impressive: he is only 25 years old, but he has already touched many fields in mechanics. He designed a wind turbine, a 3D printer, and most recently he reproduced a 1920 Bugatti, from scratch, and completely electric. The idea is not to outsource the development of the Maestra, but to work together also to make me grow, and keep the in-house skills for the future.

Thomas is an experienced product designer who has worked on a variety of projects. We met with Sacha, and we will make a great trio! He already has plenty of ideas for the Maestra to move from functional to beautiful. With Sacha, we will work with him a few full days at the beginning, then one day every two or three weeks. This is the recipe that seems the best to valorise the strengths of each one.

Know that for a given reward, you will receive all those that are inferior to it:

You will receive the rewards in the month following the campaign.

Concerning the pre-orders, the product will be finished in early summer 2018. As soon as I receive them, the first of my priorities will be to deliver yours!

For you who participate:

  • You pre-order the product to receive it in preview, and much cheaper than its official release;
  • You support our development;
  • You integrate the Maestra community, and are informed of our progress in preview and in detail.

For us:

  • We credibilize the project with the partners: "We already have a backlog to deliver! ";
  • We communicate;
  • We create a strong community of ambassadors around the Maestra.

About the project owner

My name is Robin, I am 23 years old, and I dream about making a living from my creations.

Four years ago, I decided to try my luck in urban mobility. I was convinced that there was still a lot to do to make the city more livable.

I started in my garage, tinkering a bicycle convertible into a scooter. When I arrived in engineering school, I did not have to waste time: I took the microphone at the welcome conference and announced my intentions to all my promotion. During these three years, eleven comrades took part with me in various projects. Little by little I learn, I understand that the path will be long, I get discouraged, I bounce, the project evolves, ... We realize 3 prototypes and file 2 patents. After the bicycle scooter, we went through the trolley scooter bike, then the trolley bike. Finally, it will be the trolley scooter!

Since the beginning of my studies, I do everything in order to be today ready to launch the Maestra: integration of it in school projects, incubation, internships in startups, choice of options, student-entrepreneur status, grants for business creation, ... Now, I miss your support. I need to call on external expertise to go further!

Thanks to ATIP for the video : http://www.atip-audiovisuel.fr/