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Maelstrom - 1st Album "Who and What"

Support the release of this progressive hard rock LP !

About the project

Maelstrom is a progressive hard rock band from Toulouse. We play together since 2010.

We start composing in 2011 and after years of musical evolution, we recorded our work in order to share it on an album !

Our music is rich and complex, and come from a lot of different influences, like modern progressive rock (Dream Theater, Riverside, Haken), but also older one (King Crimson, Magma), 70's classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd) and 90's alternative rock (Muse, Radiohead, Nirvana). The songs are long, melting many emotions in a constant moving universe.

The LP is ready now ! It's like a dark and screaming fresco that tells the story of the initiatic path of a man lost in the modern world and in himself. From experience to experience, from revelation to revelation, the two words beggin to ring in his head like a litany leading him to a better existence : "Who and What"

The album will be released in autumn 2016.

You can listen to an extract from the track "Reveal" right here :

What are the funds for?

The music has been recorded, mixed and masterised by Daniel Dru, from Alambic Records, at Escalquens (Fr) between november 2013 et august 2015. We've financed all thoses steps with the money of the gigs.

We will use the fundscollected with Ulule to finance the two last steps of the production :

- creating the artworks, by Fennek Fox, from Gelée Royale (Tls, Fr) : 600€

- pressing the CDs with ConflikArt : 556€

We also have to anticipate the price of all the rewards that we imagined to make your participation the funniest : 500€

That makes 1656€.

Plus 8% for Ulule, for a total of : 1800€

If we get more, we'll use the extra money to make a video clip with one song of the album !


Everything is wrote in french (sorry), so I'm gonna summarize here (with a questionable english, sorry again^^) :

- For 5€ (+5€ if you don't live in France), you'll have :

The CD + 2 Q-tips to wash your ears for a more pleasant experience + a tissue to soak your tears while you cry listening to the music

- For 15€ (+5€ if you don't live in France), you'll have :

The CD + 5 Sitckers + 1 badge Maelstrom + a full personalised thanks letter

- For 30€ (+10€ if you don't live in France), you'll have :

The CD + 5 Sitckers + 1 badge + 1 signed poster + 1 T-Shirt + your name in the thanks improvisation

- For 50€ (+10€ if you don't live in France), you'll have :

The CD + another CD to give + 5 Sitckers + 2 badges + 1 signed poster + 1 T-Shirt + The Audio Pack 1 (best of rehearsal improvisations (there might be risks listening to it^^) / The "chipmunks on ecstasy" version of the album / The new song "Dawn", improvised and recorded live (and drunken) at "Radio Pechbusque" and recorded "clean" at MAO Center (Labège, Fr) ) + you give us a theme, whatever it is, musical or not, and we do a (short) song with it, then send it to you, and only you !

- For 100€ (+25€ if you don't live in France), you'll have :

The CD + another CD to offer + 5 Sitckers + 2 badges + 1 signed poster + 1 T-Shirt + 1 special T-Shirt + The Audio Pack 2 (same as Audio Pack 1 + the original versions of 3 songs of the album, made before the band was created by the two Mahuteaux brothers) + The Mug Maelstrom (that you can admire the beauty just above) + All the Guitar Pro parts of the album + A free ticket for the "Release Party" in Toulouse (no precise date yet) + a meeting with the band, where you will be able to discuss anything you want with us

- For 200€ (+25€ if you don't live in France), you'll have :

The CD + another CD to offer + 5 Sitckers + 2 badges + 2 signed posters + 1 T-Shirt + 1 special T-Shirt + The Audio Pack 2 + All the Guitar Pro parts of the album + A VIP Pass for the "Release Party" in Toulouse, with access to backstage (no precise date yet) + all the Italic stuffs from the other rewards (2 Q-tips, a tissue, a thanks letter, your name in the thanks improvisation, one improvisation with the theme you choose, meeting the band)

- For 500€ (+25€ if you don't live in France), you'll have :

Everything from the "200€" reward + A private gig (moving cost, catering and hosting not included)

Now you know everything ! If you have any question, please ask us !

Thanks in advance for your support !

See you soon

About the project owner

Maelstrom was created by four rock lover musicians : the brothers Renaud and Romain, guitarist and drummer, the bassist Romain, usually called "Romenzo", and Clément, singer and guitarist.

The mutual spirit was rock, and experimental, but each musician has his own vision. So the music was built confronting influences and founding consistency with the differences.

We gave us no limit, we experiment, we improvise without fearing going away from the "commercial" patterns, but we don't deny them however. No "two and half minutes hit" : our songs last mostly ten minutes. And that's what progressive is about, isn't it ?

This first album is the conclusion of the first phase of the band : Renaud, guitarist and founding member of the band left the band after recording the songs, replaced by his brother Antoine. We also included Camille, keyboardist, to get the final touch of psychedelic and progressive colors in our music (all the keyboards in the album have been recorded by Adrien Samoisson, a friend of the band, and by ourselves).

We are allready working on new composition and we hope to play it on stage as soon as possible !

Members of the band :

Clément Gaudry-Santiago : Vocals, guitar
Antoine Mahuteaux : Lead guitar, backing vocals
Camille De Carvalho : Keyboards
Romain Lorenzo : Bass
Romain Mahuteaux : Drums, backing vocals

Former member :
Renaud Mahuteaux : Lead guitar

You can follow us on FACEBOOK and listen to our music on BANDCAMP.

If you want more informations about Alambic Records, that's here : https://www.facebook.com/alambic.records, and about Fennek Fox and Gelée Royale, that's here : http://www.geleeroyalestudio.com

All photo credits to Laura Deleschaud