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Brussels crazy biscuits factory

About the project

MAD LAB, not just black ‘n’ white biscuits!

MAD LAB is the new Brussels biscuit factory.

A special place for biscuits to be as free and crazy as they want to be.

Free enough to experiment with new flavors, textures and colors. Crazy enough to bring out the food-lover in all those grown-ups out there.




SUGAR & SPICE, 4 awesome biscuit flavors with a twist, created by MAD LAB

RED MORNING LIGHT                                                        SEX ON FIRE
          Pink pepper and tangerine                                            Walnuts and candied ginger
          A taste explosion!                                                          This'll wake you up!


The intense notes of citrus, ginger, spices and nuts are brought together in tasty shortbread-style biscuits.

Our products respect a 100% organic supply chain and an artisanal creative process.

These guitar pick-shaped biscuits, named after rock‘n roll classics, take those cheeky snacks to a whole new level!

ANTISOCIAL                                                                        NICE BOYS
       Candied lemon and black sesame                            Candied lemon, rosemary and hazelnuts
They do play Rock’n Roll!                                                       Totally off the rails!


MAD LAB short circuit: MAD LAB’s biscuits are available for individual purchase or in bulk in organic and local shops in Belgium; FÄRM, Belgomarkt, La ruche qui dit oui, EFARMZ, Belge une fois, Pépites… find the full list on


Don’t stop me now … Cause I‘m having a good time.

The principle of crowdfunding is simple. You participate in financing the MAD LAB adventure, and in exchange MAD LAB will do it’s very best to make you HAPPY.

What are the funds for?

MAD LAB: The shooting star!

MAD LAB has developed fast in the last 6 months, reaching its production limit during the Christmas holidays. Now MAD LAB needs you.

It’s a long way to the top …if you want to rock'n roll.

MAD LAB is the brainchild of Cyril, a young entrepreneur who spends countless nights producing those awesome biscuits. But, to answer to the rapidly growing demand, and to bring you new tasty creations, Cyril needs to start working with JOLENE.

JOLENE, is this beautiful biscuit maker. A second hand but highly efficient machine, which is gonna save Cyril many sleepless nights.

For JOLENE to help MAD LAB satisfy your every desire, we need this crowdfunding campaign to raise at least 10 000 €.

  • Jolene + required customized accessories  6 500 €
  • Rewards 3 200€
  • Commission platform 800 €

If you feel crazy generous and we get to 12 000 €, MAD LAB will invest for the planet and get biodegradable packaging as well.

If you feel like throwing even more money at us, and you get the crowdfunding to reach 16 000€, MAD LAB will get the full package: JOLENE, green packaging, but also the organic certification and its first job creation in Belgium!

About the project owner

MAD LAB behind the scenes:

The driving force behind the MAD LAB brand is Cyril, a 31 year-old geologist, who went from tectonic plates to hot plates.

After 10 years of travels, a brand new patisserie diploma and a first job in one of Paris’ best brunch places, COLOROVA, I settled in Brussels in 2015. Here, I’ve been lucky enough to work for two innovative brands, Éclairs & Gourmandises and God Save the Cream.

All these experiences inspired me to innovate, too, so I started playing around with reworking a simple product, the shortbread, combining it with the powerful tastes that have shaped my life and my training, but also with a more adult image inspired by the dark and poetic universe of the Rock’n roll.

MAD LAB has also given me the opportunity to work with high-quality organic products and to throw myself into a slightly crazy entrepreneurial venture. I would like to thank all the members of my family and my friends for their help and support. I could not have done it without them.

It’s now up to you to help me take the next step and ensure the continuity of MAD LAB. A big thank to all of you.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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