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Handcrafting fantasy sex toys in France

  • We have reached 250%!!! Whats next?

    With your help, we have reached 250% of our goal. You unlocked an additional reward on top of the decorative mini dildos:

    As soon as the project finish, we will send a high-quality digital copy of the magnets' illustrations to all contributors!


    Talking about magnets... The next stretch goal will be an extra magnet to all physical rewards. What picture will it have?

    Yes! The Werewolfess.

    Help us to reach 500% and add this beautiful drawing to your fridge!

    This goal that will allow us to do some plumbing work in the new workshop, install a big sink to wash the toys and prepare the space for the post-treatment ovens.

    In another vein, we already started making toys, we'll put some pictures soon.

    Thanks a lot for your help and support :D

  • Project funded!!

    Another day which comes with good news: we reached the goal of 100% funding :D!!

    Great thanks to everyone! 

    Even if the project is not finished yet (25 days to go), we'll start preparing the rewards. This way, they will be ready to sent right after the project. 

    We said we will share our plans for our future workshop, didn't we?

    Our new local is big enough to have separate rooms for different activities. On top of that it has a huge undergoud space. In the picture below there is an approximate view of the ground floor. The yellow dotted line point to the two rooms that must be isolated (this is where your contribution will be used!).

    The local is so nice that we will be able to make our own sex dungeon, I mean, gym right below our workplace. It will include a photo studio and some storage space. We just need to clean it a bit :$.

    In any case, the project is still going on and more items will be added to all rewards when different goals are reached!

    Thanks again :D

  • Third milestone: 75% achieved!

    Thank you!!

    Just five days and we are soooo close :D

    We promised to talk a bit about our next dildo, right?

    So, our next dildo is, in fact, a series of four (maybe more, let's see what happens). 

    Following the request of several people, we decided to create some non-phallic harness-compatible dildos. We are planning to offer them in two versions (we're testing them now!): 

    • Suction cup + vibrator hole + compatible with ring harnesses
    • Compatible with vac-u-lock harness plug (which can also have a vibrator)

    For the design idea we chose the Gorgons, three female characters from Greek mythology. We'll tell you their real story one day and it's not what you heard before. But, that's not the point now.

    We are proud to introduce the two first models: Stheno's tongue and tail, have a look:

    To understand a bit more this two things we also drew them in context:

    And, what will be the other two we were talking about? 

    Hope you like them!

  • Second milestone: 50% collected!

    Thanks a lot for your support!!

    As we reach 50% of the objective, we're sharing some details of our next masturbator: the Werewolfess.

    Since we published the Werewolf dildo, several people requested us to make a female masturbator version. So we did. It has a fur-like design all around the body of the toy, eight small tits and an outgoing tail. All the toy is very detailed and the inner texture, unique! We will make this masturbator on two sizes, medium and small (FTM). Right now we are choosing the colours we will offer by default. Expect this toy to be available by the end of the year :D.

    Below some pictures of the 3D-model and a drawing inspiration of the character. 

    Hope you like them!

  • First milestone: 25% reached!

    This was very fast! Thanks to everyone for the support, we really appreciate it.

    And here they are as promised, the artwork of the five magnets: