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Love Boat

A theatrical crossing of the Mediterranean

About the project

After "Shakespeare in Zaatari" in 2014 

and "Romeo and Juliet between Homs and Amman" in 2015

Nawar Bulbul is preparing his third theatrical project working with Syrian refugees in Jordan.

In "LOVE BOAT", a witty wind will take you to the heart of the dreadful crossings of the Mediterranean, the last hope of freedom for tens of thousands of Syrians. This tragic comedy draws the life course of a Syrian theatre troupe aboard on a modular "boat-scene" adaptable to its different destinations.

In 2015, the members of the Syrian theatre company, that has been disjointed/dismembered just as Syrian society for the past five years, has decided to reunite somewhere along the Mediterranean coast. An actress, 4 actors and 1 children gather around a boat that will take them to the gates of Europe, where they imagine themselves being able to resume their theatrical activities and thus recover a dignified life. This play tells the story of their reunion and their experiences through representative sequences from classical European literature. Aboard an amazing boat, actors have brought with them their costumes, their accessories and they are ready to play the shows they performed in the past. Consequently, they will lead the audience through a dizzying voyage alternating between their own life stories and pieces of European literature, extracted sequentially from: Aristophanes "the Knights", Carlo Goldoni "The Servant of Two Masters", Cervantes “Don Quixote”, Molière "Tartuffe", Shakespeare "a Midsummer nights Dream," and finally Goethe’s "Faust". Hence, towards a tragic-comedy background, the actors will be recurving spectators, actors and witnesses.

Overarching Objectives of the project: 

- To promote the integration of refugees, war-wounded and former prisoners into society through "drama therapy".

- To highlight the main causes and reasons for the current influx of refugees to Europe.

- To open the debate on how to stop people from engaging in perilous crossings in unsafe conditions.


 بعد مشروعنا الآول شكسبير في الزعتري والمشروع الثاني روميو وجولييت نستعد للبدء في المشروع الثالث سفينة الحب لنسلط الضوء على حمى اللجوء التي  آصابت السوريين بالفترة الآخيرة نتيجة تغول النظام السوري بالقتل بالإضافة لتسليط الضوء على  قضية جرحى الحرب في سورية وتسليط الضوء على المعتقلين وآخيراً تسليط الضوء على ملف المغتصبات ضمن قالب مسرحي يحاكي المجتمع الغربي الذي بدآ الإعلام يروج لفكرة آن الثورة ماتت وبات الصراع بين النظام المدافع عن شعبه وداعش فنحن في هذا العرض نتكلم عن فرقة مسرحية قررت آن تجرب حظها في اللجوء كما كل السوريين اليوم فتتخذ لها قارباً وطريقاً تقطع من خلاله البحر لتصل إلى آوروبة خلال هذه الرحلة تقدم نصوصاً مسرحية في هذا القارب لكتاب هذا الطريق فتبدآ من اليونان ونص لآريستوفانيس ثم إيطاليا ونص كارلو غولوني ثم اسبانيا والدون كيشوت ثم انكلترا ونص لشكسبير ثم لفرنسا ونص لموليير ثم المانيا ونص فاوست لغوته آما النهاية فمتروكة للعرض لاحقاً 

نرجو دعم هذا المشروع ليصل صوتنا للجميع صوت الثورة الآول منذ انطلاقتها لنثبت آن الشعب السوري مازال سلاحه الفن والحب والسلمية رغم كل الظروف 

"LOVE BOAT" in media:

Wednesday 20th january 2016 dans Syrie MDL, a paper of Emilie Glasman: "Nawar Bulbul & son Love Boat":


What are the funds for?

Your generous donations will enable us to:

- Give the refugee actors a financial compensation for their work and personal investment in the project.

- Give a financial compensation to the team of three young volunteers who will assist the actors, some of whom have severe disabilities, all through the project.

-Remunerate the brilliant Jordanian-Syrian violinist, who will join the group in the live performaces.

- Provide snacks during the rehearsals.

- Purchase the materials required for manufacturing the unique boat-scene.

- Aquire the fabrics, clothing and other costume accessories for the performance.

- Print posters, flyers and brochures.

We thank all the generous Ulule donors for their participation in advance.

About the project owner

Nawar Bulbul is a Franco-Syrian director, graduated from the Institute of Dramatic Art/Theatre in Damascus (Syria). As an artist engaged in society and people he has dedicated his last two theatre plays to Syrian refugees and /or in exile ("Shakespeare in Zaatari" and "Romeo and Juliet between Homs and Amman). Both projects have already shown the importance of transmitting tools such as theatre and artistry to victims of psychological and physical traumas due to armed conflict. With this new project, he wishes to continue offering these human experiences to those who need it the most; the opportunity to express themselves vocally and gestural and challenge their disabilities in daily life. Just as the setting-ups of 2014 and 2015, this project was designed to show the physical and moral violence of war to a greater public. In this way, in his capacity as a director, Nawar’s fight against tyranny goes through art.

In the media 2014 and 2015:

About Shakespeare in Zaatari

- Le Monde, 21 mars 2014


- New York Times, 31 mars 2014


About "Romeo and Juliet between Homs and Amman"

Arte 25 avril 2015 : Le reportage Arte et ses liens presses: Roméo et Juliette un Amour de guerre de François Xavier Tregan :




-Courrier International/AFP Amman 6 avril 2015 :

Un «Roméo et Juliette» dans la Syrie en guerre, à l’ère de Skype


-Le Monde, 6 avril 2015 :

Entre « Roméo et Juliette », la guerre


- L’Obs avec Rue89, 30 mars 2015 :

Syrie-Jordanie : Skype réunit "Roméo et Juliette", moment de grâce


-Le Nouvel Obs avec Rue 89, 04 mars 2015 :


-The Guardian, 14 avril 2015-07-06http://www.theguardian.com/stage/theatreblog/2015/apr/14/romeo-and-juliet-staged-in-amman-and-homs

-Middle East Eye, 4 avril 2015


-The Syrian Observer, 30 mars 2015


-RTBF, 4 mars 2015


-La Dépêche, 26 mars 2015 :
De jeunes réfugiés syriens font revivre Shakespeare dans le désert jordanien




Others :

-Le Monde, Blog « Un œil sur la Syrie », 20 juin 2013


-SFGate, 20 mai 2010


- San Francisco Bay Guardian Online (SFBG/ 19 mai 2010) :


- ‪«  Shakespeare refugee camp », produced by Mark Esplin and Nathalie Carney for CCTV’s Assignment Asia’ 2014 :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlltquwGxNQ

‪ -Shakespeare chez les réfugiés syriens (France 24, Les observateurs), avril 2014 :


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