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Handcrafting fantasy sex toys in France

About the project

Why another sex-toy company?

Why Another Sextoy Company? Yes, of course, we know! There are already hundreds and hundreds of sex-toy companies. So why create yet another one? Well, we had a good long look at the existing toys, and we have a few complaints about those. They tend to be quite They Look like body parts that unimaginative.. have been cut off. Don't you think it is creepy? They are made They have to be flown from all in Far away around the world. Not country.. environmentally friendly, right? They are made Any product is just the clone of industrially.. another Did you want something unique? Too bad! They are made using You will share your most cheap and possibly intimate moments with your unsaFe materials. toy, surely you want it to be safe! The few fantasy sex-toys you You will spend a lot may find are sold from oF money on costly USA-based companies. shipping Fees This means a lot of added and taxes. costs if you don't happen to live there...

Our values Hand-crafted with Love From start to finish, our toys are entirely hand-crafted. Each one is unique and can be customized as you wish. GO Safe for intimate use Product safety is our # priority! After all, they will be in contact with one of the most Safe delicate parts of your bodies! Our recipes are simple: the only ingredients are GO platinum-cured silicone and safe pigments Our process doesn't involve extra additives or releasing agents. High quality finish Thanks to our background, we came up with an innovative production procedure. The result is, toys with sharp details that maintain a smooth and shiny surface. All of our toys are also anatomically realistic (but also fantastic!) with authentic details like urethras, testicles, and veins. Environmentally friendly We care about nature, the environment, and the society. That's why we decided to produce differently to minimize our carbon footprint. We actively look for geographically-clos companies to GO work with. Our only exception is the silicone, which as far as we know is not produced within Europe. We are also using exclusively carbon-neutral shipping methods for our product deliveries. Designed and produced in France Our toys are made in Grenoble. Completely from start to finish From the design of the models and moulds, the production of the moulds, the crafting of the toys, the GO finishing and the packaging, everything is made by us, in France

Our ideas We, humans, like to imagine worlds beyond ours and populate them with fantastic creatures. But their sexual characteristics have never really been developed, thanks to social taboos. The common fantasy representations depicts all these creatures with typical genitals of humans. ls it realistic? No, it's just boring. What would it like between their legs if their genitals actually matched the rest of their anatomy? How would it feel like to spend the nights with them? Are you wondering? We do. We stretched our imagination to recreate the censored parts of these creatures' anatomy, by expanding each creature's characteristics to its genitals, including shape, textures and colours. The whole concept awakens new desires by exciting the imagination and creating new experiences of pleasure and sensuality. Finally, we want our toys to bring joy to as many people as possible. Humankind is diverse, SO are their sexual needs. So, we took everyone's needs to heart and gave a solution to everyone's needs. The results are designs with multiple sizes and shapes. Our goal is to produce all kinds of things to satisfy everyone's fantasy dreams.

Why we need help? We registered our enterprise last February (funnily, we started the paperwork the previous June, imagine!): Suzon & Monte SARL, the only and true french sex toy manufacturer company. At the time, we set up our workshop in a "huge" 26m2 oddly asymmetrical, space. Which was fairly good at the beginning. We need room to grow.. Since then, we got a significant boost in sales. To answer the growing demand, we had to upgrade and multiply our equipment. Even if both of us are quite slim, we can barely squeeze ourselves in our local to produce toys! Our small room is not enough any more. We must colonize new grounds to properly organize our workshop and satisfy our customers. We found a new workshop and our monthly income is enough to afford the basic costs (rent, insurances, etc). What we need, is a small push to make this new workshop ready quickly and make the perfect workshop Producing high-quality toys requires constant temperature and we don't want to waste energy. So, our first task (and priority) is to insulate the lab We will also install air filters for our own safety. We are pledging for will cover the cost of renovations and the rest will cover the costs of rewards and ulule charges. If you are extra-nice and we do get more than that, we will also modify the location water outlets (to make the toys sparkling clean!) and buy dryers (currently we are doing it manually). We will also purchase new furnitures for the new workshop: we need another working table and several cabinets. If we don't reach our fundraising goals we will still be able to move to the new place and work from there. it will just take more time for us to do the renovation that will make us more efficient. Risks and challenges What's the catch? There isn't, really! You are not taking any risk: we are already making products every single day and making people happy worldwide. Surely we can produce and deliver your rewards. Do you need another reason? All of the rewards presented in the project have been revisited with exclusive new colors for our ulule contributors. To encourage contributions, we also offer much lower prices (around 45% less) than normally on our website: extra work is our contribution to the project. As a reward there is also a new Very soon in your home: exclusive design (did you spot it?) that Looks like you cannot buy anywhere else. Not someone is getting even in our shop! And, the icing on the basebal bat! cake, you will get it in time for Christmas!!!

