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Fairwear for clean energy

  • The end!

    It is with slight sadness but renewed energy that we reach the end of #LuvRevolt (phase1). The objective wasn’t met, but the final goal remains, actually, it even gets bigger! Hunger for change is not everywhere, but it’s out there, it just needs to be spread (and we're pushers). You see, the real revolution is the evolution of consciousness… from there, we start. We want to thank you for getting involved! Please keep that open spirit & keep on supporting independent social initiatives! It's not up to the U.N. nor the president to bring positive change, it's up to us, on a people-to-people level :)

    Also, feel free to reach us for more ideas on how to make the impact of SAE bigger! we sincerely hope you will be able to join one day in the top of the Andes!

    Much luv!

  • 10-day challenge!

    Again, we want to start with a big THANK YOU for supporting this project! Every little hand that has joined bring us closer!

    With 10 days left we still have 77% to complete! It seems like a lot... but not to worry! If we’ve managed to survive the rocky roads of the highlands (avalanches included) we’re confident we can beat this challenge as well!

    Rocky roads are worth it, once on the top, we get to see things like the one below.
    We count on you to keep on sharing our goal with your friends to expand this beautiful circle of people! Still a lot of work for us to do and your support means the world!


  • 15-day challenge!

    First of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH for being among the first people to support this campaign!
    With 15 days to go and 85% of the objective still to make, I'm pumped! Cuz if Peru is (almost) classified to the world cup after 35 YEARS! (35 F****** YEARS ) Well, I don't think there are any impossibles!

    We keep on communicating for more people to get envolved! but people is so busy with life these days... so don't hesitate to share it around you! sharin' is carin'!