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French luxury eyewear - craftsmanship & handmade in France

About the project

Discover our prestigious glasses in limited series.

Our creations celebrate the French way of life, a wink to chic and carefree attitude.


There are tons of eyewear brands. Impersonal, uncomfortable, lack of originality, cheap quality…

Like you, we have been dreaming of a stylish eyewear brand offering the subtle combination of traditional craftsmanship and the art of originality.

So in February 2017, Quentin & Valentin, two childhood friends have decided to create Luguète.

Luguete is a luxury eyewear brand, manufacturer of prestigious optical and solar glasses, in limited editions of 99 units.

Each creation of Luguète is a wink to hedonism, insouciance and French artistic culture, source of our inspiration.

We manufacture your Luguète by hand in France, according to the French know-how which ensures the style, the reliability, the comfort and the precision of your eyewear.

Luguète pays a particular attention to a set of subtle details and meticulous finishings, which give a strong and unique identity to the brand.

We offer you a creation that will dress your eyes brilliantly, standing the art of originality.




Cool as a surf session on the Australian beaches, elegant and playful as the rolls that shape the ocean, the Luguète BONDI sunglasses propel you at the top of the wave!


The cheerful eyes and the seductive smile, under the charming sun of this fine sand beach in the smell of pines, the Luguète BAGGIA sunglasses are a hymn at hedonism and seduction!



A look put on the boldness of an unusual personality. The luguète SAROW optical frames offer a persuasive and timeless style which brings you up at your utmost creativity!


The memory of a sweet crossed face years ago and that remains engraved for life in our memory. The MANCA optics of Luguète draws class and elegance on your charismatic look!


Keyrings: 100% full grain calf leather (leather lining), available in Red, Camel or Blue.

Glasses case: 100% full grain calf leather (leather lining), available in Red, Camel or Blue.



Our precious glasses have been designed for men and women.

It is therefore mixed sizes. Here are the diagrams representing our measurements for the 4 Luguète frames.

SAROW AND BONDI: Frame size: 51/18 145

BAGGIA AND MANCA: Frame size: 48/22 145


We will contact each of you by email few days after your order, to specify the colors of the model and the color of your choice.

Deliveries are scheduled for April 15, 2018

Shipping costs: 10 €.

If you ever realize that the size is not the right one at the time of the delivery, you can of course, return the frame to us within  days (after date of reception) and you will get refund.

* Refund accepted exclusively for the "Lucky Pack" and "Bronze Pack".


We count on you to share around you our presales campaign, to help us reach a maximum orders!

What are the funds for?

This pre-sale campaign will allow us to launch our very first Luguète production, in our workshops based in Oyonnax. For that, we count on you to be part of our first ambassadors and to share our great project to your friends, your loves ...

About the project owner


Two childhood friends ...

Quentin is an adventurer, full of audacity and originality, with an offbeat and armored carelessness personality.

Valentin is creative and passionate about artistic culture, with a real sensitivity for fashion and luxury creations.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions during the campaign.


The story of Luguete starts by chance, when, from a random encounter of a secondhand bookseller from les quais de Seine, Quentin & Valentin are passionately interested in an old artist’s notebook with beautiful eyeglasses drawings. The two childhood friends seize this invaluable treasure and each of them choose a model that they will create made to measure in a craftsman Parisian workshop.

Fascinated by the story unveiled from this anonymous notebook and charmed by the originality of their tailor-made glasses, the partners in crime have decided to launch their own creations and Luguète was thus born in February 2017.

Luguète takes its inspiration from the French art of living, a wink to hedonism and carelessness. All in elegance!


Being associated to prestigious French artists and craftsmen, Luguète enhance style, originality, reliability, comfort and precision of its glasses.

From trends to designs and craftsmanship, France is a guarantee of quality and refinement all over the world. That is why all the manufacturing stages of our glasses are carried out in France : design, prototypes and manufacture of our Luguète is 100% Frenchy!


Excellence : We attach a great importance to develop the French savoir-faire. Indeed, we are eager to collaborate with passionate and fascinating craftsmen, who use noble materials made of very high quality.

Proximity : Satisfying our Luguète ambassadors is our priority. For that purpose, we have two keywords: proximity & listening. Proximity with our customers, retailers, craftsmen and our team, to always offer the most unique creations.

Team Spirit : Childhood friends, we federate in a friendly and team player environment. We want to start each day by having fun and transmitting our joy. Each new day is an opportunity to learn.


The presales campaign

Our first ambition is of course to reach and exceed 10,000 € of pre-sales in order to launch the first Luguète collection. Thank you all for your trustful support!

If we reach 20.000 €: We will launch 6 new Luguète models for 2018.

If we reach 40.000 €: We will exhibit at SILMO in October 2018.

If we reach 100,000 €: We will hire our first Luguète employee;)

Our collection

We are surrounded by a great team and are already working to design the future optical and solar models of the next year.

In France

For 2018, we want to continue developing our partnerships with premium retailers working magnificent eyewear brands (opticians and concept stores).

The International

At Luguète, we have the passion of travel and adventure, so in 2018, Luguète will be available in 6 countries.

Info to come;)

The rest is to dream & invent with you ...


Thanks to our fans!

Thanks to our friends, our loves and family.

Thank you Charlelie for your great video @asterevents

Thanks to our fabulous models: Violette, Simon, Leopoldine, Sophian, Sandra and Etienne.

Thanks to all of you, our first ambassadors


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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