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The fabulous storyteller

About the project

Lunii was born from the desire to offer children a modern way to develop their imagination. The crazy idea of four young entrepreneurs who dream to see the world a little better every day.

Lunii is a fabulous storyteller that grows a child’s imagination! A toy for 3-7 years old, offers a new magical experience of storytelling. To craft his/her stories, the child selects the Luniis: a hero, a place, a character and an object that magically appear between the dials. Then, the storyteller starts the tale and his/her imagination runs stronger!

Listen to a story

- Magic, offering a new listening experience

- Fantastic, as the 48 great adventures that it tells

- Fun, the child chooses himself/herself what Lunii tells him/her!

- Rich, all stories are different, written by four authors

- Without limits, many more stories to listen to

- Unique, a moment of immersive listening

- Indispensable to the awakening of the child, developing his/her imagination by visualizing the stories heard.

Lunii has even more stories!

The child can still listen to more stories by downloading new packs of stories. These packs have different sizes, different themes and target more precisely the age of the child. Paul, 7 years old, can download the special space pack to listen to with Lunii!

The Lunii store will be full of new story-packs to download. Classic packs (9.90€) with 36 new stories to build. And special packs (between 9.90€ and 15.90€) between 12 and 36 stories such as special Space pack or Pirate pack.

Thereafter, users will be able to download interactive story-packs, the child will become even more active by changing his/her story along the way.

 Lunii in few numbers:

- 48 different stories

- 4 kids authors

- 1000 beta-testers

- 1 grant from the Région Ile-de-France

- 5 primary school classes who tested the toy

- 1 Futur en Seine Audience Award 2014

- 1 Special Award Fnac 2014

- Selected by L’Observeur du design 2014

- Parents or grandparents of children between 3 and 7 years old

- Amateur of beautiful entrepreneurial adventures

- Passionate of imaginary world (tales, stories, illustrations, movies, video clips, etc.)

- Library, librarian, teacher, educator, animator, storyteller, writer

- Head of a shop offering a selection of products related to the child's world.

- A human being like no other, a space siren, an ogre or a winged unicorn.

Your support is much needed!

In 2016, the collaborative platform Lunii will be released. This platform is a laboratory of stories creation. It allows users (children, parents, grandparents, authors) to write their own story and record it with their voice, then upload it to the store to be shared (in the public setting) with all users.

There is also a privacy setting for the story to be secret and listened to by the children of their choice. For example, a parent may record his/her story wich can be heard only by his/her child to create a time of sharing and complicity between them.

This platform brings together all Luniiens around tales and fantastic adventures they will write.They will have written story-packs together!

What are the funds for?

We need your support to enable us to fund essential development steps:

- The launch of the product in the Fall 2015 in stores and on

- Development of Lunii Store: the child and parents will download new stories told by Lunii!

- The translation of Lunii stories in English so that many children can enjoy this magical listening experience.

- Studio recording of stories

- Integration of sound design in stories so that the child is fully immersed in imaginary worlds told by Lunii.

By participating you support us:

- In pre-ordering Lunii, offering the fabulous storyteller to your children, your grandchildren, to a close friend, your nephew, niece, godson, godaughter or even for yourself!

- In choosing other rewards, you will be helping us to fund the development of our store and platform.

If we reach 40 000 euros, we could:

- Increase Lunii’s production one

- Finance the development of our store to always listen to more incredible stories.

- Translate in English and recording them in studio.

- Integrate sound design for more immersive experience.

- Launch our derivative products: the imaginary book and cards game "Tale Mii".

If we reach 70,000 euros, we could:

- Create interactive packs allowing the child to be active while listening to stories!

- Develop a first version of our collaborative platform.

- Translate stories and adapt them to other cultures (German, Spanish, Italian, Flemish, etc.)

- Increasing our capacity to be present on toy fairs and innovation fairs.

-  Organize educational workshops on the imaginary with children.

If we reach 100,000 euros, we could:

- Enlarge the team to support our developer on the development of the store.

- Develop a successful and complete version of the collaborative platform for our community to write their own stories, individually and collectively.

- Start Lunii collection of books, so that parents and children share a special moment by reading and listening to stories Lunii together.

If we exceed 150 000, we can:

- Initiate R & D program so that tomorrow Lunii will be smarter and offers the child a more magical experience!

About the project owner

Lunii was created and developed by four entrepreneurs under 30 years: Maelle Igor, Thomas and Eric. The project was born with Maëlle studies in Strate, design school, after writing a thesis on the Imaginary. The four friends decided to continue the adventure by building a business around the fabulous storyteller and the imaginary. Lunii was officially born.

With the support from the Cube, a center for digital creation and Strate, Lunii obtained financing of the first prototypes by the Region Ile de France and Cap Digital for the innovation festival “Futur en Seine” where the project gain the Prize Public!

Since then the team is mobilizing itself to give life to Lunii and make themselves known, by participating in events like the Festival of Science at the cite des Science et de l’Industrie.

In Lunii, we all share a passion for the imagination, innovation, disruptive projects and anything that can make the world a better place.

Maelle Chassard - Designer Jedi - creation and communication:

Creates the childish and sweet world of Lunii designs the use and interface of the store and realizes all models. Create all the communication of the Lunii website.

Igor Krinbarg - Consultant detective - Work on the business development and relationships with retailers :

Speaks and negociate with the stores where Lunii will or may be sold. Organizes events and workshops with Lunii in order to have more visibility. Creator of Tale Mii cards game.

Thomas Krinbarg - the Digital Chimera - authors / storytellers relationships:

Selects authors, translators and storytellers  for each new pack of stories communicate with them. Having a lot of skills, he assists the rest of the team as needed.

Eric Le Bot - Code Ninja - in charge of software development and hardware:

Develops software for Lunii so it can tell the story that the child chooses to listen. Is also responsible for the development and technical design of the store and in a near future of the platform.

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