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Ludi Vojago

Board games workshops around Europe

First workshop, second sponsor and mechanism cards !

Hello everybody ! Here's some fresh news about Ludi Vojago !

First workshop, first game !

Tuesday was a big day for the project : the first workshop took place, at the French café Le Petit Ney ! During 3 hours, two yougsters had the occasion to actually create a real board game prototype !!

The rules in a nutshell : strategy-bluff game for 2 players on a 6*8 grid. Each player starts with 3 pawns of distinct colors (yellow / blue / red) and 2 building blocks, initially disposed on opposite corners of the grid. The goal is to steal the opponent's blocks with the pawns. Each player also has 3 cards noted 1/2/3 and place them secretly on a board in front of him, also with 3 colors.

Each turn, the players roll a dice to determine how much movement their pawns can do. If 2 opposite pawns finish their move on the same place, they battle. The players reveal the card of the color of the pawn, and the strongest wins the battle. The loser goes back to base and the cards are replaced secretly again.

We are actually pretty far from your average Game of the goose game, right ?


Work in progress

The kids were able to bring back home a prototype, including the material used to create and play it. A successful experience, and I hope the first of a long series !

Partnership : Letheia and WINK

After Tout pour le jeu, Ludi Vojago is now supported by Letheia editions ! Their latest game, WINK, is fun, easy to carry and quite original : it is a perfect game to show at the beginning of a workshop to present its mechanism !

Big thanks to Letheia then, which also supports several interesting and meaningful project, such as the board games playing mission in India with the association Inter'Lude !

And also : mechanism cards

One of the big questions of the workshops is the way to introduce the concept of mechanism. This very fundamental notion can also be quite obscure to understand : what is it ? Do you have examples ? Is it the universe of the game (wait, no, it's the "Theme") ?

A friendly way to discover mechanisms is to use pictures, so I decided to create board games mechanism cards ! I used them for the first time tuesday, and I believe it worked pretty well. They are still "Work in progress" so far and are only available in French, but I'm planning to work on them until the departure.

You can discover them at the end of the news !

What now ?

There's only 27 days remaining to support the project, so please don't forget to share the Facebook page, the Twitter account and of course this very page !

I'm counting on you ! :-)