Rewards 5 Thanks! 15 LS Bag + A surprise 20 5 Magnets + A surprise 25 LS bag+ 5 magnets+ A surprise Dragoness egg buttplugs 35 Instead of 63 Medium dildo: Ork, Troll or Ogre dragon Instead of 75 E Goblin masturbator 50 Instead 55 Large dildo: Ork, Troll or Werewolf Instead of111 of 111 Bundle of FTM masturbators Instead of 120 120 e Medium masturbator: Gnome Instead of 120 Medium masturbator: Dwarf 70 Instead 125 85 Huge dildo: Troll or Ogre dragon Instead of 135 Large masturbator: Ogre dragon Instead 156 Extra Huge dildo: Ork Instead of177 Instead of177 of 177

Rewards description We have carefully thought about the rewards we wanted to offer and the necessary contribution for each one. We finally decided to offer in ulule our most popular sex toys with up to 45% discount. But we also offer these toys with exclusive colours designed for the occasion. Each toy is fluorescent under dark light and glows in the dark. Each toy will include a uv torch which allows to reveal the fluorescence and also charge the phosphorescent colours SO they glow in the dark. We also offer magnets with arts, cotton bags with our logo, etc. All products will be sent in discreet packaging, the same ones we are currently using for our shop. Filling made All the packaging is recyclable of corn and compostable (tape, stickers, box, cellophane' bag guide,filling). We Cellophane transparent don't use fancily bag decorated box that you will throw right after opening them. Paper Tape Discreet shipping


Troll dildos

Our classic and best seller. A troll might look like a big human with plenty of scales, spikes and other skin decorations. The softness of his glans only serves to highlight the reliefs on the shaft, which will make you vibrate with each slow stroke. Forget your previous lovers, the troll is here.

Available in medium, large and huge sizes. The hardness depends on the size: hard for medium and large models and soft for the huge. All come with the strongest suction cup made of the same piece of silicone.

Ork dildos

One of our most famous toys, powerful as few others are. The ork has a mostly smooth but powerful body, exquisitely decorated. It can be incredibly huge, solid as a human forearm. These creatures must be taken seriously.

Available in medium, large and huge sizes. The hardness depends on the size: hard for the medium size, medium firmness for the large model and soft for the huge. All come with the strongest suction cup made of the same piece of silicone.

Werewolf dildos

Our most wanted one. An evasive creature, hard to find and even harder to subdue. Half-human and half-wolf, a whole beast. It may just look like a weird human to the inexperienced eye, but the werewolf is everything except one of us. When excited, his virile member gets inflated in the middle, almost doubling its size (ours come in a pre-excited state!). Their anatomy is designed to enter… and stay. 

Available in large size with medium firmness. It comes with the strongest suction cup made of the same piece of silicone.

Ogredragon dildos

His shaft is thick and slightly curved. With a small knot up top, it grows wider towards its base.  Let the Ogre Dragon enhance your feelings with all his scales and spikes! You don't need anything else to fulfil your fantasies!

Available in medium, and huge sizes. The hardness depends on the size: hard for the medium size, medium firmness for the huge model. All come with the strongest suction cup made of the same piece of silicone.


Each of our masturbators comes in different sizes. Wondering which size is right for you? Have a look at our nifty size calculator to find the perfect one for yourself.

Goblin masturbator

The small fat goblins have small vulvae. With multiple labias and a double clitoris, they are, probably, one of a kind with the most unique genitalia. Their inside is, however, similar to the most common ones with a slightly ridged channel. 
The toy might be smaller than other masturbators but it still has a rightly sized to perform its job. The hole goes all the way through the toy, making it easy to clean and dry. It also gives a possibility to create a vacuum during play. 

Gnome masturbator

This masturbator is inspired by the nature gnomes were born from. It is an excellent toy for anyone looking for a good time. Gnome’s lips mimic a fairy mushroom that is waiting to be tested by you. The exterior of the toy has an incredible amount of texture imitating the roots and veins of that fairy mushroom. The interior continues incredibly well into a very sensual and stimulating core, ribbed and crafted perfectly to hit it just right.
The hole goes all the way through the toy, making it easy to clean and dry. Also, it gives a possibility to create a vacuum during play. 

Dwarf masturbator

Dwarves arise from the deeper caves. All the strength of the Dwarves is embodied in this toy, that exhibits pronounced veins and an outstanding clitoris. The vagina starts with a medium-size entrance which makes it very easy for great strokes. Then, deeper, it becomes slightly thinner so it holds tighter the glands of the penis.
The version we are offering you now is a revisited version of our classic one. The hole goes all the way through the toy, making it easy to clean and dry. Also, it gives a possibility to create a vacuum during play.

