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Ludi Vojago

Board games workshops around Europe

About the project


The Mechanicards are mechanism cards used within workshops. You can see a sample below :


The cards are available HERE !!


Ludi Vojago is a board games workshops animation tour around Europe.

I will travel during 6 months through 9 countries to make 12 workshop weeks. Each series will take place in a structure eager to host the workshops : media librairies, board games associations, cultural centers…

During those workshops, people will be able to create actual board games prototypes and bring them back home !

Follow the project via the website : http://ludivojago.com or the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LudiVojago

 Why this project ?

Ludi Vojago is driven by a very simple principle : playing is cool.

Playing connect people together and create strong but joyul links. It is a very creative activity, rich and meaningful yet accessible to everybody. From Jungle Speed to Seven Wonders, Time’s up to Dixit, board games are so diverse that everybody can find a game fit to their taste.

So why not going a step further and creating a game ? Creating is also very creative and enlightening, while still looking not so hard : the only things needed are an idea, some material and a bit of knowledge in game design. The only challenge is to find, well, the material and the game design theory.

This kind of material !

This is where Ludi Vojago comes at rescue. The workshops are meant to take place in local structures contacted prior to the trip, allowing a familiar and friendly environnement to every wannabe game maker, thus facilitating the process.

Additionnally, the international aspect of the project allows one to ask himself what are the playing & creating habits among different European countries. Do we play differently across one border ? Which kind of ideas are more likely to emerge in whose countries ? I hope Ludi Vojago will give some bit of information on this topic !

 Workshop organisation

The workshops will take place within a complete week.

First day : contact and installation

Packages of board games material will be prepared prior to the trip, and then sent from France to the hosting structure. Therefore, I have to receive them and make sure everything is in good shape, then collect additional material once here: paper, cardboard, pens…

5 days of workshops: playing in the morning, creating in the afternoon

Everybody attending the workshops can come as many days as they want!

Every morning, we play! Using the board games collected in the package as well as the games I would be able to permanently carry in my backpack, the people will be able to “break the ice” and knowing themselves better while having fun. More importantly, they will acquire some game themes & mechanics that they will be able to use while creating new games.

Then it’s time for serious business! During the afternoon, I will shortly introduce some concepts of Game design, then invite people to make small teams to work together. The key idea here is to give people a theme, may it be large or even obscure: after all, creativity is often a fruit of constraints. Still, if the team is inspired with something totally unrelated to the theme, they are invited to discard it entirely!

Of course, I will be available for helping people while they are creating their games, give them feedbacks and so on. It is very possible to come back another workshop day to improve a game prototype! I would be happy to help people eager to push their prototype further.

Last day: sharing the joy with the world!

This last day is entirely dedicated to updating communication supports (website and social networks) with pictures, feedbacks about how the workshop actually worked and the diffusion of some interesting prototypes (would their creators allow it of course!). 

 « Workshops – Travel » cycle

Two workshops series will be separated by a whole week, which I expect to spend properly! The plan is to reach structures and game-related places advised both by people I could meet and messages sent to me via social networks or my website.

I’m also very open to any opportunity of making a one day “micro-workshop” between two big workshop weeks!

Expected road map

About the structures already eager to host workshops :

Innsbruck - Die Bäckerei : Cultural and social exchange platform

 Travel feedbacks

Ludi Vojago will be a very rich and enlightening experience. Do we play differently between France and Bosnia? Are some themes more popular in Italy than in Bulgaria? How to make a great, interesting workshop?

As it is quite important to me to share these knowledges, Ludi Vojago will be continued after the trip by the creation of a “logbook” PDF with feedbacks and pictures.

What are the funds for?

Ludi Vojago is an independent project I’m making as a volunteer. Every workshop is meant to be FREE, may it be for the structures or the attendees.

However, I still have to travel and survive! The budget includes food, housing, travelling, material for the workshops… Even if I will reduce the costs as much as I can, I still have some expenses to face!

As you can see, I don't rely seldom on Ulule to fund the project ! For exemple, I also have some money support from the French region Franche-Comté.

What if I reach more than 1500€ ?

Here are some possible utilisations of extra money:

More material: more stocks of material for board games, or even more various material.  

Tablet: great support to install then play board games despite a very minimal weight increase.

* Journey log written faster: I won't be able to proprely write the journey log without any way to earn money to eat :-). More money = more spare time to spend in writing the book.

About the project owner

My name is Aurélien and I’m a Game Designer, which means my job is to create games. I attended a Master degree of Game Design at ENJMIN, the French public school of video game creation (http://enjmin.fr/) and worked as a Designer for a video game meant to fight illiteracy, Imagana : http://projet-imago.fr/. I also had the opportunity to create a first board game, Eko, while studying. You can take a look at my portfolio here : http://alefrancois.com.

My first board game, Eko - French description

I am also very familiar with the fast creation process as I was able to make several “Game Jams” : game creation events in 48h. This kind of experience is an excellent way of expressing oneself via games, and a very strong intellectual and creative activity implying lots of different knowledge.

I also have a large camp counselor experience for thematic camps, such as "Video Game Academy", a French camp from the society Telligo in which, well, children make video games !

Besides games, my other passion is travelling. I had the opportunity to live abroad, hitchhike or bike my way around several European countries and meeting/hosting lots of people via Couchsurfing : www.couchsurfing.org. Discovering cultures and people is one of my main life motor, so a project such as Ludi Vojago is something I can’t be too excited to do.