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LPS Mobile

Le Petit Septième goes mobile

About the project

For almost 5 years Le Petit Septième has been helping to make the world cinema known. Quebec to Australia, passing through France and Africa, my team and I try, by critics and simple texts, To make the 7th art, known, understood and be seen.

And for the past 5 years, we have been doing everything we can, to make it possible for as many people as possible to discover films that will not be widely advertised. Unfortunately, international cinema does not have the same visibility as blockbusters.

In order to continue our progression, and thus reach more people, we believe that developing a mobile application is necessary. We asked our relatives and our staff to give us a little helping hand. Thanks to this network of good will, we are close to achieving this. We have only a few details to finalize. But to do that, we need some money.

What is the amount we are asking for? 3 things. First, it will allow us to translate the application into English in order to offer our texts in both languages. Second, to upload the final version on Android (Google Play). And finally, to put the iOS beta version online. And if we exceed the amount, we will set up the final version for iOS.

Thank you in advance to all those who want to help us achieve our goal!

What are the funds for?

Le Petit Septième (The Little Seventh) will celebrate, in December, its 5 years. Being primarily a film critics blog, Le Petit Septième wants to be a vessel to make known international cinema and auteur cinema.

In 5 years, Le Petit Septième has evolved a lot. At the beginning, our team of two moved and bought tickets to see movies and then write the texts. Then, quietly, the distribution companies began sending us invitations to the premieres, then to the press screenings.

Now proud of our team of 5, we always offer reviews, but also some products related to international cinema, not to mention casual contests.

To celebrate its 5 years, Le Petit Septième launches 5 new projects. One of these new features will be a mobile application. This application will allow readers to follow our team more easily in our movements and writings. Additionally, the app will offer premieres and exclusivities.

The application is almost finished, but the financing is lacking in order to be able to finalize and launch the application in its Android and iOS versions.

Help us achieve this!

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About the project owner

Small presentation of our team:
I am François Grondin, the instigator of the project. I set up our small business with the help of my wife. I am the one who is in charge of developing relations with distributors. I do almost 50% of the writing and I manage a part of the online posting of texts.

Cofounder of the project, Annie Tanguay,  writes nearly 50% of the texts too. She is also responsible for reviewing and posting articles.

Over the years, three collaborators have joined our project: Hélène Pichette arrived in 2016 and deals mainly with political flavored documentaries; Mélanie Beausoleil and Emilia-Vion Martineau joined our team in 2017.



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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