Ogredragonness masturbator

A newcomer based on the double-holed human masturbator. This recently designed toy includes amazing features such as big scales and spikes all around its surface. But that's not all, it has four tits and a small tail. Caress the dragoness on her most sensitive areas!

Despite its two holes and the nice cylindrical shape, the toy is not too heavy and it is easy to use. The hole goes all the way through the toy, making it easy to clean and dry. Also, it gives a possibility to create a vacuum during play.

Bundle of FTM masturbators

Four masturbators are offered in Ulule, in small size for those with smaller penises/clitoris. Do bear in mind that they are named "FTM/big clitoris/micro-penis" for a reason: they are not suitable for people with medium or large penises. 

Vagina Cross-section Goblin Gnome 0.8 cm/o.3 in 0.8 cm/o.3 in 6.8 cm/2.7 in 9.8 cm/3.9 in Dwarf 0.9 cm/0.7 in 9.8 cm/3.9 in Ogre Dragoness 1.0 cm/o.4 in 1.4 cm/o.6 in 11.3 cm/4.4 in

Dragoness egg buttplugs

Dragoness eggs One small and one medium Diameter cm/1.3 in Under light Diameter 5.0 cm/2.o in Small Diameter 3.9 cm/1.5 in dark Diameter 6.0 cm/2.4 in Medium

For more info on the firmness of silicone, safety and products have a look at our website.

Milestones We will share on twitter all the artworks 25% from our magnets. We will disclose some secret details 50% about our next masturbator. We are still putting the finishing touches.. 75% You will get a sneak peek of our upcoming dildo. It is currently in its testing phase. We will present some updates (plans, images etc) on our new workshop.. Stretch goals 3.000 & All Physical rewards will include miniature dildos (decorative) Thanks to all our backers, we will be able to upgrade the plumbing in our All our contributors will receive a digital copy: pdF of the drawings used in our magnets. Better quality for the magnets and all the 10.000 physical rewards include an extra magnet! With the extra fund, we'll update our ? post-processing equipment with three new ovens: All physical rewards include an exclusive 15.000 bookmark from the Love Smiths! We will be able to add the furniture we need Yet Another magnet with all the physical items and an upgrade quality bookmarks extra upgrade

The Love Smiths Fantasy sex toys? Sounds crazy? You are probably wondering "Who the hell are these Love Smiths, anyway?" Just two guys and a beer (or several) That's how it started. Despite the hard work of a researcher, we didn't fee that our jobs were especially important or rewarding. Often, after a long day, we met to chill around a beer and chat. One of the hottest topics that kept coming up again and again was: 'what would you do instead of science?'. Every scientist has a secret dream to quit science and do something else: an artisan bakery, an organic farm, a rural house hostel.. We came up with many random ideas, crazy ones, weird ones. Like.. making sex toys? Well, maybe that was not such a bad idea, because it kept coming back again and again. But sex-toys are all the same, no? All these sex toys you see are kinda boring We wanted to do something different from that omnipresent pinkish rubber. Something imaginative and fantastic Aren't all those creatures we saw in movies, comics and video games looks cool? Why not fantasy sex toys? Let's do it At a certain point, we had to make a decision: either we look for another postdoc position (a tough life) or we give it a go to the fantastic adventure full of sensuality? The right decision was clear to us. We can do it better! We like challenges and we were sure we could not only make fantasy sex toys but make them better than any of our competitors. We wanted good design made with love, toys that would be safe to use and whose production wouldn't harm the planet. Here we are After two years of trials and effort, we have launched our company and brand: Love Smiths. For months, we drowned in administrative paperwork, invented a whole new crafting process, created our own designs.. Now, we have no less than 17 models in several sizes, aimed to please all anyone (regardless of their genders, sizes or shapes). Manuel, Suzon, Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences Ph.D. in Material Sciences

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  • My bank doesn't accept this paying method (I have European Visa card). Is there any other way to pay? I would love to support you!


    The payment systems depends on Ulule. We contacted them and they say you should contact their help. There is a small black pop-up bubble in the right down corner of ulule pages; from there you can directly send a message (i tried searching for credit card problems but I didn't find any useful article). 

    Hope it helps,


    EDIT: Now it is also possible to pay with PayPal.

    Last updated: 1 month ago

  • Why am I paying shipping twice for two rewards?

    This is a limitation of Ulule and even if we wanted, we could not solve it.

    We can give you two solution for it:

    1st Solution: We can give you back the extra amount for shipping as store credit with a validity of 1 year to be spent on our website.

    2nd Solution: You can buy one product and give the amount for another product as payment without reward in the Ulule platform. Then you need to send an email ([email protected]) to us telling which product you wanted to have. We will send both products to you together once we get confirmation.

    You can also contact us beforehand if you have any questions.

    Last updated: 3 weeks, 3 days ago